Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Newlywed Link Up!

Well lovelies, I was sick last week and this week my poor furbaby is sick so I'm not with it and I don't have our questions put together AT ALL.

I do hope you link-up your answers! And while you're missing Kev's and I's answers yall can check out part of our love story, about meeting his parents, here, and a funny story about having dinner with neighbors here...(and I'd love if yall would check out my Easter garland here...complete shameless plugs

I look forward to reading yalls answers! Have a great weekend friends!

Now, it's time for the Newlywed Game again.  

If you'd like to link up, simply...

Passion, Pink, & Pearls1.  Follow both the HOST & the CO-HOST!
2.  Post the button above to your post.
3.  Post the questions & your answers.
4.  Add your link to the bottom of the post where it asks for your link.
5.  Have fun checking out everyone else's answers! 
You can link up anytime from now til Sunday at midnight EST!I'm excited to see your answers!

The Newlywed Game #10 
1.  Where was the proposal? How did it all go down?
2.  Name one thing that makes you similar to your spouse, and one thing that makes you totally opposite from your spouse.
3.  When was your very first date? What did you do?
4.  How many boy or girlfriends did your spouse have before you?
5.  Complete the sentence: My spouse is a natural born _________.
6.  Our marriage would be absolutely perfect if we could just agree on __________.
7.  Which of these does your spouse have more of in your opinion? Sense of Humor, Sense of Time, Sense of Adventure, Common Sense.
8.  Where is the oddest place you have ever shared a kiss with your spouse?
9.  Complete this sentence: I knew I had found the love of my life when my spouse __________.
10.  Explain the outfit you most love on your spouse.  If you do a VLOG, have your spouse actually wear that outfit!!

Couldn't leave yall without a picture again so here's our sweet mother like daughter she loves the SUN!
ps: get excited about Samantha's awesome giveaway coming up MONDAY!
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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Saw It, Pinned It, DID it: Easter Egg Garland

My version
My favorite pins are the I-have-all-the-supplies-for-this-already thus making it a totally do-able project that the husband is sure to love for it simply costing zero dollares...that's right I went there.

I found this pin on pinterest world last week and decided I was definitely going to give it a try, I've been working on a scrapbook paper scraps organization recently anyway and knew I had some fun paper I could use for it.

The directions are really self explanatory here but the written instructions are in some other language so here's how I did it:
I chose to cut out the smallest egg shape and trace it onto the different solid papers and patterned papers I had. I only have a baby stapler but that turned out to be the perfect size for the baby egg shape anyway. I stacked 5 pieces of egg cut outs together to staple. I stapled right in the middle and then began to fold the pieces bag and forth till they flared around and made the egg shape. Then I took a small sewing needle, I'd choose a thick needle if you have one, I didn't and ended up bending the needle but it still worked, threaded a colored thread and went through the tops of each egg set. You will have to sort-of close the eggs to make this easier but don't worry they'll unfold just fine. I tied one end of the thread to my basket and then the other end and just moved the eggs around till I liked their placement.

That's it! Now go home and try it for yourself!
*Check out all the pins I've tried before, my thoughts on them and some pins I've created HERE on my pinboard.

- When you cut each shape out by hand it WILL NOT be perfect...and that's okay! Another option might be to use one of those cool paper cutters but I don't have one of those awesome machines
- Be bold! I have a hard time matching patterns together( that is one of my interior designer downfalls...I'm working on it!) but as long as you stick with similar colors, you'll be fine.
- Use a thicker sewing needle...mine bent

Linking up with:


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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cowboy Neighbors...& the dinner we had with them...

A couple weeks ago the ladies of our newlywed small group made some delicious cookies and oreo balls and bunnie munch, clipped them into cute Easter baggies (from JoAnns) to invite our neighbors to our church for Easter.

Kevin and I went around our building last week knocking on doors and telling people about Journey. It was fun and we met quite a few of our neighbors we've never even seen. God opened our eyes for sure.

One set of neighbors were particularly friendly and talkative and it was awesome! They'd been looking for a church so we had a great time telling them about Journey...until I ran out of things to say and Kevin became pre-occupied with Paisley...and I started uttering the word, cool, every 10 seconds, and I commented, "I never knew that..." well duh Veronica, you don't KNOW these people!

