Wednesday, February 6, 2013

On Being a Servant

At our church, on Sunday, one of our pastors, Brian Waldenville, spoke on getting in the game ie: being involved in your church in a serving manner. He spoke about the excuses we give against serving and combated those with Biblical reasons how we were created to serve.( You can listen to the message here.)

Being a larger church, we have these sort of messages often; for example, during the summer we had one called get in the sandbox,  for the first time though, this message really hit me.

Step back a little with me, I've been a church girl my whole life. I was heavily involved in my youth group, and then in college I worked every Sunday in the children's ministry (love my childrens, they came to our wedding!). I loved being apart of the children's ministry, and I was comfortable there.
Camp 2008, Our Senior Year
With my the walker class at Journey
As Kevin and I began talking about what our ministry would look like in marriage we both really wanted to be a part of the youth group. We both benefited so much from our respective youth groups growing up and have always wanted to give back to that. Yet when we got married, we found ourselves serving in the college ministry at our church. It was different.

Jumping from being a part of the children's ministry to being a part of the college ministry was sort of hard on me. I was outside my element. Granted, I'd just come from college, it's not like I was drastically different than the college students but it was/is different. The more we've participated, the more I've grown to love it. Much like my heart was overjoyed in working with StudentLife (see more here) and watching youth students worship, watching college students worship/fellowship/commune in God's Name is incredible and I've become so honored to be a part of it.
StudentLife this summer in Daytona
Working the camera at lifestream...definitely not a role I saw myself in
At the end of last fall ( I almost said semester, I've got to stop speaking in school terms) our small group, we participated in a 20s small group led by one of the church pastors-Journey does this instead of Sunday school sessions on Sunday, was going to end because the leader was moving to help start a new church. He approached us right before leaving and basically said he was tossing our names in the basket to be the new leaders for the group...small group leader say what?! We freaked a little, okay maybe more than a little.

To say that we were/are stepping into a role that neither of us felt oober confident in is an understatement. Journey makes it easy to lead groups...but still we felt totally out of our element. God is in control, we know, but it's been something we've been pretty nervous about up until this past Sunday.

Okay so now back to Sunday's message, Brian explained that there are not pastors and other people...there are minsters...and everyone is called to be a minister, to be a leader, to proclaim Christ's Name. He read out of 1 Peter 2:9 But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. We are each chosen. God chose each of us to declare the praise of Him! In addition, God prepares us for His work, He gives us each gifts/talents/abilities that uniquely fit to us alone. Sometimes those are easy to see...other times those grow but each of them is given by our God, to each of us and with His Spirit in us, we have the same power to use those gifts to declare His Name.

I heard all this, and for the first time felt confident about the path God was taking us into leading this small group. And, also for working in the college ministry. It isn't where we saw ourselves, but God is leading. His love, His grace, His patience, His wisdom, etc in us will mold us to be the best servants for Him.

We've only had one small group meeting, and it went pretty well but as we continue to step into this role, we ask for your prayers. We want to lead boldly and create an environment where couples like ourselves can bond and share life together...with Christ's name first.

So anyway, that's been on my heart lately. I wanted to share, to journal it out, and to remind myself of the confidence God has given me so that the devil cannot take a foothold.

 I'm ready, Lord! Lead me! Use me! Send me out into your world!

You were made to lead, you weren't made for the bleachers. 

who wouldn't trust these faces to lead them in a small group?
(StudentLife camp this summer)

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  1. I will definitely be praying for you both! Just continue to follow God and he will lead you in the right direction. As long as you have Him and each other God will do great things in your life and on this new journey. Wish I was there...I would love to be in your small group.

    XO Samantha


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