Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Greatest Fear

Today I have to face one of my greatest fears, the dark. Just kidding, I face that one every night. Yes, you read that right...sometimes I'm still afraid of the dark...humbly admitting it now.

No, no, today I have to face bum, bum, bum the DENTIST.
Yall, I'm terrified.
It's true, I am afraid of the dentist. Dentaphobia...according to Wickepedia...although I'm not sure that my fear is that severe.

I even read this article yesterday to prepare. Not that reading articles cures fears. I'm still scared. Though I am following tip 9 by insisting my husband take me. Really, if he wasn't going, I don't know if I'd make it there.

This all began with going to the dentist my grandma worked for in Michigan...way back when we visited Michigan 2 or so times a year, we'd go to the dentist while we were there. It was all jolly and fun, coloring in the coloring books and reading Kid's Nature Magazines... till I got in that chair, saw the terrifying utensils and heard them poking and prodding my teeth, filling those foam things with that orange flavoring foam that made my stomach just curl, asking when I last flossed (yeah, I'm awful at that,but I brush teeth like nobody's business) then then finding the dreaded cavity (or cavities!).

I have nightmares of hearing the drills and ohh all I can remember is staring at some awful artwork on the wall and the low window, begging for some distraction so it could all stop. The only thing that made it better was my grandpa taking us to get Wendy's frostys afterward.

I'm shuddering even now.

Then I think about how that dentist was convinced I had great teeth and wouldn't need braces...score! Or so I thought...my junior (almost senior) year of high school my mom dragged me to a new dentist in Houston and this guy thought otherwise...there was no way I was getting braces then...I was much too concerned about my popularity and good looks...yeah, I just didn't want them at that point. So now, here I am, 23 years old, never had braces, and going to deal with my miss-shaped teeth and mouth for who knows how long. Well at least my husband loves me despite my teeth.

Thanks to not having full health insurance... I've successfully avoided going to the dentist...and it's probably embarrassing how long that's been...let's not think about it...this new dentist surely isn't going to like me.

This is not going to be a good morning...send a prayer for me if you will.

Dear husband, I may be 23 but I'll still be needing that Wendy's frosty.

*Tune in tomorrow for the load-down of the QuinceaƱera I attended and helped out with, along with a story about how my mom and I crashed a wedding...without realizing it. yeah, that's a good story

AND so I don't end on a depressing note, a cool video showing you 25 ways to tie a scarf in like 4 minutes! Marvelous! How did I not know about this video till yesterday?


  1. Haha I just discovered that scarf video the other day and watched it like three times in a row. It is mesmerizing.

  2. Ugh, I don't like the dentist either! Good luck! And that scarf video is so fabulous, isn't it??? I discovered Wendy's blog via the video not too long ago, and now I'm hooked! So fun to find yours for the first time today!

  3. Hey there - new follower from the linkup. Love your blog & can't wait to read more :) Hope you have a great day!

  4. i love wendy's frosty's after the dentist too!! haha too funny

  5. ugh. dentist. I love my dentist, and dental hygienist, but still dread the bi-yearly visit. Speaking of which, it's coming up for me too. Yuck. Nothing fun about being poked and prodded.

  6. The dentist i can do, but the doctor is a different story. I hate going to the doctor. Needles and tests and uhhh. I have horrible white coat syndrome. Best of luck my friend!

  7. New Follower! Found you through the GFC Link up!! Love your blog..when you have time check out my blog at www.kjaggers.com and if you like what you see.. follow back! Happy New Year!

  8. I'm pretty sure a billion people agree with you on this one. The dentist. SUCKS. Sucks so bad. I hate it.

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  9. I'm a new follower! ...

    And I couldn't agree more about fearing the dentist! I despise dentists! It's just terrible. I had to have a root canal done my junior year of high school many, many years ago from chipping a tooth, and it was the worst experience ever! My dentist couldn't finish it in the one sitting, so I had to go BACK!! Talk about terrifying! As if once wasn't enough, they were going back in there AGAIN?! Just terrible.

    But good luck at your visit! I pray that your new dentist is amazing and that you can at least tolerate the visit!



  10. gahhh! i hate the dentist too ha! stopping by from the blog hop! your blog is super cute =] cant wait to read more! xo

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  12. I love the dentist! I know a lot of people share your fear, though. New follower here!


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