Friday, November 30, 2012

"Cheers to the Freakin' Weekend"

Dear Friday, thank goodness you are here! Getting closer and closer to my birthday! Woop!

Dear Branded & KSBJ, thank you KSBJ for playing this awesome Christmas song by have no idea how it just made my day to hear it on the radio yesterday morning...true life for us Houstonians, take a listen:

Dear Christmas shopping, I'm DONE with you! That's right, it's not even December and I'm done!!! All that's left is to wrap and ship...not to gloat but I'm super proud of myself.

Dear Husband, We'll have been married 6 months, that's half a year, crazy is that?? ps: let's  go get our Christmas tree this weekend.

Dear November, You've come to an end my friend. During you I may have posted more than ever before, with the exception of this week since I skipped Monday and Wednesday. November highlights:
My first two attempts at infographics: here and here

Dear Christmas lovers, if you're looking for some fun, easy, and inexpensive Christmas crafts check out Coffee Darling's blog, she's posting a new Christmas DIY every day and you definitely don't want to miss out. Oh and stay tuned here too because I've got some Christmas crafts planned for the weekend that I'm hoping turn out at least decently good haha

Dear high school besties, don't know if any of you actually read this but if you do...I flipped through old photos and videos last night from the good 'ole days and literally couldn't keep from laughing out loud....not sure I'd be a married lady today if my husband knew me back then haha...I also wouldn't have made it through high school without your pretty faces. For all the ups and downs of a teenage girls, I'm glad we faced them together and came out stronger friends because of it. Love yall.

Dear little blog, I updated you a bit and cleaned you up even more. You're background gives you a crisper look and I'm liking it. You've also got some more pages available for our blogger friends, like more about us under the Hope and Joy page, a sneak peak about what 2013 will bring under the Life and Love page, and more coming under other new pages!

Dear Puppy Fever, I've had you for a LONG time but the husband has finally caught you. We've both got you bad so hopefully that means puppyness in our home in New Years...that'd be a perfect New  Years gift to people get New Years gifts? We'll just pretend they do....puppy P here we come! (we have a name but it won't be revealed until we have one...yes we are that ridiculous...and yes we have kids names picked out too...and no they won't be coming for a while...a long.long.long. while)
Come on now, that's just precious!

Dear bloggers, a few of you are curious about our super-stunning-camera-timer-skills, well the truth is we're just awesome...haha just kidding! I'd say about 90% of the time we use Kevin's camera for our timer's older and a little chunky so it stands on it's own pretty good but we've been known to prop it on purses for some pretty amazingly lucky shots (see below)...yesterday's pictures all were taken on his android smart phone and we used this handy dandy tool, which is essentially a phone tripod (it has other uses too). So there you go, that's our secret, nothing real fancy.

Dear Lord, thank you for encouraging my heart, giving me the talent and abilities to push through at work, and blessing me with people in my life who are constantly amazing me. You are good. All the time.

Dear Ashley, thanks for making this link-up! It's grown so much even since I've hopped on and it's still one of my favorites.


  1. Great job finishing Christmas gifts early! I still have a lot to purchase.
    I'm with you on the puppy thing--I want a mini Yorkie (can you say expensive?)
    I seriously need one of those tripods!

  2. that puppy. these letters. love.

    Aloha Sweet Friend,
    We are gathering for An Aloha Affair , a sweet sort of mingling and sharing and growing together. I would so love it if you'd join us. You will always be welcome, anytime. Save ya a seat?...


  3. Sometimes we balance my camera on the roof of my car for timer shots. It doesn't work that great, but you do what you have to! :P And you are much farther along in Christmas shopping than I am!

  4. :)pretty pics:)
    Do check out my blog and let me know if u wanna follow each other:)
    Hugs from India


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