Friday, November 16, 2012

Extra! Extra! Read All About it!

Do you know the history behind that phrase and newspapers? I recently read here, that it grew out of papers adding extra additions to their already-printed paper of the day for breaking news events and such. Interesting, right?

Anyway, it's Friday! Hip, hip, hooray!!! Celebrate people! Celebrate! This Friday, I have a few things I wanted to share with yall, so read up, click links, and then chill out for the weekend.

Passion, Pink and Pearls news of the week:

One of my irl besties shared her story, her testimony, this week and it just blessed my soul to read her words and learn even a bit more about one of my best friends. Read up and remember the goodness of Christ working in lives all around you! (not too long ago, I did a mini series about our stories, you can read mine here).

Living in Yellow did a sequel to one of my favorite blog posts ever in blogworld... and it just totally cracked me up. Erin, you always make me laugh but when you're sweet puppy does the talking I just die!

One of the girls from my graduated ID class is entering to be a part of HGTV DesignStar! She is such fun and absolutely a talented lady. Please help her get there by checking out her entry video here. Seriously, yall want her on the show!

I entered to run in the COLOR RUN! I'm so pumped about this! I've been begging my husband to let us go since before we got married, we missed the first date last year. After completing my first 5K, he was totally on board to go! If you want to join our team, email me and I'll send you the info! And a coupon code :)

Lately, I've been reading Jacqueline Kennedy, Historic Conversations on life with John F. Kennedy (in between reading the Hobbit, which I finished a few weeks ago). I've always sort of had an interest in strong women who have helped shape history in some way or another. Last year, this book came up time and time again so I decided I just had to read it. It's been incredibly interesting and I've enjoyed learning about history through the eyes of one of the first ladies. As I was reading this week, I held onto one part that just sort of made me laugh inside and yet was so very true about all job positions,
" he always said, 'Someone has to do this job...and it's always been done with humans.'" 
(147 in the book)

Monday will be the last day to turn in your Operation Christmas Child boxes!!! So get those in! If you need info, check this post all about it.

I graduated with all kinds of ambitious talented women in Interior Design. Not too long ago, I shared with you a post about a new boutique one of them opened carrying home-made goods and creations. (I just got in my little sisters Cmas gift from her shop, and it's precious!) And very recently, another couple of girls from my class opened their own boutique, The Purple Tree. I'll be doing a full post on them soon but click on over and get a first sneak peak into their world of knitted creations, photography and art.

I'll be sharing our Thanksgiving meal plan on Monday! I've got to gather all my recipes up but husband and I will be having our very own Thanksgiving, just the two of us. I'm taking the opportunity to test our my ability to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner on my own. So tune back in next week to see what I'll be making, hopefully.

Interior design rocks! Well, I figured I just had to say that after talking so much about it in this post. On a serious note though, I love this field. It's exactly where I ought to be. While clients can be pains sometimes (I literally had someone ask me where she should get ice from this week since there's not an ice machine in the building...gee I don't suppose you thought of ice trays in the refrigerator I just had delivered to your break room?!) I love it. I can't imagine myself doing anything else. So read up on who we ID peeps are and what we do. We have a ton of fun:

Finally, I wanted to share with you two more things. The first is a wonderful new women's ministry organization, Mended, that I've benefited in when I was still in school. The two women who began and lead this ministry and absolutely beautiful, young, vibrant, women of the Lord with such passion to see women's lives transformed. Please take some time to learn what they are all about here. And secondly, I read this post this week at The Handmade Home blog, about learning to not compare ourselves: what we have, what we don't have, etc- to those around us, and learning to be thankful about who and where we are in our individual lives. I think her post spoke so much truth and I benefited from the read so I wanted to pass it on. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

ps: if you send your husband to the store for cream cheeses, make sure he understands that unlike butter, cream cheese is one block (not four sticks) so if you asked for three, make sure he knows that's three boxes of cream cheese...not that I'm speaking from experience or anything ;)

*These pictures were taken by our capstone professor for our senior class photos. We had a ton of fun playing up on the colored skinnies season...and I'd not share any on the blog before so I decided to today! :)


  1. I am loving those pics with all the colored pants in them!! Makes me want to get a bunch of girls together in our colored skinnies :)

  2. That color run looks like so much fun! So cute! I have never heard of it!

  3. you are darling!!! Those pants are so fun! Im loving your cute blog:) New follower and cannot wait to read more!



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