Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Baby Project

A few months ago, one of my co-workers left for maternity leave and soon after had baby number two, sweet Boughton. At 10 pound and 5 ounces, the little man was quite a big boy and soon took on the nickname, Boughton the Mountain. He is now 4 months old! My time flies!

When her first baby was born, I had just started working as an intern with them. When my other co-worker's baby was born, I was wrapping up school and about to get married. So when Boughton was born it was my first time to truly get to enjoy a season of babyness. Caroline and I visited the family in the hospital and Kevin and I made dinner for them upon their arrival home. It was awesome to finally have time to be apart of her life in a way outside of work. So one day, I was home on a Saturday (alone, since  you know, Kevin works on Saturdays), and got the idea to whip up a little something for the new baby.

I had taken furniture design in college, and actually got to build a few things (one of which being the headboard Kevin and I now use...story for another day) so I had some leftover pieces of wood. I'd been hoarding this wood in the back of my Oldsmobile since the day that class ended (it was junior year in the fall) and had to move it to a plastic box when I got rid of the car this past fall (for you mathematicians, that's two years that it sat in the back of my car). Every day as I got home, there was that attractive plastic box with all my wood in it screaming at me to do something with it.

I had seen this sign on Pinterest, and admired the graphic art of the lettering. So I thought I'd take my hand at doing the same, only with my wood pieces, and create something for sweet Boughton the Mountain.

I don't know why there is a fabric paint tube in the picture...just ignore that.

complete with mountains!
I didn't plan on writing a DIY post for this but I came across the picture a bit ago and thought, you know what? I really liked that project. So how could I not share a project I really love?!

Wood pieces
Hot glue
Screws (a drill would help)
Paint brush
Clear Spray Paint

ONE: Arrange your wood boards together in such a way that they compliment an overall form and give you space to write out the words. (I had funky sizes since I just used what I had leftover, I didn't even try and cut them down or anything.)
TWO: Hot glue your boards together, end to end. Leaving one that is long enough to span across them on the back.
THREE: With your last board, lie it across the back and turn over onto a smooth surface. From the front screw in four screws (you can see where ours is, I thought I'd leave it), make sure to space them apart. The idea here is really just that they will stay together.
FOUR: Paint!
FIVE: After the paint dries, take it outside and spray it down with a good clear coat. This protects the painting and keeps it smooth for any cleaning purposes.
SIX: Deliver to recipient! (oh and maybe take a few pictures)

His sister turned 2 this weekend so I made her, her own:

- It might have helped to trim boards a little bit. Not trimming my boards made it a little difficult to find a good arrangement and it was never perfectly level. I didn't have a saw or anything available to use so that's why I dealt and used a hot glue gun..haha
- You might want to sketch out your words...I didn't because, well similar to the Nativity Pallet Project, I just like to wing it. 
- Make sure you have some space to make a mess!

I guess you could say I saw it, Pinned it and DID IT! Joining in on this link up for the first time!

What do yall think? Would you make something like this?
How would you do it differently?


  1. This is so adorable and unique! What a great idea!

  2. That is such a cute idea! I've seen things like this on Pinterest, but never on pieces of wood, how creative!

  3. This turned out cute! Your coworker is lucky to have such a crafty friend!

  4. How sweet of you to make these! I love the rustic feel to them :)

  5. so cute! what a great little project!! i'm sure these were much appreciated.

  6. Aww! These are adorable!

  7. I LOVE IT! Totally going to be making one SOON! Thanks for the heads up on the idea!


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