Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Love Wreath: T-Shirt diy

Last Thursday I had planned on posting about a wreath but I wasn't able to get it up in time, and then Friday night I was sick so Saturday (like I'd hoped) didn't happen either. Soooo here we are, Tuesday, Valentines day in a couple days and I'm finally posting it. Sorry friends.

I really enjoyed this DIY because it was simple, easy, and cost me $0! Therefore, my hubby loved it too.

T-Shirt Love Wreath DIY

- Foam Ring (I got this one from packaging. A small table, for a job, came packaged in this ring so I saved it)
- T- Shirt Scraps (basically we went through all our college t-shirts, cut out the graphics and I kept the remains)
- Sewing Scissors (so you can cut the t shirt fabric easily)
- Some glue (tacky or elmers, etc)

- ONE: Cut the t shirt into strips, I did about 2" by maybe around 8" (or a little shorter) long.
- TWO: Tie the strips around the ring. I started with the white, and covered the ring. Then went around with the red and highlighted with the pink.
- THREE: Cut t-shirts to tag shapes, and letters for LOVE. Apply the letters to the tag shapes with the glue. Cut a whole at the tops of the tags by folding it in half and cutting a slit (both ways).
- FOUR: Cut a tiny string sized piece of t shirt for the tags. Then cut a little thicker piece, longer to stretch between the open space of the wreath. Tie each end to the fabric already tied on.
- FIVE: Loop the thin t shirt strings through the tags and tie onto the t shirt string hanging between the wreath.

Final Product

So I'm pretty much in love with the way it turned out! 
It needs some editing (like the LOVE tag part) but I'm happy with it!
What do yall think?

-  This diy is super easy but if you have a puppy/dog they might see this as the best new toy EVER...on several occasions my dog stole it and I had to repair the ring with some re-enforcement...aka duck tape.
- You might want to apply a thicker back to the tags so they don't turn around as much as mine do.
- You might want the red t shirt string holding the tags to be thinner.
- Don't be afraid to layer, layer, layer!
- Pull on both ends of the fabric to stretch it and make it go farther.
- Don't worry about cutting perfectly straight lines...you don't notice in the end.


  1. I love it! And, secretly I'm a little jealous you came across a perfect wreath form :)


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