Monday, February 25, 2013

Life&Love: Texas Roadtrip Plans

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Jessica, a new college friend, and I hopped into my 1994 red cutlass supreme oldsmobile for a 357.9 miles or 5hours and 30 minutes trip to College Station for me to visit M at A&M. I sold my football ticket for the weekend, it was my first and only home OU game I would ever miss in my college career, but was so excited for the weekend ahead. It had been a couple months since I last saw M and my heart was overjoyed.

Jessica kindly volunteered to go with me so I didn't drive alone and shortly into our road trip I was SO grateful she did. We laughed in the car through the cow smells and listening to her pronounce Nacogdoches, there was never a dull moment.

The weekend started and ended all too quickly. M and I shared a quick kiss goodbye behind my car before I fell into the driver's seat for a long drive back to Norman, Oklahoma. Phi Lamb fall retreat, homecoming hoolah and the BIG texas game on top of loads of studio work, and exams, awaited me providing a busy schedule... thus making it easier to cope with the distance and time apart with M.

The first time I really MET Kristina (left), Sara whom I lived with Sophomore year (top right) and my big and I (bottom right)
Every tiny bit of time I could afford, I ran over to participate in the ever so time-consuming pomping, ie: too many frat/sonority girls in one room working on one project...a float for the giant homecoming parade. Explaining this phenomena to Kevin and Kayla was not the easiest and I was missing skipping out on Walker Stalker time after Ignite and Paradigm during the week. We talked often via facebook and plenty of text messages but our time together was short, quick and didn't provide for much chill time.

The time apart from my best college friends made our plans to head down to Dallas for the big OU/Texas game even more exciting. With no classes for Friday, we had a strict leave time of 9am in order to get down to Dallas for a full fun day in the Texas State Fair. Kayla and I had discussed what to pack, what to wear, how much money to bring...everything and we were absolutely excited for our first weekend away together as friends. Kevin had organized everything, he was driving with Luke as his co-pilot and Kayla and I in the back. The four of us would then check out the fair all together when we arrived before parting ways for the remainder of the weekend.

A weekend away, with just friends...I couldn't wait!


  1. Stoping by from the mingle. I love how you are doing this. :)

  2. Hey Veronica! I wanted you to know that your feature will be up on my blog today :)

    I'm excited!


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