Needless to say it was interesting, incredibly entertaining I'm sure, but ultimately good and worth it! It encouraged our hearts and put smiles on our faces.

Bring on Sunday, hubby and I bundled up for church, I wore a sweatshirt and jeans to dad would have been mortified, and when we got home we put on our swimsuits to clean (you know for Spring Break in the Working World)...and got busy cleaning. Mid-afternoon we get a loud knock on the door, we don't get too many random visitors so I cowered upstairs with my pasty white skin and purple bikini as I let husband open the door in none other than his undershirt and swim trunks (it should be noted that the wind chill outside was 20degrees and there is no hot tub in this complex...just sayin). Poor man.

A man dressed in his cowboy hat (aka reason why this post is entitled "cowboy neighbors") invited us over to dinner, I heard him say they checked out Journey and then wanted to know what time we wanted to eat, Kevin told him 6 and that was that.

Enter freak out mode.

I consider myself a fairly outgoing person but nonetheless I freaked out a bit...mostly on account of the fact that I don't eat red meat and I was about 98, no 100% sure we would be served meat in their home, they're from small town Texas after all. So that in combination with Kevin and I being shy introverts around new people=scary situations for us...

We got ourselves together (no we didn't wear swimsuits) and made our way over. I don't know that I've ever experienced such warm, giving, hospitality in such a way. They offered us drinks and to choose a movie or tv show to have on...and then the inevitable happened..."so does pork chops sound good?"...uh negative...let me just tell you friends how uncomfortable it is to tell sweet people who've cooked for you, uh yeah sorry I don't eat that...well that's not quite how I put it but you get the's not fun. They kindly offered to cook me chicken instead, which I begged of them to not go more out of their way than they already had but they insisted.

Start waiting time...chicken and pork chops in the oven equals awkward random conversation time. It started out fine, talking about dogs and jobs and home towns...then we talked personalities a bit, relationships (oh guess I should mention that it was two brothers and the girlfriend to one) which randomly sparked, "So do you guys fight alot?"

Cue awkward silence...

We weren't entirely sure how to answer that...I mean the answer was no but how do you say that kindly without making them look strange for them just having declared themselves to getting into disagreements every now and then...thankfully Kevin saved the day by saying we typically don't like confrontation and do our best to avoid such circumstances, which was true.

Conversation continued for a while after that. They're quite talkative which was great for us since we weren't. Until the food was about done and this was said, So what else?

Cue greater awkward silence...

Say what? What else? What does that mean? Do you want to know how many siblings we have? Where we got married? How we met? What my favorite color is? What do you mean what else? I'm pretty sure, uuhhh  I don't know... was pronounced before much of anything else...

Finally, it was time to get our plates of was delicious! Dinner conversation went well from there. We talked about how we had all come to church, what church means to us, what we appreciate or look for in churches...backgrounds, life, jobs, and the awful Norman weather...and then as dinner started to slow down, for some reason it made all the sense in the world to pull out the family picture albums and look through pictures of their family...aka pictures of them as diapers and underwear...yes, yes that happened.I mean, how do you respond to a new friend showing himself and his brother as children in underwear with their mom...oh cool...yeah that phrase happened one too many times...again...what a sad excuse of an adult I am sometimes...

Once the book was put away, the last part of our evening consisted of listening to them play guitar and sing, which they were incredibly good at and I enjoyed immensely...but seeing as it was quite a bit country, Kevin didn't adore it as much. After they concluded their second song they said, well thanks for coming over, almost mid conversation about me talking about how well they played/sang...oh okay, does that mean we get up and leave now? I mean that's cool, I've got to go watch Once Upon a Time anyway...

All in all it was a great time. It was awesome to meet new people, neighbors! I mean, did you even know we had neighbors? The only neighbor we knew before was the ones to the left of us...and she is the manager...HA! It's true...but anyway, it was great to talk about God in a true and real way, it was cool to see God at work in people's lives around us. It was great to see how our church had ministered to newcomers. We wouldn't trade that dinner for will forever remain one of our best, even if also most unique, dinner experiences we've ever had.

Thank you Lord for opening our eyes and our hearts to your people!

This wreath is an adaptation of my Valentine's Wreath. Since nothing
is glued on I simply took off the red strips and replaced with
more spring colors.
You can get the full DIY here.

