Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cowboy Neighbors...& the dinner we had with them...

A couple weeks ago the ladies of our newlywed small group made some delicious cookies and oreo balls and bunnie munch, clipped them into cute Easter baggies (from JoAnns) to invite our neighbors to our church for Easter.

Kevin and I went around our building last week knocking on doors and telling people about Journey. It was fun and we met quite a few of our neighbors we've never even seen. God opened our eyes for sure.

One set of neighbors were particularly friendly and talkative and it was awesome! They'd been looking for a church so we had a great time telling them about Journey...until I ran out of things to say and Kevin became pre-occupied with Paisley...and I started uttering the word, cool, every 10 seconds, and I commented, "I never knew that..." well duh Veronica, you don't KNOW these people!

Needless to say it was interesting, incredibly entertaining I'm sure, but ultimately good and worth it! It encouraged our hearts and put smiles on our faces.

Bring on Sunday, hubby and I bundled up for church, I wore a sweatshirt and jeans to dad would have been mortified, and when we got home we put on our swimsuits to clean (you know for Spring Break in the Working World)...and got busy cleaning. Mid-afternoon we get a loud knock on the door, we don't get too many random visitors so I cowered upstairs with my pasty white skin and purple bikini as I let husband open the door in none other than his undershirt and swim trunks (it should be noted that the wind chill outside was 20degrees and there is no hot tub in this complex...just sayin). Poor man.

A man dressed in his cowboy hat (aka reason why this post is entitled "cowboy neighbors") invited us over to dinner, I heard him say they checked out Journey and then wanted to know what time we wanted to eat, Kevin told him 6 and that was that.

Enter freak out mode.

I consider myself a fairly outgoing person but nonetheless I freaked out a bit...mostly on account of the fact that I don't eat red meat and I was about 98, no 100% sure we would be served meat in their home, they're from small town Texas after all. So that in combination with Kevin and I being shy introverts around new people=scary situations for us...

We got ourselves together (no we didn't wear swimsuits) and made our way over. I don't know that I've ever experienced such warm, giving, hospitality in such a way. They offered us drinks and to choose a movie or tv show to have on...and then the inevitable happened..."so does pork chops sound good?"...uh negative...let me just tell you friends how uncomfortable it is to tell sweet people who've cooked for you, uh yeah sorry I don't eat that...well that's not quite how I put it but you get the's not fun. They kindly offered to cook me chicken instead, which I begged of them to not go more out of their way than they already had but they insisted.

Start waiting time...chicken and pork chops in the oven equals awkward random conversation time. It started out fine, talking about dogs and jobs and home towns...then we talked personalities a bit, relationships (oh guess I should mention that it was two brothers and the girlfriend to one) which randomly sparked, "So do you guys fight alot?"

Cue awkward silence...

We weren't entirely sure how to answer that...I mean the answer was no but how do you say that kindly without making them look strange for them just having declared themselves to getting into disagreements every now and then...thankfully Kevin saved the day by saying we typically don't like confrontation and do our best to avoid such circumstances, which was true.

Conversation continued for a while after that. They're quite talkative which was great for us since we weren't. Until the food was about done and this was said, So what else?

Cue greater awkward silence...

Say what? What else? What does that mean? Do you want to know how many siblings we have? Where we got married? How we met? What my favorite color is? What do you mean what else? I'm pretty sure, uuhhh  I don't know... was pronounced before much of anything else...

Finally, it was time to get our plates of was delicious! Dinner conversation went well from there. We talked about how we had all come to church, what church means to us, what we appreciate or look for in churches...backgrounds, life, jobs, and the awful Norman weather...and then as dinner started to slow down, for some reason it made all the sense in the world to pull out the family picture albums and look through pictures of their family...aka pictures of them as diapers and underwear...yes, yes that happened.I mean, how do you respond to a new friend showing himself and his brother as children in underwear with their mom...oh cool...yeah that phrase happened one too many times...again...what a sad excuse of an adult I am sometimes...

Once the book was put away, the last part of our evening consisted of listening to them play guitar and sing, which they were incredibly good at and I enjoyed immensely...but seeing as it was quite a bit country, Kevin didn't adore it as much. After they concluded their second song they said, well thanks for coming over, almost mid conversation about me talking about how well they played/sang...oh okay, does that mean we get up and leave now? I mean that's cool, I've got to go watch Once Upon a Time anyway...

All in all it was a great time. It was awesome to meet new people, neighbors! I mean, did you even know we had neighbors? The only neighbor we knew before was the ones to the left of us...and she is the manager...HA! It's true...but anyway, it was great to talk about God in a true and real way, it was cool to see God at work in people's lives around us. It was great to see how our church had ministered to newcomers. We wouldn't trade that dinner for will forever remain one of our best, even if also most unique, dinner experiences we've ever had.

Thank you Lord for opening our eyes and our hearts to your people!

This wreath is an adaptation of my Valentine's Wreath. Since nothing
is glued on I simply took off the red strips and replaced with
more spring colors.
You can get the full DIY here.

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  1. What an awesome story! I'd be freaking out too, I get nervous around people I don't know. But what a great way to meet your neighbors! :)

  2. Love that you invited your neighbors to church! And that sounds like quite an adventure for dinner! :)


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