Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Husband!

Guys, this weekend was great! I wore my work-out clothes all day Saturday and never did a second of working out, in fact I sat on my sofa and a a chocolate chip cookie (or two), watched tv and did some major blogging. Sunday, I spent time with the hubster and my puppy, again in comfy clothes and on the sofa. I truly enjoyed my lazy weekend, though I might be slightly ashamed of the amount of tv I watched, haha. Overall, it was a great weekend of blankets, cuddles and good food. No regrets. Weekend like this is why I absolutely, positively DON'T miss the slightest.

In other news, you know how I  just told you I did a ton of blogging? Yeah well that means this week is going to be JAM packed with posts! Hope you're excited, because this weekend has a birthday, a design post, an adventure, a concert and a SUPER awesome link-up at the end of the week.  And while I know many of you were hoping for a continuation of our story today, I simply had to get some of these other posts up because they'd been dragging long enough. I mean, I blogged about Christmas finally, Saturday....that's way late! So if you come back next Monday, I promise you'll find the next part of the story, and for those of you who missed the first one, click here.

In other news, my sweet man's birthday was a week from today...he turned a whopping 23! (and yes for you smarties, I am older by just over a month, and yes he does like to refer to me as a cougar because that makes so much sense). Since birthdays are my favorite I tried to make it a great fun day with him (thank you MLK day for giving us both his birthday off).

The day began with breakfast in bed which consisted of funfetti pancakes, eggs and strawberries. The funfettie pancakes were delish, though a little hard to master. Kevin loved them since funfetti is his favorite cake/cupcake "flavor." Thank you Wiffessionals for the recipe!

After breakfast and some playing time with precious Paisley, we took a couple pictures and headed out the door for some shopping. I'm learning how awesome it is to have a birthday after have Christmas money to spend on all the after sales for your birthday! I've been missing out with this whole birthday before Christmas delio...too bad that's something I can't change, haha.

Shopping done, I surprised him by taking him to Five Guys for lunch. He ate a tasty burger, I ordered grilled cheese, and a plethora of fries ( I got a little over zealous on how many we to order, fries are one of my favorite foods).

Oh we also stopped for some free auntie aunne's birthday pretzels
We were feeling pretty tired at this point so we headed home for cuddles on the couch and a movie, Big Fat Liar. I organized to have a group of friends meet for dinner at Chilis and then after at our house for ice cream cookie cake (thinking about doing a recipe on this, anyone want it? It's based off this picture) . It was awesome! Unfortunately, I forgot to get any pictures of everyone hanging out.

The night ended with Kevin's biggest birthday wish, tickets to the OU vx TX basketball game. Our Sooners won out which wrapped up Kevin's birthday to be the best ever! Score! Successful married birthday! Go me!

Love you husband! So honored to spend and celebrate your birthday with you! Here's to many more married birthday years! :)


  1. Awww! I made a similar breakfast last year for hubbies birthday (even decorated the plate!) he didn't like the funfetti pancakes so I need to come up with a new idea this year!

  2. I'm coming to your house for my birthday!

  3. Aw! You made everything so special for him!! So cute!! =) =)

  4. You're the best at birthdays, wifey! Thanks for making it special!

  5. New follower from the blog hop! Your dog is ADORABLE!

  6. Blog hopping from Monday Mingle - sounds and looked like a great weekend!

  7. Yall are precious! Those pancakes look delicious! :)

  8. What a sweet wife you are! I hope your husband had a great birthday! xo

    V you sure do know know how to rock out an awesome birthday! He's one lucky man!


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