Wednesday, January 16, 2013

That Time My Mom & I Crashed a Wedding...inadvertently

This past weekend one of wonderful family friends, the Arredondos, flew my mom and I down to help with her daughter's quinceañera. It was absolutely beautiful, such a blast and oh so sweet. We've known their family since they moved onto our street when I was around 9 years old and their daughter had barely just been born. I remember running across the street almost daily begging Robin, the mom, to tell me how old Rachel, the daughter, was. She'd tell me the usual, "oh she's 4 months" or "she just turned 6 months today!" At the time, that made absolutely no sense to me, in my blonde-headed child mind, she was either 0 or 1...not months.

I can't believe this weekend we celebrated her big 15th birthday bash!

So back to the weekend, my mom and I flew out Thursday night and immediately got to work on the little favors (which were very much like the ones my mom created for the shower). One of my great friends came to visit with us at the hotel while we worked, it was so sweet to see her. We went to bed late but slept soundly in a super comfortable hotel sure is weird to sleep in a hotel in your home town but it also was so nice.

The next morning we hit hard. Robin had collected all kinds of decor for us to put together (since they have awesome stores in Houston like Arnie's party supply and Garden Ridge)...she did a fabulous job collecting all sorts of goodies.

Here we are assembling some of it in her garage:

We headed to the hall and set it all up in pieces, candy bar, main table, gift table, cake name it we did it...all of it except for putting the white tablecloths on. We finished around dinner time and called it a night. One of my besties came to visit and we worked on the favors some more before hitting the pillow.

The next morning we woke up, worked on the favors some more, and met up with my dad for breakfast and scouring out the storage unit (ie everything from our life as a family that either didn't make it to Florida or we don't know where to take it now). THIS IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING:We convinced my dad to wait for my mom and I to get ready for the ceremony part of the quinceañera that would be at the church and then take us there...mistake number one, since we'd originally planned to ride to the church with the Arrendondos.

This is me taking a picture of the church...dumb me...
We showed up at the church on time, in fact we were 20 minutes early! And walked to the front entrance...mistake number two, since my mom had been told to go to a small chapel (to be fair, we didn't see it and no one was going in and out of this random side door). We walked in and there was a grouping of Mexicans all dressed nicely, clearly prepared for a nice ceremony. We happily found our way to one of the pews and sat right on the end, aisle side. Others seemed to be making their way to their seats but we didn't recognize anyone...mistake number three, since we've met plenty of both sides of the family.

Soon enough a couple and a few others walk down the aisle. They were dressed prettily in silver and were older. Rachel's colors were aqua and silver so we naturally assumed this couple was perhaps the god parents...too bad we couldn't remember we know the godparents and this couple was not them. Songs were sang, speeches made, a message given...all in Spanish...mistake number four, Robin' side of the family is white and Archie's family has been in Houston for a while...there was no reason the whole ceremony would be in Spanish. Yet we continue to enjoy ourselves smiling, happy to be there, trying to listen in and sing the songs. My mom and I knew some Spanish ( I used to know so much more which makes this all the more embarrassing). We thought we'd heard 15 several times...but that's not what we heard. We thought we heard a letter to Rachel...that's not quite what we heard either.

They've got the "godparents" up at the front for quite a long time and we begin to wonder where Rachel and her court and family is....mistake number five, it's been nearly 25 minutes, this makes no sense. Suddenly, the godparents are facing each other and my mom deciphers they just said, what God brings together let no man bring apart...and then there were rings...WHAT?! Yes, that's right my mom and I inadvertently crashed a, no, not a wedding but a renewal of vows for 25 (yeah, not 15) years and the letters, those were the children speaking to their parents. Can we say, #EMBARRASSING ??? Of all the things my mother and I have done, this by far tops them. Can we get any more white and blonde? Oh yeah, did I mention we were the only white AND blonde people in that ceremony...yeah we were. Oh and there's one more thing, we sat on the aisle side of the pew, the camera a direct angle in front of us...yep, we're in this couples wedding photos....

We bolted for the door, busted out laughing and then starting running around looking for the quinceañera ceremony.We ran, pretty much all the way around the church in our heels and dresses. We made it back to the front where we entered and found them filing out of a small side doornext to the grand entrance. They looked at us like we were crazy people but gave us hugs and weren't too upset...they left for the girls to go take pictures and the family to eat lunch and we stayed behind for my dad to pick us up...then our hearts broke to pieces. We MISSED the ceremony! We MISSED the whole reason we'd come, to celebrate this momentous occasion with their family. We were devastated and felt awful. My dad gave us a pep talk in the car and tried to encourage us but no relief was felt until we met up with the family again and my mom broke down into sobs. They forgave us of course and assured us we didn't miss the whole thing and there'd be more traditions and ceremonious parts at the big party we'd been preparing for.

We zipped right back into prepping for the evening party: making shirts, decorating pens, finishing the favors, putting up lights, and doing the finishing touches. We snagged about an hour to shower, dress, and primp for the night...and even convinced my dad to continue to stick around for the dinner.

I'll let the pictures do the talking from here:
Sorry, they're not a great quality. My camera was buzzing out and I had to resort to my phone.
Rachel and her escort, her cousin
Receiving the gifts that took her from childhood to adulthood
Dancing with dad
Sneakers to heels, their little girl is growing up
little sister giving her a kiss
what a beauty

teaching my mom the cupid shuffle
Some highlights of what we worked on

The girls did a choreographed dance and I made these shirts for them to wear.
It was such a blast! I'd never been to a quinceañera before but this one blew my socks off! The love, support and respect for Rachel shown that night was beautiful. I hope she enjoyed her day as much as all those who lover her did.

On Sunday, we were able to attend our home church, learned from one of our favorites, Pastor Greg Matte and enjoyed being back in the church. My lifelong friend took us to lunch at a place I'd never been and it was awesome. We quickly got back to the hotel, packed up final things, got another visit from a sweet friend and headed to the airport. It was a quick but awesome weekend. So glad I was able to do it...thank you husband for being a single parent to our puppy for three days! haha


  1. How fun!!! Loved all these pics!! =D

  2. OMGosh this is sooo funny! I would have been mortified! Luckily you didn't miss everything. :)

  3. omg! this looks like so much fun! I have never been to a quinceañera and I love the colors! soo pretty!

  4. Oh man! Well that will be a story you can laugh about for years to come! I've never been to a quiceanera myself but I've seen old pictures of Angel dressed up in a tux because he was always part of the quinceaneras for his cousins. He didn't even wear a tux to our wedding!! I wonder if I'll ever end up going to one--they sound like quite the party!

  5. Beautiful writing, everything was beautiful. Food, family from both Robin & Archie, dance were all awesome.

  6. Holy cow, this was a funny story!! Lol. Love all the things y'all made-- so pretty! :)

  7. It looks so fun !

    new follower from the I love my post <3
    please kindly follow back if you don't mind :)

  8. That is so funny and the decorations look amazing! You guys did a great job!


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