Monday, January 21, 2013

Life & Love, Our Love Story begins

In honor of my husband's birthday, I am writing part one of our story!

I'll preface this by letting you know right away that this will be a lengthy post series...and in addition to that the posts themselves will probably be lengthy too. I once wrote in detail about the night we transitioned from friends to dating, for Kevin, and ever since I've wanted to do more. My sweet man himself, has written parts of our story on a note I get every month we've dated (read more on this here). So now it's my turn, and I want to write it in a manner so as to remember as much as possible. Thus, I'll be writing our story in first person chronologically, including as much detail as I can remember.

My desire to write our story was encouraged after reading the Pioneer Woman's love story in her book, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels (which if you're a romantic, READ IT). I loved the way she included everything from gloriously romantic to horribly embarrassing and how she included the details like what she wore and the smells from her memories. I don't know that I'll remember quite as much but I want to try. Side note: in absolutely no way am I suggesting that my writing is in any way as eloquent and professional as hers. I am not proposing that our story will be as popular and furthermore I am not writing it to be as such. Please know, I completely respect the Pioneer Woman and all she has accomplished. 

My goal is to share the parts of our story every Monday however, know that life happens and there will probably come a time that I won't get it out every week. As far as how many posts it will take, I have no plan. I plan to simply write as much as I can remember and see how things fall into place. You'll be able to keep up with the story under the Life&Love page. I'll be posting links for it in a read-able order there to keep organized.

Oh, one more thing, you're probably bound to see some spelling and/or punctuation errors...let it fly and blame it on my blonde-ness...thanks!

So with all that being said, here we go!

"Ding," the signal came from the elevator indicating I'd arrived on the first floor of the Walker 12-story, dorm tower. I walked out into the lobby and glanced around at people moving about. I flipped my phone open to double check the message I'd received just moments ago. I was supposed to be meeting two people; a girl and Kevin Burns, and he had sent me a text describing his shirt and hat, so I could find him easily.

I looked up from my phone to find a lanky, fuzzy- haired guy in big, black, basketball-style shoes with bright, white high-ankle socks, khaki cargo shorts, a red, Oklahoma t-shirt, cross necklace, topped off with a Cardinals baseball cap. I'd met kevin a week earlier on facebook and chatted with him shortly on facebook before this, our first meeting, mostly about churches in the area and about the Baptist Student Union. For some reason, I thought I'd meet up with the guy to head to the BSU Aloha event (a snow cone, music and volleyball fest at the beginning of the school year), now standing in front of him in my Anne Taylor LOFT sky blue top and mid-thigh-cut khaki shorts with my new rainbow sandals, pearl earrings and my favorite James Avery cross necklace around my neck, I wondered why.

"Hi, I'm Kevin," he introduced himself. "oh, hi, Kevin, we need to find the other girl who is coming with us," I stammered, trying to think back to the name of the girl we were meeting. I'd somehow managed to forget it in the five minutes between leaving my dorm room and walking off the elevator. I stumbled with my phone trying to see if she'd possibly sent a message with her name in it. I tried to play it smooth so he wouldn't know I didn't know her name.

"Hi, Veronica? I'm Megan," the girl I was looking for. PRAISE JESUS! Megan Megan, Megan...I won't forget that name again, darn my inability to remember names. College was going to be rough for this single reason alone."Hi Megan! This is Kevin. Ready to go?" I had met a slew of people in the first 3 days of being on campus, Megan was one of them.

The three of us walked out of the dorm tower and began the trek across campus to the BSU, where the party was held. We chatted the whole way, talking about where we came from, what we were studying at OU and what our schedules looked like. Our conversation was pretty smooth with no awkward pauses which was amazing since the three of us had never hung out with each other, ever.

We arrived on site of the party to a massive bunch of people everywhere. We walked up to the plastic white fold-out tables with name tags and pens scattered about everywhere. I wrote my name, peeled off the smooth back and slapped the sticker to myself. Kevin and Megan had done the same and we walked past the tables into the gobs of people. Megan and I looked at each other to determine our plan of action, and suddenly the Kevin guy walked away. 

"Well that was weird," I observed to Megan. We shrugged our shoulders and decided to snag a free snow cone before they ran out. We spent the rest of the night meeting new people, and chatting with a friend I had met at Camp Crimson (a freshmen pre-college boot camp, if you will) until the sky went black. We never ran into the Kevin guy again.


Well that's it friends! Tune back in next week for the next part of  our life and love series.


  1. Awesome!! The first time I met Angel was also not terribly impressive. No sparks, no love at first sight. He doesn't even remember it--I do because it was my first day at college, but yeah, I think real life first meetings are often like that!

  2. Aw love it! Can't wait to hear the next addition to the story. And I want to check out that book!

  3. Aww...too precious! My mind automatically goes into trying to figure out what happens next! Can't wait until next week to find out a little more! :)

  4. Dam girl you have me hooked! Its like a fairytale and I'm eagerly waiting to see what's going to happen! Loving it! Cant wait til next week!

  5. I love that you are documenting your love story in so much detail. This is a great idea...and I might just have to do the same :) Can't wait to read more!

  6. Hey there! I'm a new follower and fellow newlywed. Can't wait to read more of your blog :-)

  7. I love this post! Thanks so much for visiting my blog Love.Laughter.Happily Ever After! I cannot wait to follow along with your happily ever after world some more! :)

  8. Following from the blog hop. Tell me more. How sweet documenting your love story. I wish I had done that for my kids. We celebrated 20 years this year.

  9. Hello Veronica,
    Thank you for linking up with Kelly and I. I enjoyed reading your post and can not wait to read more.
    New Follower & Fellow Newlywed :)



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