Tuesday, December 18, 2012

EASY Christmas Tree Craft

The ones I made at work.
If you have paper, fabric scraps and glue then you won't have to pay a dime for this craft. I worked on this one on my lunch break at work...sometimes Fridays get a little lonely there. It was quick, fun and simple. In fact, one of my co-workers stopped by to ask me about it and decided to take it home to do with her grandsons. SO it's kid friendly too! Then my friend, Sarah (from the Purple Tree) and I made some more at home.

(more Christmas crafts from me: here and here)

I'm just LOVING the way they turned out! Can't wait to help some more friends make some.

Paper, preferably a thicker grade like cardstock or photo paper. 8.5x11 (anything bigger just means bigger trees)
Tape, any kind will work but I did use clear scotch
Hot Glue & Hot Glue Gun
Scissors (some craft and some fabric)
Fabric Scraps:
Another perk of being an ID...loads of fabric samples...it's especially great
when you're college president doesn't like the color green

How to:

1: Roll up the paper till you have a pointed end. Tape together.

2: Using your craft scissors cut around the bottom till it's smooth and the tree can stand straight and somewhat sturdy.

3. Choose your fabric scraps and cut up according to what pattern you want to do. We did a few different kinds:
         -Triangles to do triangles of different patterns all around  -Triangles to do triangles of different patterns
            all around
          - Stripes to wrap around
          - triangles to layer all around
          - Random sizes and shapes to do a big quilt-like look almost
          *You could do anything! This is where are get to be creative. So go for something and just try, we
             didn't have patterns etc, we just kind of made it up as we went along.
4.Hot glue your pieces on one at a time, making sure they won't budge.
5: As you get closer to the bottom wrap your fabric underneath.
6: That's it!

- Don't be afraid to just try something. This is NOT one of those template DIYs...it's one where you will have to try and edit, and try again. I guarantee you that though as you go at it, it may feel like it won't turn out good...it will be great!
- Try a different way of applying the fabric each time...variety is good to the eye!
- To make different size trees just roll the paper tighter or looser...and maybe even stack a couple trees to really make a tall one.

And now for one of my current new favorite Christmas songs!

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  1. I know I saw them already, but these are really cute! I want to do some now. haha


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