Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012...One of my favorite Years EVER

Two Thousand and Twelve brought sooo much to my life. It's almost sad to leave it behind. Yet 2013 has begun, a new year to grow, learn and love. I'm praying for the Lord to stretch my ability to make His name known, to be bolder about my faith and to show His love to everyone I meet.

Before all the new 2013 posts come to be, a quick 2012 review:

I began to share more about our wedding, including an invite DIY and a bridesmaid invite DIY.
I began my last semester of college.
Wedding year began!

I shared the troubles of a new semester yet learning to trust Jesus.
Kevin and I saw Mat Kearney in concert...LOVE HIM!
I shared our Save the Dates!
I talked about the difference between interior designer and interior decorator.
Kevin and I celebrated Valentines day together for the third time!

My sister turned 13 and officially became a teenager.
I made a St. Patrick's Day was awesome!
I blogged about how to make a chalkboard personalized.
My roomies and I made some yummy Pink Lemonade cookies!
Capstone due date became ever closer...

My other sister became #18
We started out Pre-Marital counseling (highly recommend!)
We signed a lease for our married home and got a  wedding congrats from Mickey and Minnie!
My co-workers precious baby girl was born.
Capstone is due almost...

The last month before our wedding day!!
I participated in a lot of link-ups because they were easier in this busy period of life.
I shared our proposal story here.
Capstone was finally complete. Done. Over.
We had our rehearsal dinner and respective bachelor(ette) parties...and they were awesome.

The best month of the year.
We promised to the Lord and our family that we would forever love each other in a Christ centered marriage on the first day of the month. June first, twenty-twelve.
I figured out how to transition from intern to full time staff at my job.
Kevin worked at his part time school job and looked forward to his real big person job coming in August.
I posted my first ever guest post with a series, This is My Story.
And I wrote my own story here.
We looked forward to a fabulous opportunity coming in July.

Life as a newlywed really started to sink in and we loved every second of it.
I got my first real big girl haircut.
I participated in my first ever blog post month challenge.
I witnessed one of my friends get married, it was lovely.
Kevin and I celebrated 1000 days of togetherness.
We went on a new married adventure with StudentLife.
 I blogged about the quirks my husband has.
I finally wrote some real posts on our honeymoon.
I learned what marriage looks like in a ministry environment.
I blogged more this month than ever before.

I began a massive posting about our wedding including pictures, DIYS and budget information...but now it can all be found here or under the Forever and Always page.
Kevin started his real job.
I shared a mini DIY on how to dress up a magnetic board.
I wrote my most embarrassing post EVER.
I shared our engagement pictures for the first time on the blog.
College students came back to campus making Norman a busier/heavier traffic place than the summer.

We celebrated one year to the date Kevin asked me to marry him...I posted the video of our proposal.
BIG changes occurred:  I said fairwell to my lovely 1994 cutless supreme oldsmobile, Kevin got glasses, we bought a new car, I completed a 5K and one of my fellow phi lamb sisters got married.
More weddiness was posted about.
I shared that I worked with Santa and how I've re-worn my prom dress 4 times since prom.
I shared DIYs.
My mom finished all her rounds of chemo, radiation and herceptin.

I attended my co-workers wedding...aka real life pinterest wedding.
I finally did some Fall crafting and shared some DIYs here, here and here.
I shared our Wedding Video.
I shared a fabulous new boutique for yall.
The SOONRS took home the red river rivalry WIN.
I shared my first ever recipe.
My co-workers and I continued to show up matching at work.
One of my co-workers left for maternity leave...leaving me to be the only full timer.
My husband earned major husband points.
I shared the details of our wedding budget.
I wrote the most posts EVER.

Kevin and I celebrated 2 years of togetherness and 5 months of marriage.
My husband began No Shave November and wrote a post for you on it.
I participated in a blog link up for the first time has a co-host.
I shared our Christmas photos.
I shared a special post for newly married wives and engaged ladies.
I mastered the art of whoopie pies!
I attended another phi lamb sister wedding
Tiffany and I swapped blogs for the big rival game.
I posted a scarf DIY
Kevin and I celebrated our first married thanksgiving, alone.
Puppy fever got super intense.

Kevin and I celebrated 6 months of marriage!
I shared a great new boutique with you called the Purple Tree.
I posted a few Christmas diy posts: Pallet Nativity,Tulle Christmas LightsSUPER easy and cheap Christmas Tree DIYPhoto Ornament DIYChristmas Card Sparkly Pin-Up
I shared a leftover candycane recipe.
Kevin and I had our first ever Christmas together and saw all kinds of family.
I posted an embarrassing video of Kevin and I singing t-swift in the car.
We celebrated 22 years of me!
We expanded our family.

When I think over this year...if I only could pick one word...I'd have to say BLESSED.
My mom may have cancer...but the Lord has blessed her with parents who still care for her and a family who is nearby. And an unbelievably strong heart to battle through.
Kevin and I had to pay for our wedding ourselves...but the Lord granted us favor in our work places and opportunities to save.
We may be far from family...but the Lord brought us all kinds of love from them on our wedding day.
We had our wedding 3 weeks after graduating college...but the Lord has encouraged our hearts and given us  such a joyful time in marriage.
We've experienced some lows, lots of highs and some extremely wonderfully answered prayers.

Here's to a new year of trusting our Savior and living fully for Him!


  1. You guys are so, so cute and you look so happy together, all year long! I hope 2013 is even better than the last was, if possible!

  2. Yes, sounds like you have a had a very blessed year! Congrats on 6 months! I will keep your mom in my prayers!

  3. What a wonderful year you had!! Wishing you many blessings in 2013!

  4. What a wonderful year! I pray that 2013 will be overflowing with love and laughter! -Marci

    Thank you for linking up to The Great Blog Train!

  5. Oh my goodness, you have had an awesome year!! Your puppy is too cute, though I have a soft spot in my hear for labs (one of our two dogs is a lab). I hope that your 2013 is just as wonderful!

  6. This is adorable!! Visiting you via The Great Blog Train! Welcome aboard! Thanks for linking up! We're so happpy to have you with us!


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