Monday, February 4, 2013

Life&Love: Friendship Found

Well lovelies, it's time for another KeviRonica (oops I just revealed that, yeah we sometimes refer to ourselves as's okay, we're fine being middle-schoolers that way) story! The first installment of our story is here, and you can read about how and why I'm writing our story here.


The night sky grew real dark before I began to make my way back to the dorms. Walking into my dark dorm room hadn't become second nature just yet. The stilling silence was slightly eerie, how is it that I am missing my sisters' singing? Wasn't I itching to get out of the noise and chaos just days ago?,  I found myself wondering.

I lived in a tri-suite in OU's dorm towers, which usually meant there were three girls sharing two rooms, one slightly smaller, with an open doorway between the rooms and an entrance into the bathroom in one of the rooms. Strangely enough, there were only two of us in the tri-suit and since we both went potluck thus meaning we didn't really know each other we opted for we to each have our own room.

"Click,"  I switched the door into locking position and proceeded to find some cozy pajamas and climb into my bed. I propped up the pillows, grabbed my laptop and clicked the power button. I checked my cell phone, and texted M to let him know I'd made it back to my dorm and would be going to bed shortly. M and I had started dating only two months before I left for college at OU. He was seven hours away in Houston, soon six hours away when he would start attending A&M, in Texas. Long distance wasn't something I envisioned for myself but for now it was working for us. In our first two months of dating we had both been gone quite a bit with camps, mission trips, etc, anyway so we weren't entirely reliant on seeing each other every day.

Logging into facebook, I made sure to check that I was available to chat with those also up late before classes...this soon developed into a nightly tradition. The red flag at the top of the screen indicated some notifications, one from Kevin:
Guess I'd forgotten in our talk on the way to the Aloha party that we had discussed trying out the college service for students on Wednesday at Bethel church in town. I confirmed my new friend, Kayla, would be going with me Wednesday, looked over my schedule for tomorrow one more time, double checked my alarm and closed my eyes for some much needed sleep. The weekend had been such a rush of new faces and programs, I was pooped.

The next couple days were sort of a blur. I'd mapped out the buildings where my classes were and gave myself extra time to get to them and everything went pretty smoothly. I met even more people, felt lonely at times but also had a constant thrill in this new environment. I had a long list of names to text so I didn't have to eat alone in the cafeteria...never mind the fact that I couldn't remember half of them. I chatted every night on facebook chat, getting to know some of them better. M and I kept in touch fairly regularly. He hadn't started classes yet and was living vicariously through me until the next week.

On top of it all, one thing was most evident, God had planned big things for me at OU. I could feel it. My heart soared as He constantly was surprising me with his fabulously orchestrated plan. "Lord I feel you near me...Lord I love you! Jesus thank you for bringing me here to OU. Lord, it was and is all you, all because of you that I am here...Jesus thank you for the BSU...thank you for the people strong in their faith that you've brought to me...," I wrote in my prayer journal daily to remind myself of His goodness, to stand firm in my faith in this new environment, and to have a strength about me from the Lord alone. This season was so good, I didn't want to forget it or let it pass me by. Every day was filled with so much new from classes to people and tons of churches and organizations. Come Tuesday, I'd already been to three different Christian groups.

Wednesday sort of popped up on me. When evening came, Kayla and I met up to go to Bethel. Kayla and I had met super randomly and all by God's hand the day after moving in. We had attended church together that first Sunday and everyday were finding more and more similarities to each other. We clicked almost instantly and had promised to try new churches and small groups together. We met at the bottom of the tower and drove over to the Bethel college campus building.

We followed a group of excited students inside, and were greeted by several college students thrilled to see each other again after the first days of classes, eagerly talking and standing around in groups. We glanced around the room, begging for a familiar face. At almost the same time we spotted a couple of guys standing alone talking.

Taking a stroll over, I turned to Kayla to introduce her to Kevin, while she turned to me and introduced me to Trey. Ironically, the two guys were roommates, and Kayla had met Trey earlier while I'd met Kevin earlier. We joked about the irony and discussed how they had became roommates. Suddenly, the band started up and the four of us found a row and sat next to each other.

The worship and message that night were just what I needed..the peace in the middle of a crazy week of all kinds of new. The college pastor had urged us to seek God's plan in this often confusing time in life and to remember through everything, our lives are meant to worship and serve God. For all the changes that had and were still taking place around me, I could hold onto my one constant, my Jesus, and I would seek Him with everything in me in college, as best I could anyway.

The night was great. I'd made another new friend and had such confidence in the place my Jesus had me.

It was the first night of many to come that the four of us would hang out.

College was going to be great.


  1. Stopping by from Mingle Monday and thought I would say hello as a fellow Sooner! I wrote out my "how we met" story and love being able to go back and read it.

    Enjoy your Monday!

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