Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First Things First

Hey friends! Today's I'm cohosting FIRST THINGS FIRST with Jess is More and Penguins, Pasta & Polka Dots...both fabulous ladies with awesome blogs!

Today's first things first:
1. First roommate(s)
2. First time living away from home
3. First dorm room at college

SO post your firsts and link up with us!

1. First Roommates
I guess apart from my family that would be my potluck roommate freshmen year in the dorms...though we didn't exactly share a room or anything in common she was my first roommate. BUT I'd like to say Kristina and Emily and Sara were my first roommates....LOVE THEM! (Kayla came later, read this).

2. First Time Living Away From Home
Well again, that'd be college! See pictures of my dorm room and apartment (soph-senior) below:

3. First Dorm Room at College
Thankfully, I only ever had one dorm room in college, freshman year. AND it wasn't SO bad because I was in a tri-suite which was two rooms, one slightly smaller and didn't have a window or an entrance into the shared bathroom, and the other had the window with the entrance to the bathroom...with a cased opening between the two rooms. This meant usually they put three girls in the room...but for some reason my potluck roommate and I were the only ones and since we didn't know each other and didn't have much in common, she had one side and I had the other. Thankfully she gave me the window side...I probably would have had serious problems if I didn't get the window room.



Clearly I have a love of pink and pictures...that was the first year in my apartment with my besties. The room changed slightly over time, in fact I even later painted it yellow.

Your turn! Link Up with us!

Dont Miss Next Week: April 2:
1. First apartment or house on your own
2. First room you decorated
3. First thing you bought or want to buy for your place


  1. Girl you definitely did love a lot of pink, but it looks great! Nice and bright and colorful :) Sooo glad you are co-hosting with me this week!!

  2. I looove it! SO bright and colorful. I wish I had pictures of mine. Thanks for co-hosting!

  3. You look like you had such fabulous time! First year uni is always such a great and memorable experience :) xo


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