Join in on Wildcard Wednesday!
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First Things First

Hey friends! Today's I'm cohosting FIRST THINGS FIRST with Jess is More and Penguins, Pasta & Polka Dots...both fabulous ladies with awesome blogs!

Today's first things first:
1. First roommate(s)
2. First time living away from home
3. First dorm room at college

SO post your firsts and link up with us!

1. First Roommates
I guess apart from my family that would be my potluck roommate freshmen year in the dorms...though we didn't exactly share a room or anything in common she was my first roommate. BUT I'd like to say Kristina and Emily and Sara were my first roommates....LOVE THEM! (Kayla came later, read this).

2. First Time Living Away From Home
Well again, that'd be college! See pictures of my dorm room and apartment (soph-senior) below:

3. First Dorm Room at College
Thankfully, I only ever had one dorm room in college, freshman year. AND it wasn't SO bad because I was in a tri-suite which was two rooms, one slightly smaller and didn't have a window or an entrance into the shared bathroom, and the other had the window with the entrance to the bathroom...with a cased opening between the two rooms. This meant usually they put three girls in the room...but for some reason my potluck roommate and I were the only ones and since we didn't know each other and didn't have much in common, she had one side and I had the other. Thankfully she gave me the window side...I probably would have had serious problems if I didn't get the window room.



Clearly I have a love of pink and pictures...that was the first year in my apartment with my besties. The room changed slightly over time, in fact I even later painted it yellow.

Your turn! Link Up with us!

Dont Miss Next Week: April 2:
1. First apartment or house on your own
2. First room you decorated
3. First thing you bought or want to buy for your place

Monday, March 25, 2013

Life&Love:Meeting His Family

This is a post series that I'm writing about Kevin and I's love story, read about why and how I'm doing this, as well as all the prior posts under the Life&Love page.

Conversation seemed to flow easily between Kevin and I at any time, of any day. Between facebook, email and texting, we were in almost constant communication. From the simple, lunch meet up to the deeper conversations about what God was teaching us, and none of it phased me. For the first time in my life, I had a friendship with a boy and it was simply that, a friendship.At least to me.
Freshmen year was going immensely better than I had ever imagined. In my prayers leading up to arriving here, I asked God earnestly for kingdom minded friends with both girls and guys...and every prayer, every request, every thought was coming true, God was so amazingly good. I was loving every second of my new friendships, especially my first best friend relationship with a guy, Kevin.

Playing tricks on me was part of my new friends' favorite activities, stolen phones and tricky door hangings were  a constant battle
Through all the time we spent in conversation and in community, never did any of it compromise my relationship with M. Kevin was conscience to not spend time alone together, out of respect for M, and my heart belonged to M entirely. I never thought otherwise.

Besides he and I made plans to see each other as often as we could. The A&M/Soooners game at College Station, my first date party and Thanksgiving were all just around the corner, I would see M again before I knew it! The months apart seemed forever and ever but having days to count down to made it easier...and the coming month of November was going to be the best! Three weekends in a row with M!

The week of Halloween was shaping up to be a busy one, three tests, a quiz, project work, Halloween party and the football game were all seemingly going to be crammed into one week. Stress was hitting me hard and  I was having a hard time devoting time to the Lord, which wasn't helping anything, or friends either.

After a day of two tests and a quiz, I was ready to just breathe for at least a little while before studying for my next test, Physics...oh how I dreaded was so not my thing. In my dorm, I cozied up in my pajamas and slid into my desk chair ready to flip open my laptop and check email and facebook which had been neglected in my studying frenzy.

An unread email from Kevin flashed on the screen,

·        " So I have a favor for you to think about...I don't want you to feel obligated at all, feel free to say no thanks or whatever! It will not be a big deal to me at all.My family is coming to Norman this weekend and I'd like for them to get to meet you, and Kayla."

At the moment, the last thing I wanted to think about was adding another event to my ever growing agenda for the week and weekend. But the good friend in me was telling me to go ahead and say yes. I responded saying that I could definitely do that and we began to chat about plans and our week thus far. I admitted to having a rough and stressful week, thus neglecting my time with the Lord. He suggested going to Paradigm and releasing my stress to God. Stubbornly, I felt like telling him I was just going to skip and go to bed after my evening test on Thursday. Besides,I thought, I'm fine and I'd be late to Paradigm anyway and wouldn't be able to sit with people I knew so really I could just go to bed.

