Monday, December 17, 2012


So at the beginning of the month I saw this December photo challenge on one of your blogs...sorry I'd give credit but I totally can't remember, and I thought I'd jump in.

I'm linking up with Karla for her Instagramamazing Weekend Link up because all the photos for the challenge have been done through instagram...and I'm just pretending for the weekend part  ...well at least two are from this past weekend! and after it I have a quick synopsis of what the weekend entailed :)

So take a peak, and let me know which is your favorite! And pop back by tomorrow because I have the cheapest and easiest little Christmas tree craft in you probably already have everything you need.

This weeked was a whirlwind, it started and ended before I could blink! It started with a glorious nearly 12 hours of sleep Friday was SO good and SO needed. Knowing this week is going to be rather busy at work I decided to cook up some dinners for the week during the day on Saturday. This way I don't have to come home tired and still cook.

My best friend came over to shop for our friend's bachelorette party and get ready for the party that night. We had SO much fun partying with her on her last night out on the town as a single lady. BUT I've not stayed up that late since possible my own bachelorette party so I was pretty wiped come Sunday.

But Sunday morning came, 5 hours of sleep. and we jumped up, got all Christmasy and headed off to church to volunteer for a few services in Journey's BIG Christmas Spectacular weekend. It was SUCH a blast! Kids eyes and smiles made the little sleep all worth it.

An afternoon mini nap and some football for the husband filled up the mid part of our day before we headed out with friends to see the Christmas Spectacular show ourselves at church. My coworker and her family even got a chance to come with us too. It was so great to see their sweet family! And their little girl adored the singing and lights. We took all kinds of pictures, ate some tasy treats, made smores, and watched horse carriage rides...I'll be sure and share some later this week.

So after all that, I was pretty much exhausted but we watched the season finale of SURVIVOR for the husband because he was pretty excited and we recorded Ashley's and JP's wedding...don't worry we're watching that tonight...and yes you read that right husband! (readers, did you watch the wedding? Or her season? Can we just say, EXCITED!?!)

How was your weekend? Link up with Kayla for Instagramazing Weekend!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope to see you around those parts again. :)

    p.s. isn't instagram the greatest thing ever? i'm really bad at daily photo challenges or else i would totally be on board!


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