Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Walk to the River with Paisley Grace

Well friends, I survived yesterday  but my cold lingers on :( at least I have this beautiful day to look back on!

Remember husband and I's adventure Sunday? Well, that day we knew that when we had a puppy we would just have to take her out to do the same that Paisley is here and we had a nice weather day, we went!

 It was SO much fun! She absolutely LOVED it. She played in the sand, she explored the trails, she played in the water, chased after the tennis ball and picked up all kinds of sticks...she was a disaster. You better bet we dunked her in our apartment pond before carrying that sandy, muddy child inside.

We can't wait for another nice temperature day to take her back out there! We had such a blast watching her run around enjoying herself.

Pictures galore, of course:

My personal favorite from the day 

Where do you take your puppies/dogs to play?


  1. thanks for visting my blog - following you now! looks like you had so much fun and paisley is toooo cute! my dogs are pretty lazy for the most part, but i love seeing them run around outside. the younger one loves to do what i call the "crazy butt run" - when he runs real fast with his butt low to the ground - so cute!!

  2. Oh Paisley you are just the cutest of cute!!!!!!!!

  3. Precious! Love the last one of you holding her :)

    XO Samantha

  4. Cute! Looks like you are loving having the doggy!

  5. Looks like you had a ton of fun, your puppy is adorable! I know you went to OU but not sure if you are still in Norman. If you are near Norman still you should check out Sutton Wilderness it is off of 12th NE, just south of Rock Creek. Our pups love it out there and they have a ton of trails, just watch out for ticks in the summer if you head off the beaten path.

  6. i LOVE how many pictures you and your hubs take together! i'm always thinking that i dont take enough pictures, especially of my and my boyfriend together. seeing you two document your days always reminds me to be better about it! you (and your kids, someday?) are going to love being able to go back and revisit these awesome memories! kudos for capturing the little moments, you two are toooo cute :)

  7. Congrats on your successful Sunday adventure! It's always a great feeling to set aside time to do something with your SO, but to include the pup is awesome! My husband and I have recently started taking our dog to our GIANT dog park, which (thankfully) doesn't include any water, hence no mud to worry about. Thanks for sharing! Too cute!

  8. Ohh my gosh your puppy is so freaking cute! Love all the pictures. My husband and I take out boys out on long hikes all the time but we never take enough pictures! Definitely have to make a mental note to do better!

  9. Sherm loves the dog parks that are around our area and we also go out to the country so he can swim. You guys are great parents!! :)


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