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I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the lovely ladies that have swapped with me. Many thanks to all of you, especially those of you who swapped with me in my really-early baby stages of blogging. Check them out because I love all their blogs! And if you're interested in swapping with me, send me an email. I love to swap!

We are Van and Kristina.  I, Kristina, am typically the voice on this blog, but occasionally Van will grace us with his presence.  :) 

I'm Kaylee from All Things Bright and Beautiful. My blog is completely random and I guess qualifies as a lifestyle blog. It's mostly about me and my life as a newlywed (my husband's name really is King, so I reference "the King and I" A LOT). Stop on by and let's get to know each other! I guarantee you'll love it, or your money back.
Three Facts:
 I design blogs on the cheap. I once caught a gator and skinned it (hey, I'm from Florida). I also can never think of fun facts about myself when asked, but when I'm driving around in the car or showering, the fun facts ALWAYS come to me (this is a fun fact).
Three Fav Posts:
I love these posts because they get personal, are full of pictures and show off how random I can be in the blogging world.
Just the Two of Us
I love blogging because it gives me an opportunity to document our life together. And I get to meet a lot of fabulous people who are going through the same things as I am- I love it!
Three Facts:
The longest I had gone without seeing my parents before I moved to Florida (three months ago) was three weeks!
I love rock climbing and I do it at least three times a week. 
I live in Florida and enjoy 80 degree weather in December but I secretly miss the cold weathered Utah. 
Three Fav Posts:
I love this post because my husband is amazing and I love him so much!
I love this post because it is a compilation of climbing photos and it reminds me of  
I love this post because it is all about my sisters and I have the best sisters in the world!
Life Could be Dream
Hey howdy hey! I'm Jana and I blog at life could be a dream. I'm a 20 something wife to a handsome man and a momma to a cute baby boy. Life could be a dream is a way for me to document my adventures in married-with-kid-land and share all of my experiences with you. :)
Three Facts
I went to culinary school and I am obsessed with food and cooking
My husband and I only dated for 2 weeks before we talked about possibly getting married
I went on a singing tour of Europe with my choir the summer before my senior year of high school
Three Fav Posts:
Definitely the happiest post I've ever written. I mean, I'm documenting my child's birth! :)
It's a vlog post, so you actually get to hear and see me. :)
I felt like I was fairly amusing in this one. ;P
The Random Writings of Rachel
I have been married for a respectable number of months to my Angel. I am a recent college grad who majored in Mandarin Chinese, and I'm currently a full-time cosmetology student. I am a Christian. I am the oldest of seven children. I live in a yellow farmhouse, and I have lots of adventures.
Three Fun Facts & Fav Posts:
I'm not very fashionable but I love getting dressed!
I majored in Mandarin Chinese in college.
I like to do creative and crafty things, but most of the time, you can't take my tutorials seriously.

Living For His Glory
I blog about my marriage, my life and my love for Christ! My blog is my little journal, in a way its my personal scrapbook. I hope to inspire, encourage and relate to everyone that reads it!
Three Facts:
I am one of four sisters
I don't like chocolate
I love Jesus
Three Fav Posts:
How I Met My Husband: 
My Day Yesterday: 
My Thoughts on Baby:
Designer in Teal
I blog mostly about interior design. Most of those posts are design inspiration, mood boards, projects I do myself, student work, and how to get a high end look on a budget. I also blog about weddings, food, my alma mater Virginia Tech and my daily life. I am pretty new at blogging, but I love to use it as a creative outlet.
Fun Facts:
I dated my husband for over 6 1/2 years before we got married!
 I'm from a very very small town and this is my first time living in a big city.
I had never traveled out of the country until this year...on my honeymoon!
My Country Chic Wedding-
because it shows others how to have an awesome wedding on a small budget
Teal Chevron Curtains- because I made them and I am super proud
Highpoint Market 2012- because it was a really fun part of my job and includes so much inspiration
Southern Sunflowers & Coffee Beans
I love to read, so I started blogging to write book reviews, but I also write about my life as a newlywed living in the south.
Fun Facts
I love to dance - any style or genre.
I am obsessed with my puppy. She is a maltipoo and her name is Pippa
I love the Royals. I'm obsessed, but not in a weird way or anything. Confession:  I cried the other day when I heard Kate was pregnant.
Three Fav Posts:
"From London to Paris" 
(a post about our honeymoon)
My "Bookworm Review: The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton" 
(which has become one of my favorite books), 
"So You Think You Can Dance {on tour}" 
My husband took me on a recent trip to Atlanta to see the show. It was incredible!
I blog because I enjoy documenting our day-to-day, and meeting other women that are in the same stage of life I'm in. The blogging community is absolutely wonderful, and I've met some lovely people along the way.
Fun Facts:
I am the oldest of 7 children.
I love to read, but I'm bad about picking up a book and not wanting to get anything else done until I've read the whole thing. Hah!
My husband calls me a "walking iPod" because I know so many songs. Country, in particular. ;) 
Three Fav Posts:
Dear Becca
My Very First Blog Award! (
 I love these posts because they all make me smile, and they are memories that I will cherish forever!
Newlywed Moments

