Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Purple Tree

My Birthday present from Sarah last year. 
Today I'm introducing you to a fabulous brand new boutique:

Some of the lovely ladies I graduated with not so long ago just opened their very own online boutique to begin selling some of their beautiful work. They recently opened their boutique to share with you some of their passions which include, crochet creations, photography and art.

Meet Sarah, the crochet queen of The Purple Tree. Sarah is a detail enthusiast, she pays such careful and patient attention to everything she does...from studio days at school to her crochet work, I can guarantee you if you purchase one of her creations you will receive a quality product.

Meet Jenna, the photography queen of the Purple Tree. Jenna has a keen eye for design in nature. As I witnessed her work in school, she's always been a lover of the beauty of the earth. You'll find stunning snapshots of nature in her work.

Finally meet Sabrina, the art enthusiast of the Purple Tree. Sabrina is Sarah's mom though the two have more of a sisterly bond than most mother-daughter relationships. Sabrina's work is full of creativity with unique and beautiful ways to capture the strength and glamour of horses. From paper to ceramics, Sabrina's artistry skills are widely spread but always beautifully formed.

Together, the three of them make up The Purple Tree. You can find their new website here, or click here to see more pictures of their work. If you have any questions or see something you wish you knew more about, shoot me an email and I'll get you in touch with them. :)

AND I've got a special little treat for my readers...click THIS LINK for a PP&P discount! Use Promo code Christmas2012 for free shipping!!!!
Get at it folks! 
Everything they offer is unique and one of a kind, meaning no one else will have one just like it.

And don't forget, Christmas is ALMOST here!! This is the perfect little starter company to support and get those perfect personalized gifts.


  1. Those crocheted items are gorgeous!

  2. I appreciate your post Veronica :) The photography is limited on the site right now, but will be uploaded later today! All the pictures you see on Facebook are available to purchase.

  3. Love all of these things!!!

  4. I can verify truth to this post! Great work from 3 wonderful ladies! :)


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