After he promised to save a seat for me at Paradigm, I gave in. Then he said,

·         A time of worship after a long day is probably my favorite thing to do. And if there's no worship service to go to, I'll jog off by myself somewhere and spend some personal time with the Lord. Really gets my focus back!

I couldn't believe I just read was so encouraging! So honest! I'd never had a guy really open up to me personally about his faith like that before. It was incredibly refreshing and encouraged my stubborn self to give it up and go to Paradigm. It ended up being the best decision I made all week.

Saturday morning came, after a fun Halloween party with my phi lamb big and some new friends the night before, my body was ready for some much needed rest. I awoke quite late on Saturday morning with a night of deep sleep behind me and an open day with nothing to do till lunch time when I would meet up with Kayla and meet Kevin's family. I lied in bed for a bit, texted M and opened my laptop to browse facebook, my college ritual was still going strong.

Glinda the good wich and Elphaba 
I finally decided that with so much time on my hands, it would be the perfect opportunity to once again attempt to curl my hair. I slipped on some socks, clicked on the light, open the blinds and pulled back my curtains to reveal a sunny, blue sky. How good it felt to have the week behind me and a day of fun ahead of me.

I pulled my laptop into the bathroom and double clicked itunes to open up. Since coming to college, the deadening silence turned me onto listening to music more than I ever had before. I never knew I'd actually miss the ever constant singing of my sisters, yet here I was, refusing to enjoy just silence. I clicked shuffle and proceeded to set up for hair curling.

Failure. That's what happens when I try to curl my the few times I'd tried curling my hair in college, each time was an utter failed attempt. In high school, my friends or my mom always did my hair...I never considered the fact that I'd go onto college, 18 years old and unable to curl my own hair successfully.

I burned the back of my ear and gave it up....decided I was going to have to find an alternative, this just wasn't going to work...I eyed the time and freaked out! I was supposed to be in the Cate caff restaurants in like 10 minutes! I quickly texted Kayla and told her to go on without me, I was going to be late.

I cowardly threw my hair up into a messy bun...a sad attempt to hide my disastrous curling attempt. I wanted to be as ready for the football game as possible so I could enjoy hanging out with Kayla some after lunch. I slid on a classic OU red t-shirt, and some jeans, touched up my make-up, making sure to hide my lovely ear burn as best as I could, and ran out the door, Vera-Bradley wallet and cell phone in hand.

As I rode the elevator down, I started to get nervous, what was I doing going to meet Kevin's family? What was the point of this anyway? What would we talk about? At least his sister is the same age as Ginger...maybe there'll be some way to talk to her easier? The walk to the Cate caff restaurants was a long one, and my heart thudded against the inside of my chest so hard, my stomach wasn't helping he
present moment either. Food needed to happen, and soon.

Swinging open the door, I saw them all seated at a long table and walked over. Looking back at me was all smiling faces. Even Kayla, looked to be enjoying herself.
At the game, later that day.
Hey Veronica, this is my mom and dad and my sister, Kayla, Kevin introduced each unknown face to me.

I fell into a seat and found conversation between all them was as easy as talking to Kevin. We laughed about the confusion between his sister and our friend having the same name. I talked to Kayla about what she was into and what my sister was into. We talked about my ever tiring major and Kayla's career plans. Conversation continued to smoothy that I quickly was carried away and forgot all about my still rather empty stomach. A rumble inside, reminded me of my food need. I grabbed Kayla and asked her to join me on my search for food, we made our escape and chatted about how nice and sweet Kevin's family was, as we ordered and waited on our lunch.

The remainder of the meeting was smooth and enjoyable. Little did I know, I was the only one of the party who didn't know the real reason behind Kevin wanting me to meet his family.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break in the Working World...ends (LINK UP)

On Monday, many of you, along with myself, started Spring Break in the Working World! I have truly loved watching you guys participate on your blogs and on instagram. So thankful to all of your who participated.

