Wednesday, December 12, 2012

BigFootSanta & Ornament DIY

In case you've ever wondered what BIGFOOT SANTA would be like:

Merry Christmas from College Journey from April Vickers on Vimeo.

Last year our college pastor(and the man who married us) created this video for the college students oh man this video kept me entertained year round. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It was filmed on our campus.

Next week at Arizona Russums I'm sharing how we prettyfied our tree with an easy tulle DIY. Today, I'm sharing a personalized photo ornament.

Now it's no surprise that photo ornaments have exploded onto pinterest lately...who doesn't love pictures of loved ones all over the tree? And if you're a picture obsessionist(just pretend that's a word) like myself then this is a dream! There's some really beautiful ones out there. My version is a bit different, but like many of them ,it still involves using the ever so famous, ModPodge!

As an interior designer, we're always getting samples in at the office. Wood, fabric, metal, leather, plastic, signs,...all kinds of things. I've been trying to help us filter through all of them and organize and get rid of but it always feels wasteful to toss them. I decided to take one small wood set home and get creative with it. They were perfect because they created a pretty base and already had a hole in them. If you don't have wood samples, maybe you can find something similar at Hobby Lobby OR there's even lots of furniture websites that will send you samples for a small fee.
- Wood samples
- ModPodge & foam brush
- Computer, Printer & White Paper
-Paper Trimmer
- Glitter
- String or Ribbon

How to:
  • If you're able to peal the label off the wood samples, go for it! Otherwise, it'll still work. 
  • Measure your wood samples to get their overall size. If you want to get super detailed on this step, measure from the hole down and determine how much wood edge you want showing. I just snagged the overall size.
  •  Then grab your computer, open up publisher or word. Insert pictures from the past year( I chose from just the 6 months of time we've been married) one at a time. In the edit panel of the picture, crop your picture to what you most want shown. Then edit the size to something slightly less than the overall size of your wood sample. You'll definitely want to avoid covering the hole, so if you get your photos all set up and print and they're still too big cut them down BEFORE adhering them ( I just used my straight edge paper trimmer to cut them down to size).
  • I ended up fitting about 8 or so photos to the page. Print to regular white paper.
  • Cut your pictures apart with a straight edge paper trimmer (usually found in the scrapbooking department).
  • Apply a thin layer of ModPodge to your sample then slowly adjust your printed photo on top. Apply another thin layer over top. Wait till dry. Apply a second coat.
  • At this point you can call it done, nice and simple, picture and wood. I kept a few this way. OR you can go one more step.
  • Apply some ModPodge at the top or to the edges, along the sides...wherever you want really and sprinkle on some glitter. Let dry. Then apply another layer of modpodge to keep it all together. Let dry.
  • Now time to prepare the ribbon. I couldn't find the name of this knot so I'll just try and explain it. Hold the ribbon to create a big hole. Tie the two ends together so leave a big loop. Put one end of the loop through the picture ornament hole. Bring the two loops up to about even and put one end through the other. Pull to tighten. I'm thinking this is a lark's knot according to this source.
  • Hang on the tree and enjoy.
A snippet of some of the ones I made us and our families. (the Texas flag picture is a future DIY!)

Our tree all decorated with the photo ornaments.

-  If you have blocks of wood but none with a hole in it, that's okay. Just hold your ribbon underneath the picture and adhere with hot glue. It'll still work.
- Don't worry about being totally perfect, their handmade! My pictures ended up being all different sizes, some have glitter, some don't, some have bows and some don't...let it be fun!
- Use a small paper plate and pour out glitter to be able to press your ornaments down into. It'll spread the glitter better than just sprinkling.
- I put some on gifts too! They work great for a tag and a gift.


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