Saturday, January 26, 2013

One Month Ago

One month ago, many of us, we're enjoying the day after Christmas. Today, we're going to re-live Christmas! Yes, yes, I understand it was very long ago...a month ago...but you see, I never really got myself together and put up anything about how we spent our Christmas. So anyway, a post on how we spent not only our first married Christmas but our first ever Christmas together!

First Family Photo
Christmas fun started on December 22nd, our first day off together! Kevin's first Saturday forever! And it was awesome for many reasons. First off, I couldn't sleep in much but that low was lightened when I found our puppy online (read more here)...then we got to go meet her which just melted our hearts. Then we came home, did some cleaning and packing and made some tasty Christmas cookies together (like this one). Kevin's family drove in mid-afternoon. We announced our puppy adoption to them and continued some cookie baking while chatting. We shared a tasty dinner together and opened gifts. It was wonderful. We received personalized aprons, a pretty necklace (for me) and place mats for our table (I'm sure you'll see a photo of those at some point).

The whole family
Baking Together
On Sunday we attended church together and watched the cowboys afterward. Then we met up with my friend and intern, Caroline, along with her boyfriend to see Les Mis (which was absolutely incredible!) and had a tasty dinner afterward. Another fun, and sweet day spent together.

Then Christmas Eve came, we enjoyed our first Christmas Eve ice skating and preparing for Paisley's arrival into our home. We packed our final things up and enjoyed some cuddle time on the sofa.

Then it was CHRISTMAS DAY!!! Hooray! Our first one together. We continued a tradition from my family, opening stockings in bed, and had a tasty breakfast together. We took TONS of pictures and really loved spending our first christmas day together, ever! Mid morning the snow started falling, making it absolutely perfect...except for the fact that we were trying to make it to the airport shortly thereafter. God granted us a safe ride there, and even though our plane was delayed making us miss our connection, God miraculously bumped us to the top of the next flight out and we made it to Florida for a very late night Christmas with my family. They waited ALL day for us to open gifts. It was so sweet! So fun and we loved it!

Safely made it to the airport

Isn't that Christmas tree lovely? My sisters worked on it, even stringing their own strand of pearls!
The next few days are sorta a blur..they were all so wonderful and blended all in together. We got to eat my favorite Eistein Bagels, we went on a rock (and wore shorts people!), we hung out with family, made gingerbread houses, rode on some jet skiis, ate on the water, did some shopping, played games, watched the rain, went to get Florida fresh oranges, made a teensy bit of time for relaxing and of course went to the beach. The time in Florida with them went SO fast...we took pictures but definitely not enough AND we never got a picture all together :( bummer! My mom's energy was back, or at least a lot closer than before all the cancer treatment...and it was the best to have her truly "back." It was absolutely wonderful, all of it!

Our final day in Florida was short since we left that afternoon but we enjoyed every last minute of it. We left shorts and the sun and came back to our icy Norman, Oklahoma. Kevin went back to work the next day but we also got to pick up our little new member of the family, Miss Paisley Grace (catch more about her under the Paws and Tail page). Overall, it was one of my most favorite Christmases.

I miss Christmas 2012!


  1. Your pictures = Amazing.
    I love them all. Seriously every single one!
    The ones of you guys baking = adorable!!!
    & that puppy!! SO cute!! =)
    Thanks for sharing... better late than never, right?!

  2. OMG you looked like you had a wonderful Christmas from cold to warm! I love it!Amazing Pictures

  3. Wow, looks like you guys had a fantastic holiday! Wonderful photos!

  4. Love all your pictures!! And I especially love your adorable tan, round purse! How Jackie O is that?! Better keep it locked up in your closet.... ;-)

  5. yeah!!! it was our first christmas too!!! what fun!


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