Sadly, today is the final day of spring break...womp, womp. Thankfully yall can still join in until midnight tonight! Today is the wrap up post but the biggest way to get involved is simply to link-up your blog and tag photos on instagram with #PBProStyle. {find me here}

So now let's take a look at how I enjoyed Spring Break in the Working World:
Pink, Floral Sunglasses and curly hair
Painted Pink toes in my bride flip-flops & Kevin's man feet in his Just Married flip flops (made by my aunt and mommy)

Homemade Spinach Artichoke Dip (YUMMO!) (I have to find the recipe/type it out for you!)
After a home grilled turkey burgers, corn and fries (by my awesome hubster) we made some S'Mores out on the grille! Regular Hershey's chocolate for me, cookies and cream for him. Needless to say, our tummies were incredibly, yet happily, FULL!

If you missed my breakdown of Notting Hill, well then you simply missed out....
I basically broke down the movie into my favorite scenes, captured them with pictures and of course quotes...
Essentially blowing up everyone's instagram...
I'm sure you still love me...
Besides, Notting Hill is simply the best romantic comedy out there!
I put them in none other than our wedding favors...color changing cups with  a thank you note printed on.
Kevin has an obsession,yes it's an obsession, with KoolAid so I figured it'd be appropriate to my KoolAid slush drinks for us, they were tasy!

I totally check out on my own linkup for day five...Thursday my throat started hurting and Friday I stayed home from work for going out was out. We were going to watch the sunset, but then the weather was awful and there was no sunset to instead we took off in our PJs and Braum's gift card in hand and got us some ice cream, well froyo for me.
We loved it...enough out on the town for us!

Well Day Six...really occurred on day seven...#failed again
BUT I wore my swimsuit under my clothes to church...(under a sweatshirt, I wore a sweatshirt to father would be appalled.) And when we got home we proceeded to clean our house in our swimsuits...which went fine till someone knocked on our door and Kevin answered it in his swim trunks...which looks a little awkward when the wind chill outside is 20 degrees...

Boy did we clean house! We took tons of pictures of some of our favorite parts of the house too..I'll be linking up with Samantha soon for that.

and now spring break is over :(
now maybe the weather will decide to get nice around here...

The Week We Enjoyed:

Day One: Hit the Beach!
 photo SpringBreakPlan_zps949f4a62.pngWear your flip flops and shades. If they cannot be worn to work then break them out at home. Refuse to wear anything but flip flops and sunglasses, that is on your feet and face...don't be going nude yall.

Day Two: Time to Snack it Out
You heard me right, break that diet today! If you were on a spring break trip right now you'd be eating some fried fish and ice cream. So grab your favorite snacks/ "junk food" and enjoy it!

Day Three: Bring on the Romance
It's time you found your spring break fling...and by that I mean find your favorite beachy romance movie, kick your feet back and rest your sweet bum on the sofa.

Day Four: Refresh Yourself
Bring down that dusty blender and serve up your favorite fruity drink, top it off with a tiny umbrella and ask your hunny for a massage.

Day Five: Out on the Town
You've played in the sun and now it's time to bask in the moonlight. Grab your hunny or your gal pals and go do something fun like put-put!

Day Six: Yellow Polka Dots
By now your tan is looking pretty smooth so it's time to strut your stuff in your swimsuit. No matter where you are, put that swimsuit on. If your weather is nice go outside, otherwise wear it around the house and pretend your bed is the ocean. But please friends, don't be wearing it to work, it's probably not allowed and I will not stick up for you in front of your boss.

Day Seven: Pack it on Up
It's time to cram into the car and go home spring breakers aka clean that house and get ready for spring! I know, I know, but we all knew it was coming.

Grab the Button!
 photo SpringBreakButton_zps29217d3e.png
The Game Plan:
Grab the button and share the plans, let everyone else know!
Participate in each day's spring break fun and take pictures of it!
Post the pictures of how you participated each day!
Instagram some of the pictures!
Make sure to tag them: #SBProStyle (aka Spring Break Professional Style)
Link up your blog (not each post though, just your blog in general, the same link-up tool will stay up all week)
Follow some of these lovely ladies helping me out! (see linky tool or Monday's post)

So Link-Up and Have Fun on Spring Break!

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cause Life Happens...

Since life happens sometimes, I got sick and didn't post our newlywed game answers so here they are today!

