Monday, February 11, 2013

Life&Love: Adjusting To School

This is post 3 of our story series, check the Life&Love page for the first two.


The next few days went pretty well. I attended my first Paradigm (the Baptist Student Union worship experience), turned in some of my first college assignments, went to my first football game (BOOMER SOONER through shine and rain), and enjoyed a three day weekend.

College life was going pretty great. The friendships I made were deepening with every lunch or dinner together. The assignments weren't killing me, well just yet, and I only had to switch one class, because there was no way that I was going to re-take pre-calc when I could just proceed onto business calculus. I kept my family updated on life with phone calls and M updated with Skype time. 

I stumbled upon Sigma Phi Lambda in the nick of time, attended an interview (having missed all the RUSH dates) and received an invitation to signing night that same day. It was crazy, I questioned every second of it and called my mom for re-assurance. I knew my studies in interior design were going to eat up much of my time but I loved the idea of a group of Christian ladies that were involved on campus and still had some fun with date parties, so I went for it. I had begged Kayla earlier in the day to give it a shot with me but she was hesitant as I once was, so it was the first time I decided to attend something completely alone. It would be one of the best decisions I made in those first few weeks of school. That evening, I called M, put him on speaker, and talked to him about what to wear and how crazy the whole thing was. I left my dorm and all I knew and went to be a part of Sigma Phi Lambda, sisters for the Lord.

My pledge class on signing night (I'm right at the front row, second in from the left)
On Monday, September 8th,  after attending my second football game, we freshmen of the Walker tower met for dinner in the caf before our first IGNITE, the freshmen Bible study arranged by the BSU. Kayla, Kevin, Trey and many others were there for our first meeting. We walked as a group to the Student Union, where the study would take place, chatting all the way.

Football Game with my soon to be grand big, and Kayla (miss national merit super star who got to walk on the field before the game)

We played a get-to-know-you game upon arrival before separating into smaller groups organized by the dorm towers we lived in. We stuffed ourselves into a small study room in the union and proceeded to get to know each other even more, announcing the floor we were living on and our majors. Within the next few weeks we became the Walker Stalkers, even developing our own hand signal. These nights would be some of the best of freshmen year. These people became some of my best friends and I looked forward to dinner and our Bible study each week. This is where Kevin and I would begin to develop our friendship. 

After Paradigm (or Ignite) in the first couple weeks...we got completely soaked by rain. (In Kayla's dorm room)

Meanwhile I eagerly counted down days till I would see M again...17 days till I would make my first road trip down to A&M.

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