Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wait, it's Wednesday?

Well, sorry yall Wednesday snuck(why is that not a word?) on me so fast I that I totally wasn't prepared for it. See I've still forgotten to put a quick Christmas recap and our story...yeah I promise that's still coming!

It's probably going to be a little quiet around here for the next few days, I'm headed out to HTOWN Thursday night...meaning I need to pack tonight. I'll be there with my mom and our family friends to crafts and decorate for 48 hours straight! haha okay maybe no that intensely but pretty intense in order to prep for the best Quincinera (did I spell that right) you ever did see. It's going to be awesome...think winter wonderland. That's right. Beautimus(yep made that up on spot)!

So as I prep to head south for a few days you can at least check out a couple things I've worked on,

I'm sharing what Kevin and I think to be our best spent money on our wedding over at Life:Oceanside...check it out!

And Saxon, at Coffee, Darling is posting about wedding photobooth props...recycled from our old ones...made to look amazing!

Oh goodness what a crazy, unorganized post this is...well before I go, another picture of our ever so sweet Paisley Grace:

Clearly she loved waiting in the room at the vet last Saturday

and if you're bored with the above posts, read our crazy gross story about our adventure with Paisley at the park.

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