Thursday, January 31, 2013

Design with Samantha! Design Tips&Tricks!

Well good Thursday morning readers! Today, Samantha from Designer in Teal,  and I are swapping blogs to share with you some key points about interior design since we are both INTERIOR DESIGNERS!! Samantha has quickly become one of my favorite bloggers so I am just absolutely ecstatic that she is here today. Definitely go check her blog out! She's quite a bit better at sharing about interior design than I am so swing on over and click around...oh PLUS I'm over there today sharing a snippet about design principles and elements...aka secret and important information (oh and a picture of me in my freshman college studio francticness won't want to miss this).

Samantha, take it away!

Hello Passion, Pink and Pearls readers! Veronica and I have decided to swap blogs for the day so I am going to tell you a little more about me!

I blog over at Designer in Teal about Interior Design, weddings, food, the Hokies and every day life! Today I want to focus on Maximizing Space! When my hubby and I moved in together after the wedding we had a LOT of stuff and not a lot of space. On top of our current belongings, we received many wedding gifts and had nowhere to put them. So, how did we efficiently "fit" all of our stuff? By organizing and maximizing the space we were given!

I wanted our space to be neat and clutter free and of course stylish!

One of my favorite places to find inspiration for getting organized is I Heart Organizing. I obviously look to Pinterest as well. (I would love for you to follow me on Pinterest!)

Let's break it down, shall we ~

Utilizing Vertical Space:

  • tall bookcases
  • lots of shelves
  • stacking and layering

Getting Rid of Clutter:
  • Getting rid of clothes you never wear
  • not buying anything new if you don't have a home for it
  • hiding small objects in bins/baskets to streamline


  • Buying built-in storage 

And if all else fails, rent a storage unit or a buy a bigger home!

So how do I keep my daily life organized? I love my google calendar, sticky note to-do lists and I would love to have a blog planner. That way when inspiration strikes I can quickly jot down my ideas for later.

What are small daily tasks to keep life clutter free?

-file mail away (don't let it pile on the table/counter)
-hang coats/bag where they go instead of tossing them over a chair
-have small designated baskets to throw knick-knacks in

If you are an organizing queen/king, I would love your input. What are your methods for keeping clutter away and maximizing space?? Hope I inspired you to get rid of clutter!
Please stop by my blog and say hi! and follow along if you enjoy it :)

Didn't you guys just love hearing from this pretty lady? I know I did!
What do you guys think about interior design? Have you learned from other bloggers? 
Would you like to see more about interior design on my blog?

ps blogger friends, tonight Kevin and I will have our very first meeting for our new Bible study group we're leading through our church. We would appreciate your prayers as we step into this new chapter and adventure God is taking us on.

pss: Tomorrow I'm co-hosting my NEW favorite link up!!! Check out last week's and check out Karla's blog for this week's questions!!! Don't miss it!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Walk to the River with Paisley Grace

Well friends, I survived yesterday  but my cold lingers on :( at least I have this beautiful day to look back on!

Remember husband and I's adventure Sunday? Well, that day we knew that when we had a puppy we would just have to take her out to do the same that Paisley is here and we had a nice weather day, we went!

 It was SO much fun! She absolutely LOVED it. She played in the sand, she explored the trails, she played in the water, chased after the tennis ball and picked up all kinds of sticks...she was a disaster. You better bet we dunked her in our apartment pond before carrying that sandy, muddy child inside.

We can't wait for another nice temperature day to take her back out there! We had such a blast watching her run around enjoying herself.

Pictures galore, of course:

My personal favorite from the day 

Where do you take your puppies/dogs to play?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Cowboy Rides Away

So today I'm praying my day looks up. Currently, my stomach is still feeling sorta queasy due to some lunch from yesterday (dear big truck tacos, I'm sorry I don't know what you put in the taco I ate but I'm never eating you again), my nose is totally stopped up, forcing me to breathe only through my mouth, and to top it all off in about an hour I'll be headed to get 5 of those 8 dumb cavities...hate the dentist (see here). In order to lighten up this rough day, I think we'll recall a great night from a couple weekends ago.

Not this last weekend, but the one before that, my best friend, Kayla, messaged me asking if I could join her for the George Strait concert in OKC. She was supposed to go with her mom but she was too sick to attend. I'm so sad that she wasn't well enough to go but goodness I'm SO excited that I got to go! It was seriously an awesome show, and a great surprise night out with my friend.

Martina McBride opened, she did a spectacular job. It was so fun to see people dancing on the floor around the stage. Then when George took the stage, the crowd really came alive! His voice is incredible even today!

Here are some of the photos I took, enjoy the fantastic quality a phone camera in far away seats (which were still amazing because they made a sweet stage set-up).

they showed footage and photos of some of his earlier days, it was really cool!

and the cowboys rides away, taking his big bow.

If you guys get to see him in his final tour years, GO! It will be So worth it!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Husband!

Guys, this weekend was great! I wore my work-out clothes all day Saturday and never did a second of working out, in fact I sat on my sofa and a a chocolate chip cookie (or two), watched tv and did some major blogging. Sunday, I spent time with the hubster and my puppy, again in comfy clothes and on the sofa. I truly enjoyed my lazy weekend, though I might be slightly ashamed of the amount of tv I watched, haha. Overall, it was a great weekend of blankets, cuddles and good food. No regrets. Weekend like this is why I absolutely, positively DON'T miss the slightest.

