Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Easy Thanksgiving Break DIY

Okay everyone, we're all about to embark on our Thanksgiving break, well most of you are. A good chunk of us have off Thursday and Friday of this week. Time for lots of food, lots of family, thankfulness, and for some of you, even some black Friday shopping. For the rest of you who plan on staying indoors this Friday (or Saturday, or Sunday), I have the perfect, easy DIY for you to tackle this weekend.

Who loves scarfs? All of us, right? Even better, who loves personalized scarfs? You do now. One of my friends discovered this hand scripted scarf DIY at Glitter&Tonic blog and we both decided we just had to try it ourselves.

So me and three of my girlfriends decided to try our hand at it, putting our own unique twist to it. Four of us, walked the mall in search for a solid scarf with the right material for writing on. We found a great selection of colors, great price, with the perfect material and great length at JC Penney. We each chose a different color scarf, bought your regular fabric markers from JoAnn (glitter&tonic used a different kind we couldn't find) and headed home to get started.

This DIY is so easy! The hardest part is deciding what you'll write on your scarf:  lyrics to your favorite 
song, wedding vows, school chant, a verse, a poem...the possibilities are nearly endless. I chose our wedding vows, Kristina chose the school chant, Kayla chose the school chant with the Oklahoma song, and Emily chose to do the chorus of Wicked songs on her green scarf.

Each of them were completely unique and special to each of us. The best part is wearing them out and about and getting to tell people you made it yourself!

Good luck making your own! Please share with me if you do :)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


- This DIY takes a good chunk of an afternoon to finish, be willing to take your time.
- Don't push hard with the fabric markers, lightly write and then go over it again.
- We bought the package of 5 markers so we could each use a different color. If you choose to do this on  your own, I'd still recommend the pack. The individual markers are more like paint markers and produce a rough paint surface. Also, you'll probably go through two markers. So make it a group deal to make it really reasonable...and never forget your JoAnn coupons!
- Have a blast!

*sorry for the lame photos...my camera has begun to see better days...


  1. ahhh love this idea, and of course I adore scaves! I am totally going to try this:)

    thanks for sharing!

  2. Just stumbled across your blog and I loved this entry!
    What a great idea!

    I'm your newest follower.

  3. That's a great craft. And I love having a girls night with it.
    Stopping by from Tell It To Me Tuesday.

  4. That is a totally cute idea! Love it! :)

  5. Such a great idea! I will definitely be trying this!

  6. Aww! That looks like a really fun craft to do!


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