Monday, December 10, 2012

This Weekend I...

Joining in with Sar this week for This Weekend I....

This weekend I, crashed and fell asleep around 8 on Friday night...sorry missed Christmas party, maybe next year...

This weekend I, found reasonable, beautiful, adorable, sweet Labrador puppies on Craig's List...told husband about it...talked together about it at lunch...called the guy...and they were gone...I might have cried...the Lord has better plans.

This weekend I, went on a nice long run...we've got some cool scenery on our side of town and I love it!

This weekend I, DIDN'T study for finals or crash from just finishing my final ID project FOR THE FIRST TIME and it was awesome.

This weekend I, FINALLY got all my Christmas crafting posts organized so you'll be sure to see those this week! AND my birthday post :)

This weekend I,  cleaned my house and my craft nook. It feels so nice!

This weekend I, wrapped up Kevin's Christmas gift! Inspired by Jenna at Spicy the Blog. Can't wait for Christmas day for him to open it. Love you husband!

This weekend I, we attended our first ever big company holiday party. I wore a dress I wore last Christmas time for a wedding shower...I love it so much! I may have worn it to the final Epangelia event too. I have no problem wearing dresses over and over again.

This weekend I, watched church from home in my pajamas, cuddling with my husband...sometimes we need these Sundays....Speaking of church, if you're around Norman you don't want to miss our awesome Christmas Spectacular! Think, cookie decorating, horse carriage rides, photobooths, laser light show, carols, and MUCH more...all for FREE...this isn't your typical nativity Christmas play....this is a SPECTACULAR show! I'll let the JBOYZ convince you more:

Christmas Spectacular Promo #4 JBOYZ from Journey Church Media on Vimeo.


  1. Love the dress!! Too pretty to not wear again!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! =P

  3. Great weekend! Can't wait till I don't have to stay up late 3 days in a row to finish my design projects!

  4. how cute how you have Kevin's name on his present!
    I love that red dress!

  5. I have no problem wearing the same dresses over and over again, especially when they are super pretty like yours is! If dresses were meant to be one time use they would be made out of paper or something else disposable!

  6. Love all the pics!

    I found your blog through the blog hop and I'm your newest follower.
    Check out my blog and follow me back!


  7. love love love that red dress!!!


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