Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to, Say Yes to the Dress!

So early on in this little blog's life I re-capped on my shopping experience for the dress. You can read all about the experience here. However, I thought it'd be fun to share the good, and ugly of dresses that I put on and share my quick tips on how to find the one. I think it's kind of fun to look back on all the different styles I put on. The one I went home with and wore on our big day is still MY FAVORITE. I want to put it on everyday...

Tip #1: Bring photos of dresses you like, and figure out what about each dress you like.


1 I loved the lace detail on this first one and the skirt but wasn't keen on a short dress for my wedding.
2 Really couldn't stand this one....


3. This one was fun but man it was heavy and sort of looked like it belonged in a winter wedding.
4. Not my style, fitted,but I was surprised by how good I looked in it, or at least how good I felt in it

Tip #2: Only bring a couple people with you, cut down to the most important.
Loved having my sisters there.
I waited about 4 months to go shopping for my dress after getting engaged so I could go shopping with my mommy and little sisters....I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Tip #3: Decide how you'll want to wear your dress...through the whole wedding? Will you bustle it? and don't be afraid to ask for some alterations in the store, they can pin it the way you think you want it. I had my heart set on a sweetheart and in the stores they helped me pin some dresses that way

5. I loved this one, which was strange because this style is so not what I was picturing but that belt was stunning and I loved the simple detail. Didn't love that it hugged my butt...
6. Just looked too much like a dress I had for Barbie when I was little, haha


7. Couldn't stand this one, didn't like the border at the top, didn't like the pick-ups, and I really didn't like that there was tulle showing like that...bad.
8. This one looked like I wrapped a sheet of lace on my body...David's Bridal consultant really didn't get what I was going for...


9. Everything about this one was wrong, the off shoulder (it was driving me crazy) and the detail was too much for me...not what I was looking for.
10. I actually liked this one quite a bit till I realized it was the exact same style as my prom dress and then my mom said the detail at the waist was kind of like feathers...and I was absolutely done with this dress. But once again, I found I liked the belt on it...

Tip #4: Don't settle and don't feel pressured to buy right away.

 11 12

11. This one almost had me, I almost bought this one. They were going to edit it to have a sweetheart and put some extra skirting underneath to give me some more poof (yes I'm that girl) but something was holding me was perhaps a little more sparkle and lacey-like than I had planned on.
12. My mom and sisters loved this one but I wasn't feeling it...I needed my POOF!

Tip #4: Much like when you say yes to his proposal, When you know, you know! Don't question and don't be be concerned that you're deciding too early.

We had another appointment after this one but decided it was over after I slipped this gown on the second time. I knew it was the one. It was perfect! It gave me that sparkly belt that I was loving, and yall it had pearls on it too, it gave me the sweetheart neckline, it wrapped at the top (which I hadn't tried on yet but loved in pictures) and it gave me all the poof I ever wanted. We came back the very next week with my dad and grandma in tow, and even put my sisters in their bridesmaid dresses for a few pictures.
which brings me to my final tip:

Tip #5: Bring a camera! Take pictures of every dress, even the ones you hate because you'll review them and remember why...and please didn't you laugh at some of these on me? Oh and putting it on a camera is an easier way to hide from your almost husband...phones are too dangerous.

Even Peabody joined in on the fun.


  1. The last one your are wearing is my favorite, too. I'm not usually a big fan of poofyness, but it looks amazing on you! Glad you found what you were looking for :)


  2. That last one is definitely IT! WOW! Love it!

  3. That last dress looks almost identical to the dress that I bought - && it looks gorgeous on you!!

  4. that is GORGEOUS! you're so right - the shape of the skirt is perfect :)

  5. So pretty! I love the rushed bodice. :) I used to work as a bridal consultant in a wedding dress shop and your tips are dead on!

  6. Love this post! I'll definitely use those tips if I ever get married. haha

  7. Aw, these all made me smile. You look gorgeous in everything of course. I absolutely LOVE how #4 looks on you, but you're right that it's just not quite as much "you." You are such a Disney princess, you definitely needed your ball gown. :)

  8. #2 and #7 are the worst, I think! Wedding dress shopping is definitely fun--I went with my Mom and little sisters on my 19th birthday to pick out the dress and it was the third dress I tried on! It was almost a little too easy...but then it didn't take me too long to find Angel either, so I guess that's just me!

  9. Awh. Reading this made me want to get married tomorrow. Just kidding, but soon!
    You look so gorgeous in all these dresses!

    New follower :)

  10. Great post! it is fun that you did take pictures of all of the dresses you tried on, makes revisiting the memories fun!


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