Thursday, November 15, 2012

Glamour Wedding

If you can't tell, I'm quite pumped about it! I've been waiting and waiting for the date announcement and it finally came. Husband and I made a team and would love for anyone to join in with us. So if you're interested, it'll be in Dallas on April 6th, 2013. Shoot me an email and I'll send you the team info. AND a coupon code to save some extra buckaroos :)

Okay on to the rest of today's post:

As mentioned on Tuesday, last weekend I attended a beautiful lady's long anticipated wedding. She blew me away...we gawked at how she dressed up her quaint church to be the most stunning glamorous wedding.

What really got us though was the highly personalized ceremony. It was just lovely and precious and totally a tear-jerker. For each processional (grandmothers, mothers, etc), they had chosen a unique song, specific to those walking the one? The groom played the guitar and sang, Train's Marry Me as the bridesmaids descended the aisle, changing the words from hello in this cafe to I love you on this day. He stopped just as Richelle, his bride, began to walk the aisle with her father. From their sweet vows, to the poem they read together, and their parents circling them in prayer, the ceremony was completely beautiful.

Course, leave it to me to not get a single picture of the ceremony...but the reception in the church fellowship hall was gorgeous too, and she did it all herself! She said they'd been in the church all week putting it together. Props to you Richelle!

// The ceiling was draped with fabric and sparkling lights, the tables were glamorourized with candles, red rose arrangements and a black lacey runner, the grooms cake were his two favorite teams (which just so happen to be two of mine as well), and the red rose chandelier...the bride and her mom created it out of two hoola-hoops and chicken wire...there were even lights sparkling in inside.

My photo didn't turn out all that great but the bride and the groom looked so fabulous as they walked into their reception:

Phi Lamb ladies and the stunning bride.

The wedding was SO fun too! We had such a great group of people to talk to, the food was super delicious, the cake was quite yummy too. We danced and also we photo bombed each other like crazy at the table...I clearly lost the battle:

There was even a video taken of me re-enacting a dance a friend of mine used to do but I'm having reservations about sharing that...

I forgot to mention they had a coffee bar with hot coffee, fraps and even smoothies...which were all so tasty! As we left, their favors were little glass milk jugs, and a wrapping of oreo cookies...perfect.

For the wedding I attempted a twisted updo from none other than Kate @ the Small Things blog. Mine didn't turn out quite the same as hers but I was pretty proud of myself:

And as always, my sweet husband was a wonderful date:


  1. yay for color run! I did it in Minneapolis- such a blast! the wedding looks beautiful!

  2. Oh my...the ceiling with all those lights = GORGEOUS!


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