Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Table for Two

Thanksgivings have never been highly traditional in my family, by any means. With only one uncle (and  his immediate family) in Houston, we never had those huge family thanksgiving meals. We did spend a few thanksgiving meals at my uncles home, eating turkey and the likes, but I seem to recall at least one thanksgiving eating Mexican food instead. We've had picnic and played crochet in a park with the sun shining down on us. We also spent a number in Telluride, Colorado (one of my favorite places EVER), skiing, when the lift tickets were less expensive and my uncle graciously offered us his place there. On those trips, thanksgiving dinner was delivered to us.

Through all my memories of Thanksgiving, I literally can't recall one where my mother slaved in the kitchen over a huge meal yet it never seemed to bother me much.We were together on thanksgiving, and that was all that mattered. Except for one year, my sisters and I took it upon ourselves for our family to have a traditional home cooked thanksgiving meal but with a 15 year old and a 10 year old and a 5 year old making a meal, you can imagine it wasn't something spectacular. We watched the parade most years, I suppose that's our only family tradition for thanksgiving.

Once college years hit, the sense of a traditional thanksgiving was even further lost. Driving 7 hours, I spent the first one  in Houston, staying with a friend, but eating thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant with my dad, while my mom and sisters ate gourmet seafood at our uncles house (a different uncle) in Florida. Sophomore year rolled around, my first thanksgiving dating Kevin, and I went home with my best friend from college to her hometown (Kevin took a flight home to see his family, who at the time were living in Iowa). Junior year, Kevin and I had been dating over a year, so I went home with him to his family's house, who at this point lived only a couple hours from us in Oklahoma, where I fell more in love with him and his family. Finally senior year came, since I'd miss the big Christmas day tradition in the Burns family, we all drove down to Dallas for a beautiful meal spent with his extended family (we made these super cute turkeys together to bring).

Which brings us to this year, 2012. Over 5 months into marriage (and over 3 years of togetherness), in Norman, Oklahoma. My family still in Florida, my dad in Houston, and Kevin's family now in the northern tundra, otherwise known as Wisconsin. To say the least, family is far. To throw another curve ball in, Kevin is working this Thanksgiving. At first this was hard to swallow, especially when we weren't sure if he'd have Christmas off either. As Thanksgiving has drawn closer though, the Lord has given me a greater peace about it, and we're happy.

This year, I'm making this my try-at-making-an-entire-thanksgiving-traditonalish-meal-on-my-own. With only Kevin to impress and a whole day for cooking, I figure why not? So onto the fun, FOOD.

Since we don't have much traditional Thanksgiving past in my family, there's no family dish we have every year. So I created a new set of courses to try. Many thanks to pinterest for being around so I could keep all the great online thanksgiving recipes together in one spot.

Without further ado, our Thanksgiving day in meals:

Kevin is headed off to work early in the day (he has to be at work by 7am), and I want to have a thanksgiving style breakfast ready to go for him. Planned to be on the breakfast table: Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins, home-made scrambled eggs and grapes (though they'll probably be red grapes since they're preferred by the Mr.).

As close to a traditional meal I can get us to:

  • The turkey, I've used a Jenni O turkey before so I sent husband to the store for it but quickly found out that it would be much too much turkey for just the two of us. So I ended up just buying a turkey breast.
  •  Macaroni and Cheese, I realize this may not be exactly a traditional dish but I love mac-n-cheese and I love it home-made even better, so I'll be giving Martha Stewart's John Lengend's mac-n-cheese a try.
  • Mashed Potatoes, thanksgiving simply isn't thanksgiving without some potato dish. This year, for my first time ever, I'll be making them from scratch using The Pioneer Woman's creamy recipe.
  • Corn on the cob, we love corn on the cob! We ate a ton of it during the summer. Our favorite way to cook corn? Put in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes in the husk. Comes out perfectly.
  • Green Beans, I'll be trying a new way to cook these classics as well, using Gina's skinny recipe's Roasted Parmesan Green Beans.
  • Stuffing, most people really can't live without stuffing at thanksgiving...I'll be making it from scratch, McCormick classic herb stuffing.
  • Gravy, the gravy isn't pictured here...mostly because I don't eat it and totally forgot about it. Husband adores it sooo since I'm trying so many other things, I'll probably be going an easy route on that one...time to search out the grocery store! Anyone have any recommendations?
  • Apples, we love apples at our house so that's our fruit of choice for the meal. We'll probably end up with a few others fruits there but this one is a staple for sure!
  • Rolls, I thought about trying to make some from scratch or some yummy bread but we just LOVE Sister Schuberts's dinner rolls, so why try and to re-create what is already perfect?

My family was never much a pie family. My mom never made a pie at home, I've tried pecan pie and apple pie but never tried making it myself. Husband isn't really too fond of pies either so this year, as my family has done in the past, I'll be making a homemade cheesecake, crust and all. It's a family recipe so I really can't share it but it's delicious! Husband, always watched the Cowboys game on Thanksgiving so his favorite tradition of Thanksgiving will continue here too.

And that wraps up our thanksgiving feast. I'll be trying my hand at Leah's, from Everyday Love, pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies for husband to take into work that day  to share with others who will be at work instead of at home.

What do your Thanksgiving plans look like?


  1. This will be the first year that we aren't celebrating with my family. We usually have a gigantic feast at my inlaws one day, and then the same thing with my family the next. But this year we are just doing Thanksgiving with my inlaws on Wednesday, and having a quiet family day on Thursday. We will be eating leftovers and putting up Christmas decor. :) My family is headed out of town, and with a little one, I just didn't want to make the drive there and back in the same day.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  2. My favorite part of thanksgiving is the cranberries :) It makes me happy just thinking about it! Make those!!

  3. we neverhad huge thanksgivings in my family ether until when i was in 7th grade we finally had family around us to invite them for thanksgiving and this year it is small too just me, my husband and his parent, but hey that means more leftovers!

  4. Oh how this post makes me want Thanksgiving to be here tomorrow!!

    My mom always does Thanksgiving and it is now a tradition that hubby and I do a beer ham with Sam Adam's Winter Lager and brown sugar. So, as far as cooking that's all I do. HAHA!

  5. We had Thanksgiving at my house alot. I also remember going to both of my grandmothers' house all in the same day. They would kind of fight over who got which meal--dinner or lunch. My uncle was a police officer so, it was fun to load up and go to the PD and deliver him Thanksgiving dinner at the PD. Last year, my husband, mom and I went to Cracker Barrel. It was just fine with us. We had a great meal, nothing to clean up and a good time. This year--my mom is cooking and I am pretty stoked about that. Happy Thanksgiving. New follower from the Monday Mingle.

  6. You go girl! :) Time to make your own traditions! This year it's Thanksgiving at my Step-Brother's house. And he is doing ALL the cooking. My hubby and I just get to show up ready to eat. ;) LOL Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!!

  7. Im going to attempt to make a cheesecake for thanksgiving too! This will be my 1st time, so hopefully it turns out! Cheers to starting new traditions! Thats what I love the most about celebrating holidays with my husband :)

  8. Sounds like a delicious meal you have planned! Hope you and your husband have a great Thanksgiving!


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