Thursday, November 1, 2012

No Shave November.

"Gentlemen, it's almost time for No Shave November."
-Trey (Kevin's best friend, posted Tuesday Oct 30th

Well November is upon us now so I've decided to take the No Shave November oath. HAH! Are you stinkin' kidding me? I mean who made up this sillyness?

Despite my lack of understanding, No Shave November has been a ritual my husband has practiced since the beginning of his college years and I don't anticipate it ending anytime soon.

Him and several others join forces to make November the hairiest time of the year on men's faces. They look forward to it. They plan for it. They document it. And folks, it has begun.

I release this bloggy post to my husband, Mr. HairyFace.

My obsession with beards began at an early age. My dad always had facial hair (usually a mustache and goatee) and I wanted to be just like him. Add in my love of sports, specifically hockey, and I was hooked. Why hockey? Because they have this tradition in March-June during the NHL Playoffs where the players grow out their beards all throughout the playoff season as a sign of solidarity.

Rob Niedermayer was particularly inspirational. His team won the Stanley Cup in 2007

So in 2008, I grew a playoff beard as I watched the Dallas Stars on their playoff run (that ended in the conference finals after two months).

This was my face of sadness after they lost, before I shaved it off

So I got to college and Trey introduced me to the concept of No Shave November. 

Trey and I Fall 2011

So freshman year, 2008, I engaged in my first No Shave November. Well, that November was a particularly great one for Sooner football when they scored over 60 points in every game en route to the national championship. So I kept it for the Big 12 Championship the first Saturday in December (I'm a little superstitious) then I shaved it off.

I cut it off then OU lost the national championship to Florida 24-14. Coincidence? I think not...

So I have participated to various degrees in the years since. Once I got a job, I kept the neck beard trimmed up for "professional appearance." Once I started dating my lovely wife, she strongly insisted the mustache was not necessary and should be shaved off. Through it all, I learned that a beard is quite warm in the winter and I developed an affection for it (especially when my family was living in the frozen tundra of Iowa during Christmas break).

So that's it. I grow my beard every November, keep it trimmed and proper (without the mustache), then shave it off around spring break when the weather warms up. I got a couple days head start this year based on my work schedule but I'm happy to participate once again. And, ladies: this is a man thing, don't get cute thinking it works for your legs. That's not okay. Leave it to the men.

One more beard for you. The real man's inspiration, David Crowder (of the David Crowder Band).

Back to you, Veronica!

There you have it blog friends, Mr. Hairyface and his obsession for his hairy face. It's a true fact, yall, that the mustache had to go...and needs to stay gone. Him and Trey really do, or used to when they lived together, document their beard growing process with what I'd refer kindly to as mug shots...there's some particularly entertaining ones from their freshmen year but I was told I couldn't share those, sorry.

So, do your men participate in this bizarre tradition?


  1. haha hilarious. Such a weird phenomenon

  2. Unfortunately, mine started early. I can forget about the hopes for any nice pictures this month! haha

  3. My husband is OS obsessed with beards. Brian Wilson is his HERO (not really maybe a little) just because of the beard. Haha.

  4. I don't think Angel knows about it and I hope no one tells him!


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