Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Puppy Lovin

So today we woke up to flurries of snow flying everywhere! Mix it rain and it makes for a very wet, click day. Since I work for OU, when classes are not in session, I don't go to work (but still get paid!)...I checked my phone constantly...and guess what, I'm at work. At least it creates for a pretty view outside my office window...and someone sweetened the deal with doughnuts! So far not a bad Wednesday...I've got to catch up on the Bachelor Sean tells all tonight so don't spoil that nonsense for me yet!
Some pictures for you:

Alrighty, onto the planned post for today:

Our little Paisley Grace is growing so fast! We want to always remember every step as best we can. So how better to do that than through tons of pictures?!?

Our little world has changed a lot with this precious lady. She's taken the free time we once had but we're okay with that. She's the closest thing we'll have to kids for a long time, ideally.

Sorry for such a picture heavy post...oh wait, no...not sorry, I love pictures!

oh and ps: yeah for those of you who saw I started my Friday post and accidentally posted it...sorry, I'll finish it and yall can come back friday for the rest of it! Ahhh blogging problems...


  1. What a sweetie!!! Beautiful puppy :)

  2. Snow is SO FUN! We got some last weekend. Paisley is just toooooo cute! Enjoy the puppy stage because it's gone so fast!

  3. She is so cute!!! I wanna snuggle with her! Weird?

  4. Haha Paisley is so cute! Can't wait to talk to you were jumping the gun a little bit with that friday post ;)

    XO Samantha

  5. That picture of Paisley in the swing... PRESH! Love love love :)

  6. That pup is seriously adorable and I think snow dusted cites are just beautiful :)

  7. Oh man, I was totally looking forward to the Friday post even though it isn't Friday! I looooveee your puppy. So cute! Love the picture with all the stuffing everywhere (our dogs still do this and they're 3 and 4 years old!) and the one in the baby swing!

  8. Hi Veronica! Thanks for visiting my blog and following along. I just followed you too! : ) Paisley is SO cute! My hubby and I want a dog so so bad. It's snowing here today too, I love it! Hope you have a good rest of the week!


  9. How much would you charge to borrow her for a day? Slash forever?

  10. I just caught up on the bachelor tonight. Let me know what you think!

    And her coat is just gorgeous. So shiny.


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