Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Cowboy Rides Away

So today I'm praying my day looks up. Currently, my stomach is still feeling sorta queasy due to some lunch from yesterday (dear big truck tacos, I'm sorry I don't know what you put in the taco I ate but I'm never eating you again), my nose is totally stopped up, forcing me to breathe only through my mouth, and to top it all off in about an hour I'll be headed to get 5 of those 8 dumb cavities...hate the dentist (see here). In order to lighten up this rough day, I think we'll recall a great night from a couple weekends ago.

Not this last weekend, but the one before that, my best friend, Kayla, messaged me asking if I could join her for the George Strait concert in OKC. She was supposed to go with her mom but she was too sick to attend. I'm so sad that she wasn't well enough to go but goodness I'm SO excited that I got to go! It was seriously an awesome show, and a great surprise night out with my friend.

Martina McBride opened, she did a spectacular job. It was so fun to see people dancing on the floor around the stage. Then when George took the stage, the crowd really came alive! His voice is incredible even today!

Here are some of the photos I took, enjoy the fantastic quality a phone camera in far away seats (which were still amazing because they made a sweet stage set-up).

they showed footage and photos of some of his earlier days, it was really cool!

and the cowboys rides away, taking his big bow.

If you guys get to see him in his final tour years, GO! It will be So worth it!


  1. Ahhhh I am so jealous that you got to see King George's last show in OKC!

    And BTT is on my LIST too - I haven't eaten there lately because last time I did I felt sickly. :(

  2. So jealous!! I want to go see his last show in San Antonio so bad! Our local radio station is giving away a trip down there and tickets to the show and I'm doing everything I can do win them.. wish me luck!

  3. woohoo looks like so much fun!
    I die for country music!
    It's not big here unfortunately!

  4. Ahhh!! We're going to go in April when he's in Albuquerque and are SO excited!


  5. those pictures look so exciting and fun! Seems someone had a good time...loving your blog! ;-)


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