Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Business Cards-Organized & A Recipe

Well there have been a couple changes to the blog lately, one being that I made a new header....thoughts? Is is too big? Too bright?...and also I took the plunge and made a facebook page for the blog mostly because Samantha convinced me to. Anyhow, you can find me on facebook here now.  There will be a few other minor design changes coming slowly...I'm not very good at big reveals sooo yeah you'll just get to see it all slowly come blog construction underway

Meanwhile, I'm being featured on two blogs today!

You can find me over at Helen's blog, Blue Eyed Beauty, sharing about how to dress up that lame business card organizer. We all have tons of them, business cards that is. How do you keep them organized? Find me over at Helen's blog and find out how I organize and keep it pretty!

ps: go wish her an almost happy wedding day!

And you can also find me over to Kalyn's blog for a new recipe at Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After. She's got an awesome blog about her life as a newlywed.
(plus her blog design is SO cute!)

pss: happy hump day!


  1. Love, love the new header!!

  2. I love the header! And I'm your newest follower! Half way to the weekend! Whoo HOO!!!


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