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Life&Love: Walker Stalkers

This is the fourth post of an ongoing series all about our story. See the Life&Love page for the prior posts.

The next couple of weeks progressed well, I turned in my first project in interior design and continued to grow relationships with my bible study small group with the BSU. Relationships with phi lamb grew slowly as I attended pledge meetings and chapter Sunday evenings, which typically were preceded by dinner with Kayla, Kevin and a couple others at Cate Main.

(September 19)
When Thursday came, I was so excited to have Paradigm that night. It was set to be at the Student Union, as normal, but in the Molly Shi Boren ballroom instead of the typical theatre. Kayla and I arrived early and immediately began conversations with everyone, took pictures and enjoyed the atmosphere. We learned about building vision in our lives by training in godliness, and laboring with strength...working our spiritual muscles. It was one of my favorite Paradigm nights thus far and ended with the usual Office watch party in Kevin and Trey's dorm room.

 After morning classes on Friday, I hurriedly worked on a color wheel project for studio, and some reading for an architecture class outside to enjoy the warm sunny afternoon before having to head up to my room and pack my bags for my first phi lamb retreat. Apparently we possibly would be sleeping on floors so I packed up as much of my bedding as I could fit in my suitcase...sleeping on the floor never went very well for me.

Since it was just girls and forecast to be a cold night, I slid on my favorite American Eagle jeans, a plain long sleeve fitted shirt, and my pearl studs. I touched up my face a bit, brushed my hair and snapped on a head band before pulling my white OU sweatshirt over my head, grabbing my bags and headed out the door for my first night away from my dorm.

Our first activity for the night was to share about ourselves in small groups. I got to know many of the girls in my pledge class on such a personal level. Their stories, their lives, their taught me such grace, and gratefulness for my story. I heard stories of girls hurt by boys, hurt from trust, hurt from broken hearts and I couldn't wait to get on the phone with M and thank him for carefully taking care of my heart and not taking advantage of the trust I'd placed in him.

Me and my big! (see all the yarn!)
We left after learning the phi lamb shuffle, only the best organized danced ever to Mary Mary's Shackles, to go prayer walking on campus. I had never been prayer walking and thought it was going to be such a cool opportunity. We were urged to prepare our hearts and be calm as they walked us to the front of one of the buildings...then they announced that  instead we were finding out who our bigs were! Cue excited screams of shock and excitement. We were each given the end of a long piece of yarn and had to follow it along a rather confused path, picking up as we went. I felt like mine went on forever, till I finally reached the end and discovered my big!

After breakfast, a second late night dinner, at the Big's apartment I ended up not having to sleep on a floor and was taken back to my dorm room which turned out to be for the best since I had lots more homework to work on the next day. With only six days till I would see M I had to get ahead on school stuff that weekend.

The next morning, Kevin, Kayla, and a couple other friends met up in the morning to attend a new church together.  Kayla and I hopped in the backseat of Kevin's car and immediately began taking pictures, a habit that became prevalent through our freshmen year. The car ride was super entertaining with our excited conversation and Kevin's running of not one, but two stop signs. We gave his careful driver attitude some much needed tease as he struggled to find the way to the church.

We attended the college Bible study and found we knew several others there through the BSU. In service, we leaned about none other than the book of Revelation, a new series at the church. Afterward, we loaded up again to have our first Walker Stalkers lunch at one of the BSU leader's home. Upon our arrival, we changed into shorts and got comfortable for a casual afternoon. We sang songs, played games,  laughed at jokes and took tons of pictures.

Note: Kevin is right next to me (see upper right corner)

Note: Kevin is right behind me.

 The whole afternoon was so fun that none of us were looking forward to going back to homework in our respective dorm rooms. Eventually, we all made it back into the cars and to Walker, our dorm tower. My heart was full and excited by the events of the week but at the same time was wishing I could share some of it with M in person. I was beginning to miss him more and more with each day and grateful that just a week from now I would be with him. This next week was going to be a busy one.


  1. This is so fun to read. Although we definitely look like goofy little freshmen.

  2. Love these pictures. You all look so happy and goofy! Just the way it should be :)

  3. love these pictures you all look so young and having such fun
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  4. I am loving this series!! Such a fun idea!


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