ONE:Which does your spouse prefer? Summer or Winter Olympics?
I know my hubby loves ALL the winter Olympics hands down.
Winter. (I think he said that cause it's his favorite, not sure I have a favorite, really...oh and he created this question)

TWO:What advice would you give your 16 year old self, now with the knowledge that you have found and married "the one?
Enjoy all the time you have with your girlfriends, live into the life God has for you and never feel less than wonderful because God made you wonderful just as you are.
It's okay not to date until college because it's worth the wait. (I was Kevin's first and only girlfriend, :) lucky me!)

THREE:What expectations did you have going into marriage? How have they changed?
I expected to share household chores, I expected to see him more, I expected for life to be easier with no school and living far those have held up, nothing has or hasn't changed exactly, moving into married life was so easy for us...I guess so far.
I expected to be with my best friend all the time and it hasn't really changed it's all been great!. ( :) )

FOUR:When engaged, what did your spouse most look forward to about being married?
I think we both looked forward to just sleeping together in the same bed. While we dated, we never spent the night over at each other's homes...we wanted to keep steer clear from any possible mistakes and also wanted to be pure in the eyes of others, not for our benefit but for the glory of God. Thus we simply looked forward to neither of us having to drive home late at the end of the night. It's one of the best things about being married.
Having someone to share the bed with and take care of her. (true, true....and by the way, he said my answer was right, Go me!)

FIVE:What is your spouse's favorite meal that your prepare?
This is a hard one, I haven't had any real complaints. He loves the mini turkey burgers I make, and my nachos...but those are the simple ones...I know there's some real recipes out there that he has just loved but I can't think of them...he reminded me of my turkey chilli! I forgot about that one, it's a great one, though I may be biased...get the recipe HERE!
Ummmm she likes my french chicken casserole and the lunches I make for her. (true life yall, my hubby makes my lunch for me everyday I go to work...even on the days he doesn't have to go to unexpected part of married life!)

SIX:What is your spouse's favorite form of exercise?
Haha I watched Karla's vlog on these yesterday and I'd might have to say the same answer she did for Scott and that is...not PG...other than that? He liked to play basketball and if he's getting serious about working out he does the Insanity videos.
Running with her puppy.  (That's true but even I am shocked to read that...who am I? Two years ago I would have laughed out loud and rolled on the floor and called Kevin a crazy for saying that...but alas here I am, I went from a hater to a lover...bring on the COLOR RUN!)

SEVEN:What sport would your spouse most prefer to actually participate in?
Well definitely basketball... when he was little he would draw out the court, in chalk, on his driveway...and yall he got precise about it little nerdy Bball lover of a husband.
Hhhhmmm tennis...that's my honest answer. (SKIING HUSBAND SKIING! It's my FAVORITE sport to do! Come on!)

EIGHT:What is the strangest food your spouse has ever eaten?
I think alligator? 
She's eaten's kinda hard to eat strange things when you don't eat red meat like my wife. (oh love...I didn't eat the deer, I helped prepare deer chili for a cook-off with friends but that stuff NEVER entered my mouth...and the weirdest thing I've eaten is alligator.)

See I don't lie:

We called ourselves, Red Hot Deer Hunters...Red for our school and deer because the chili was made deer meat. Meat and camo compliments of Eva's  (far right) family.
NINE:Is your spouse a country gal/boy or a city slicker?l? 
He loves the city but I'm WAY more city than he is.
She's a city girl with a love of country music. (he said that second half rather begrudgingly...I'm slowly, slowly bring him to the love side of country music).

TEN:Who is the "handyman" in your home? You or your spouse?
So this is a hard one because Kevin is handy with hanging anything on the walls, anything technology related and he was helpful with the whole pallet craft, see HERE, oh and side note, I picked up more pallet wood and I've got something awesome in mind for our next venture...but anyway...I'm handier in solving problems with home stuff sooo yeah that's my answer.
I guess that would be me but Veronica is very crafty and creative at building things. (not a bad answer hubster!).

PS: TODAY is the second to LAST day of our spring break link-up! Hope some yall can join in last minute and for the rest of you, I'll be looking for posts to conclude the week on Sunday. Hope to see all yall's fun then. Click HERE for all the info.

and cause we always end this with a picture, husband and I when we first got the keys to our first place:

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