Thursday, January 31, 2013

Design with Samantha! Design Tips&Tricks!

Well good Thursday morning readers! Today, Samantha from Designer in Teal,  and I are swapping blogs to share with you some key points about interior design since we are both INTERIOR DESIGNERS!! Samantha has quickly become one of my favorite bloggers so I am just absolutely ecstatic that she is here today. Definitely go check her blog out! She's quite a bit better at sharing about interior design than I am so swing on over and click around...oh PLUS I'm over there today sharing a snippet about design principles and elements...aka secret and important information (oh and a picture of me in my freshman college studio francticness won't want to miss this).

Samantha, take it away!

Hello Passion, Pink and Pearls readers! Veronica and I have decided to swap blogs for the day so I am going to tell you a little more about me!

I blog over at Designer in Teal about Interior Design, weddings, food, the Hokies and every day life! Today I want to focus on Maximizing Space! When my hubby and I moved in together after the wedding we had a LOT of stuff and not a lot of space. On top of our current belongings, we received many wedding gifts and had nowhere to put them. So, how did we efficiently "fit" all of our stuff? By organizing and maximizing the space we were given!

I wanted our space to be neat and clutter free and of course stylish!

One of my favorite places to find inspiration for getting organized is I Heart Organizing. I obviously look to Pinterest as well. (I would love for you to follow me on Pinterest!)

Let's break it down, shall we ~

Utilizing Vertical Space:

  • tall bookcases
  • lots of shelves
  • stacking and layering

Getting Rid of Clutter:
  • Getting rid of clothes you never wear
  • not buying anything new if you don't have a home for it
  • hiding small objects in bins/baskets to streamline


  • Buying built-in storage 

And if all else fails, rent a storage unit or a buy a bigger home!

So how do I keep my daily life organized? I love my google calendar, sticky note to-do lists and I would love to have a blog planner. That way when inspiration strikes I can quickly jot down my ideas for later.

What are small daily tasks to keep life clutter free?

-file mail away (don't let it pile on the table/counter)
-hang coats/bag where they go instead of tossing them over a chair
-have small designated baskets to throw knick-knacks in

If you are an organizing queen/king, I would love your input. What are your methods for keeping clutter away and maximizing space?? Hope I inspired you to get rid of clutter!
Please stop by my blog and say hi! and follow along if you enjoy it :)

Didn't you guys just love hearing from this pretty lady? I know I did!
What do you guys think about interior design? Have you learned from other bloggers? 
Would you like to see more about interior design on my blog?

ps blogger friends, tonight Kevin and I will have our very first meeting for our new Bible study group we're leading through our church. We would appreciate your prayers as we step into this new chapter and adventure God is taking us on.

pss: Tomorrow I'm co-hosting my NEW favorite link up!!! Check out last week's and check out Karla's blog for this week's questions!!! Don't miss it!


  1. Love Samantha! She's great. :) Loved your post on her blog too!

  2. Love that basket with all the misc. stuff in it! =D


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