Saturday, February 2, 2013

Football Utensil Jars

Tyler at Rays of Purple just did the coolest little craft for the super bowl ( THIS WEEKEND YALL!). I saw it and just knew I wanted to try my hand at it because a, I already had the supplies and b, we're planning on having a little super bowl party for our new church group we started on Thursday.

Thank you Rays of Purple for the Super Bowl Utensil Jar idea!

Here's my take on it, though it won't be so nicely presented...because Tyler is awesome and even had fake grass! She's an all star.

Brown Paint
White Paint
Jars (mine are literally old spaghettie jars, no joke, I collect them like crazy and my husband is always begging me to do something with them other than putting them under the sink)

ONE: Squeeze some brown paint onto your work surface and using a foam brush, sponge the paint will give the glass a textured appearance which sort of has the look of a football. (I did two coats but it might be better to do 3, I'm impatient) Then let dry.
TWO: Paint your "laces" onto the jars. Then let dry.
THREE: Use ribbons to tie to the top, representing the teams playing.
FOUR: Set up and enjoy at your next game watch party!

That was so easy! Thank you, thank you, thank you Rays of Purple! She's got all kinds of fun football DIYS so check her out!


  1. These turned out great! :) love that you reused the jars, and hopefully your husband was happy at least two of them have been used for something ;) I also love that you put ribbon on them, what a fabulous idea and easy to customize :) thanks for the shoutouts as well :) hope you're having a great weekend!!


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