Saturday, March 2, 2013

2 months down

We are into March yall....can you believe that? This means we are two months into 2013! and starting on our third month. ABSOLUTELY CRAY CRAY.

One of our engagement shots
March brings some my sister turned 14 (yesterday)! and Kevin and I celebrating 9 months of marriage(also yesterday)!!! St. Patrick's day is coming up... which means I'll be wearing my sweet ON Kiss me I'm Irish t-shirt (I've had it for 5 years, no big), spring break is in March too (not that we get spring break sad part of adult life), Easter of course, AND we are one month closer to THE COLOR RUN (color me happy, yes that was cheesy)!!!!!

But before all this awesomeness comes to pass, I thought I might reflect a little on the past two months and introduce myself a bit for some of you newcomers.So here we go,

I am a newlywed, oh right you already knew that, an interior designer by day and cuddler with my hubby by night. I work as an ID on my college campus so I've not left college town yet and I'm a-okay with that! My hubby is a meteorologist so I count on him telling me when I need to wear rainboots or gloves/hat or both cause we live in Oklahoma and you never know what you're going to get. At the end of December we changed our lives forever and adopted our furbaby, no human babies here, she's melted our hearts and we adore her. I love romantic comedies in fact I'm a total romantic at heart, chocolate is the ultimate cure-all-especially when combined with husband hugs, I love love love pearls and the color pink-okay that one was obvious too, I love my Jesus with all my heart, I like to craft on Saturdays when the hubster is at work, and....well you can read more under the Him&Her page.

And now, for a little 2 month recap highlights:

We welcomed in the New Year for the FIRST time EVER together.

I organized the hubster's baseball cap collection...making one of my all time favorite DIYs!

I wrote about our best spent money for our wedding on Hallie's blog.

Husband forced me to conquer my greatest fear.

My mom and I unknowingly crashed a wedding...embarrassing 

In honor of the husband's birthday I started writing Our Love Story! Come back every Monday for a new post in the series or find them all here.

I embarked on my first real co-host link up series! Newlywed Game...join in on Fridays!

Some of our bestest friends got engaged (back in December but I wrote about it now)

Husband and I became small group leaders at our church.

Samantha and I became blog besties. You should check our her blog! I'm so grateful for her friendship in this big blog world!

I made a facebook page for the blog, and have started using instagram more. (follow me and I'll follow you!)

Just another wedding photo
What have been some of your past two months highlights? I'd love to read some of your favorite blog posts!

I'm linking up with Our Love & Our Blessing:


  1. so fun to stop and reflect on what is going on the past few months, loved reading through the stories!

  2. How fun you are doing the Color run...that is on my bucket list!! And it sounds like you've had a busy 2 months! :)

  3. loved reading these updates!! isn't it crazy that it's march already?!

  4. AWWW! I'm so grateful for you too :) Sounds like you've been busy...can't wait to catch up again soon! p.s. your stitched wedding date on your dress is so precious!

    <3 your blog bestie

  5. it sounds like you've had a great start to your year! :)

    xo brie

  6. HAPPY NINE MONTHS! Its four months for me and my husband :)


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