In other news, you know how I  just told you I did a ton of blogging? Yeah well that means this week is going to be JAM packed with posts! Hope you're excited, because this weekend has a birthday, a design post, an adventure, a concert and a SUPER awesome link-up at the end of the week.  And while I know many of you were hoping for a continuation of our story today, I simply had to get some of these other posts up because they'd been dragging long enough. I mean, I blogged about Christmas finally, Saturday....that's way late! So if you come back next Monday, I promise you'll find the next part of the story, and for those of you who missed the first one, click here.

In other news, my sweet man's birthday was a week from today...he turned a whopping 23! (and yes for you smarties, I am older by just over a month, and yes he does like to refer to me as a cougar because that makes so much sense). Since birthdays are my favorite I tried to make it a great fun day with him (thank you MLK day for giving us both his birthday off).

The day began with breakfast in bed which consisted of funfetti pancakes, eggs and strawberries. The funfettie pancakes were delish, though a little hard to master. Kevin loved them since funfetti is his favorite cake/cupcake "flavor." Thank you Wiffessionals for the recipe!

After breakfast and some playing time with precious Paisley, we took a couple pictures and headed out the door for some shopping. I'm learning how awesome it is to have a birthday after have Christmas money to spend on all the after sales for your birthday! I've been missing out with this whole birthday before Christmas delio...too bad that's something I can't change, haha.

Shopping done, I surprised him by taking him to Five Guys for lunch. He ate a tasty burger, I ordered grilled cheese, and a plethora of fries ( I got a little over zealous on how many we to order, fries are one of my favorite foods).

Oh we also stopped for some free auntie aunne's birthday pretzels
We were feeling pretty tired at this point so we headed home for cuddles on the couch and a movie, Big Fat Liar. I organized to have a group of friends meet for dinner at Chilis and then after at our house for ice cream cookie cake (thinking about doing a recipe on this, anyone want it? It's based off this picture) . It was awesome! Unfortunately, I forgot to get any pictures of everyone hanging out.

The night ended with Kevin's biggest birthday wish, tickets to the OU vx TX basketball game. Our Sooners won out which wrapped up Kevin's birthday to be the best ever! Score! Successful married birthday! Go me!

Love you husband! So honored to spend and celebrate your birthday with you! Here's to many more married birthday years! :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

One Month Ago

One month ago, many of us, we're enjoying the day after Christmas. Today, we're going to re-live Christmas! Yes, yes, I understand it was very long ago...a month ago...but you see, I never really got myself together and put up anything about how we spent our Christmas. So anyway, a post on how we spent not only our first married Christmas but our first ever Christmas together!

First Family Photo
Christmas fun started on December 22nd, our first day off together! Kevin's first Saturday forever! And it was awesome for many reasons. First off, I couldn't sleep in much but that low was lightened when I found our puppy online (read more here)...then we got to go meet her which just melted our hearts. Then we came home, did some cleaning and packing and made some tasty Christmas cookies together (like this one). Kevin's family drove in mid-afternoon. We announced our puppy adoption to them and continued some cookie baking while chatting. We shared a tasty dinner together and opened gifts. It was wonderful. We received personalized aprons, a pretty necklace (for me) and place mats for our table (I'm sure you'll see a photo of those at some point).

The whole family
Baking Together
On Sunday we attended church together and watched the cowboys afterward. Then we met up with my friend and intern, Caroline, along with her boyfriend to see Les Mis (which was absolutely incredible!) and had a tasty dinner afterward. Another fun, and sweet day spent together.

Then Christmas Eve came, we enjoyed our first Christmas Eve ice skating and preparing for Paisley's arrival into our home. We packed our final things up and enjoyed some cuddle time on the sofa.

Then it was CHRISTMAS DAY!!! Hooray! Our first one together. We continued a tradition from my family, opening stockings in bed, and had a tasty breakfast together. We took TONS of pictures and really loved spending our first christmas day together, ever! Mid morning the snow started falling, making it absolutely perfect...except for the fact that we were trying to make it to the airport shortly thereafter. God granted us a safe ride there, and even though our plane was delayed making us miss our connection, God miraculously bumped us to the top of the next flight out and we made it to Florida for a very late night Christmas with my family. They waited ALL day for us to open gifts. It was so sweet! So fun and we loved it!

Safely made it to the airport

Isn't that Christmas tree lovely? My sisters worked on it, even stringing their own strand of pearls!
The next few days are sorta a blur..they were all so wonderful and blended all in together. We got to eat my favorite Eistein Bagels, we went on a rock (and wore shorts people!), we hung out with family, made gingerbread houses, rode on some jet skiis, ate on the water, did some shopping, played games, watched the rain, went to get Florida fresh oranges, made a teensy bit of time for relaxing and of course went to the beach. The time in Florida with them went SO fast...we took pictures but definitely not enough AND we never got a picture all together :( bummer! My mom's energy was back, or at least a lot closer than before all the cancer treatment...and it was the best to have her truly "back." It was absolutely wonderful, all of it!

Our final day in Florida was short since we left that afternoon but we enjoyed every last minute of it. We left shorts and the sun and came back to our icy Norman, Oklahoma. Kevin went back to work the next day but we also got to pick up our little new member of the family, Miss Paisley Grace (catch more about her under the Paws and Tail page). Overall, it was one of my most favorite Christmases.

I miss Christmas 2012!
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