Monday, January 7, 2013

That time we found remains of a frisky night...

After a wonderful week off together at Christmas, this week was rather difficult. Kevin went straight back to work the day after we returned from Florida (which reminds me, I never did share about expect that eventually). I was lucky to have a little more time off...which really turned into trying to train our rambunctious fur baby. Then I went back to work and Kevin came down with some awful stomach bug...crazy energetic fur baby + sick husband = no good.

Finally, on Sunday Kevin began feeling better. And we enjoyed our first full day as a family of three. If you remember our adventure Sunday, then you'll remember the park we found. We went back there this Sunday to take our sweet paisley out for a longer walk that usual and some play time in the park. 

We played ball, attempted frisbee, ran, went down the slide, played on the teeter totter and even did some swinging with our cute puppy. She loved it...every. single.minute. We had SO much fun! Don't even worry...of course we took pictures...and video...yeah we're those people.

watch out world, I found a pine cone and it's awesome!

clearly she loved this

By now you're probably wondering what our scandalous discovery was...

When we arrived at the park we noticed a "picnic" blanket on the ground and jokingly referred to it as the sex blanket..coming up with some story about some couple being all frisky and having sex in a park. We ignored it and went on our way playing.

We began playing fetch with Paisley and she suddenly got distracted, shocker, and she began sniffing around the "sex" blanket and came away with something clear and plasticy in her mouth...yes, our sweet little girl discovered none other than a used condom allegedly left at a park because...THERE HAD BEEN SOME FRISKY COUPLE HERE! Of all the things we've torn out of her mouth, this was hands down the worst. 

I was personally shocked...I mean I know people get a thrill on that kind of stuff but this is a kids park...there are's a playground...not to mention houses line the perimeter of the park...and many of them are two-stories...and finally why on earth would you leave the evidence? I mean seriously...

How was your weekend?
Have you ever made some shocking discoveries?

Couldn't let you go without our awesome family photo...


  1. That puppy is so cute! We have a 8 week old pitbull and we are trying to train her too!

  2. Oh goodness...that is disgusting!

  3. Your fur baby is adorable!! And the swing pictures are super cute!!

  4. She is just the cutest!!!! And umm how gross it that!? People are so stupid! hahaha Have a great week!

  5. Um yikes!!! That's totally disturbing!! You poor sweet puppy!! Yeah I would not be getting that out of her mouth bare-handed haha! Well she sure is the cutest thing. The picture of her in the swing is sooo cute!! Love it.

    Just makes you wonder.... What will our children find?!?!

  6. y;all are a precious little family!!! and the poor pup!! he is just too cute!

  7. i am totally one of those dog owners too photos everything! i love my dogs so much! your puppy is so darling!

  8. HAHAHAHA! That picture of her in the swing is hilarious!

    And a condom... So gross! I would have been washing her mouth out with soap. Haha. I'm a germaphobe!

  9. Your puppy is adorable!!!

    and yuck about your shocking discovery! people amaze me.

  10. Oh my gosh! That is so nasty! ha!

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