Friday, January 25, 2013

The Newlywed Game: New Link-Up Party!

Karla, one of my favorite bloggers, at Forever Newly Wedded created a brand new link-up this week. It's called the Newlywed Game, and each week she'll post questions for us to answer which we'll post on Friday. I'm excited because I think it'll be pretty fun to see not only our answers but everyone's! So what are you waiting for? Answer these questions up, post those answers, and link-up for a great Friday! Look for my answers in PINK(duh) and Kevin's answers in BLUE(I know we're super creative).

First 10 Questions:
ONE:What's the worst thing that happened on  your wedding day?
Goodness, we'll there's the fact that it rained, the girls catered lunch somehow didn't get ordered when I called it in a week before, our cake topper broke into a thousand pieces, my veil fell off my head in the ceremony...but the worst part? I wish it didn't have to end!
It rained. (a man of many words)

TWO:Who is the better driver?
I for sure have to say myself, I mean I learned to drive in HTOWN (Houston for you newbies), which everyone knows is the best place to learn how to drive. I'm aggressive, yes it's true, but I've got control...though my husband will disagree with me, that I'm sure of.
Me. (confidently spoken)

THREE:If someone had to play your spouse in a movie, who would it be?
I am not good with knowing many actors names so I'll go with my favorite in this case, Dennis Quaid, the cutest older man actor! Always kind and a family man in his movies. LOVE.
Hayden Panettiere, because she has blonde hair. (well that's a good reason...I guess...??)

FOUR:What is your spouse's favorite comfort food?
Umm pizza or steak?
Chocolate, but if we're talking real food, her vegetarian chicken nuggets? or maybe macaroni and cheese. (right on with the chocolate hubster! those chicken nuggets would be the morning star brand, who doesn't love those? and YES to mac-n-cheese, but only when made correctly)

FIVE:Which one of you hogs all the covers in bed?
My man was greatly concerned this was going to be all on me when we were engaged but oh how the tables turned! It's YOU husband! YOU steal the covers! (last night=prime example)
Oh me, for the most part...I'm a cover stealer! (what an honest man)

SIX:The saying "opposites attract" must be true because my spouse and I couldn't be more different when it comes to______?
Hhhmm this is a hard one...maybe what I like to spend money on?
This is a hard one because I feel like we're very alike, styles? I don't know...I thought maybe music because she likes country and I like more pop/rap but we meet in the I don't know.  (haha)

SEVEN:If your spouse won $5000 what would they spend it on?
Pay off some more of our school loans! 
Home Furnishings. (false! I want out of those loans too husband! ps: we have no where to put home furnishings)

EIGHT:If your spouse could be married to any famous person, who would it be and why?
Kelly Clarkston? Or Hillary Duff? He had some serious crushes on those ladies back in the day...blonde headed little cuties...
Hugh Grant? Because of his accent and he's in some of her favorite movies..but maybe what I should have said was Mr. Darcy haha. (not a bad guess, I don't know who I'd pick honestly, but I love your second guess hubster!)

NINE:Who controls the remote?
Umm really the both of us...I guess it depends who is more awake or who is most interested in the show we are watching.
Me, Veronica picks the shows, I control the remote. (oh really? well...maybe...)

TEN:If your spouse was a super hero, what would their super power be?
So funny story, we had this question at our shower...thing is, I can't remember what Kevin's I'm guessing fly? or to be jet fast?
Snapping her fingers to clean a room like Mary Poppins...haha!. (It's true, that was my choice...he remembered better from the shower than I did, although at the shower he guessed I'd want to turn into a vacuum cleaner,..geesh!)

*** Hope you all have a splendid weekend! Tomorrow I'm hoping to share about our Christmas (yes I know that was a month ago now) and on Monday, come back for PART TWO of our story! If you missed part one, click here!

Christmas on the beach is awesome!


  1. Ahhhh I love it. You guys are so cute.
    Dude.. snapping your fingers & everything is clean.. how did I forget about that!
    We also had a cake topper catastrophe at our wedding.
    Not nearly as horrible as yours though... sheesh!
    Thanks for linking up!!

  2. LOVe this! I may have to participate in this link up now that I am a newlywed ;) love all of the answers! so much fun!

  3. This is an AWESOME link up! I may have to join it :) and check out Karla's blog! Can't wait to skype tomorrow :)

    XO Samantha

  4. hahah this was fun to read! I also pick the shows, and my husband controls the remote :P Such a great post! :)

  5. I would just like to point out (since your readers don't know) that the first time we were in a car with Kevin he blazed through 2 stop signs in a row without even realizing it. Also, probably one of the scariest experiences was him trying to drive on a 2-lane highway (freshman year?). Sheesh, you city people. You win for driving. :)

  6. you did pretty well, sweet wife!

  7. I love this post idea! And it's a good thing you're there to remind him of the important financial things like loans to pay off! :P

  8. Hey Girl! I got your button! Hope you were able to grab mine! :) -Kalyn

  9. Thanks for sharing! I loved reading all your answers, you and your hubby sound very similar to me and mine haha. Have a great weekend!


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