Hi friends! My name is Emily and I’m a lifestyle blogger at Newlywed Moments. You guessed it, this year I got married! So I write about everything from romance to recipes to real life.I’d love to get to know ya’ll better – thank you so much to Veronica for having me on your blog this month!
Fun Facts:
(1) I love Jesus. (2) I hate coffee but I’m still addicted to Starbucks. (3) I’m from the northeast but secretly wish I lived in the south. 
Three Fav Posts:
This is my favorite because it’s, well, my love story! You can’t read my blog without reading that!
My husband has been unable to find a job, so this chronicles our journey with that and my thoughts on how to trust God through it all.
I always see beauty tips on Pinterest and wonder – do they even work? So I tried a bunch, and shared my thoughts on what ACTUALLY works so other people don’t have to waste their time!
Hello! I'm Kaitlyn and I blog over at Wifessionals. I'm a 20-something newlywed who just got married this past June. I was blessed to find the love of my life, however I never expected to find myself in the life I now lead. My husband, Ryan, is an officer in the Army. A week after our wedding, we packed up our entire life and moved to Arizona. Now, just 4 short months later, we moved to Colorado! This is a crazy, unpredictable life we now lead, but I love it. I absolutely adore my blog and all of the amazing ladies it has allowed me to meet (: If you stop by, you'll find everything from delicious recipes, the ups and downs of military life, DIY projects, the joys of being a newlywed and so much more. I'd love for you to come and say hello!
Fun Facts:
I have been to almost every one of the 50 states!
My college degrees were in Fashion & Merchandising, but I got a job as a Quality Engineer out of college
 I coined the word Wifessionals - I don't know how I made it up, but one day I did and I googled it and there was not one use of it on the internet! (It's confessions of beings a wife - wifessionals!)
Three Fav Posts:
How To Grow Your Blog - Easily  This is one of my most popular posts. I love it because it explains some simple ways to help your blog expand and gain exposure.
Introducing Cara Box Swap  This is a monthly Box Exchange I began to help encourage and connect women. It's more than tripled since the first month!
Childhood Cancer Awareness  This post was about someone very close to me and my family that we lost to Childhood Cancer: Kalyn. Her life & death shaped my life more than any other experience I have gone through
I started blogging to keep in touch with my family, but now I continue to blog because of the wonderful friends I've made!  I blog about my crazy life--my love for glitter, polka dots, and wine.  I'm obsessed with Pinterest, and I share my craft successes, and complete craft flops. I would LOVE for you to stop by and say hello--the friendships I've made in bloggy land are amazing!
Fun Facts:
1. I'm left handed
2. I've never broken a bone
3. I've been to more than 25 states in the U.S! 
Three Fav Posts:
I'm a dream-filled 20-somethin' from Oklahoma! I'm an Associate at a publishing company, full-time foster mom, and recent MBA grad. I'm a little too independent and awkward is the norm; but as you can see, there's never a dull moment in the Life & Times of the Intelligent Blonde.
Fun Facts
I love the color pink!
I wish I could be paid to travel.
I don't hesitate to buy myself diamonds--someone's gotta do it, right?
Three Fav Posts
I love my "Letter to My Younger Self" post because it's a good reflection of what I've been through.
I put a lot of thought and tears into "My Thoughts on Foster Care" because it's so near and dear to my heart.
And I wish someone had given me this advice on Grad school before I started.
Blog // Facebook // Twitter
What started out as some grad school research, turned into one of my favorite hobbies and introduced me to lots of new friends!
Fun Facts
I have a fear of polyester.
I clean my bathroom every Thursday, religiously.
Three Fav Posts
These are always funny...
My Something New with You
I am a writer at heart, newlywed wife to my grease monkey husby, and fur mom to my ham obsessive balinese cat Mila. I usually blog about my cooking disasters, topics that inspire me on a daily basis and just life at the smith's in general- it's never a dull moment here at the smiths! Blogging is my outlet from the world, and i believe it's healthy!
Fun Facts
i write poetry on a whim ( i like to share them every now and then), i have a little dipper constellation freckle pattern ( i think it's pretty dope because i dig stars!), I have a star tattoo ( told ya)
Three Fav Posts
 It was my very first post on this blog and it is the reason i write, i want to remember as much as i can
Whenever the road gets bumpy, this post always reminds me the reasons why me and my husband were brought together. We have what it takes to make it, no matter what comes our way. I just love this post, it's very dear to my heart and it was written just a few short weeks before we said " I Do"
this post was also a pre wedding post, but it's so cute to look back on even now because we were such newlyweds even then! we thought groceries consisted on ramen noodles and canned goods! We've come a long way since then!
I blog about love, life, and all the food and style i between :)
Fun Facts
1. I love icecream, my husband, and the color blue.

2. I detest running long distances, lose-lose situations, and not being able to fall asleep at night.

3. I could spend my whole life dancing, eating, and traveling and be perfectly happy.
Three Fav Posts
 I love talking about relationships so these three are easy favorites: our complete love story, my advice on how not to get divorced, and why our neighbors think we're getting divorced :P (we're not, I promise).
Kelly Elizabeth
Fun Facts
Thee Fav Posts
Why hello there! I'm Kelly and I blog over at my self named lifestyle blog, Kelly Elizabeth. There you can find goodies like DIY projects that I try and make look fabulous but usually come out looking like something your grandma wouldn't want to see, kinda like this one ( I tend to be better at cooking and baking which you can also gawk at, like these awesome 'Merica Cupcakes ( You'll also hear me talk about cats a lot, because they're equally as awesome as those cupcakes. Check out this cattastic pillowcase DIY ( I just did that other day. IN LOVE! Please don't be strangers, stop on in and say howdya do! 

Some of my other swappers:
Our Crazy Ever After
Betwixt & Between
Recently Roached


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