Thursday, November 29, 2012

Adventure Sunday

Thanksgiving was sweet: I made a dinner, we relaxed,watched a movie, the next day I did a little black friday shopping (it was a breeze, not joking), I crafted...I was the best time for me to just catch up and relax and enjoy time at home. Although, I did learn that 3 days at home alone is about as much as I ever wish.

Sundays are the best. They're always the best. They are the one day of the weekend I have with my husband. No matter what we do, it's the best day for that one reason. Some Sundays we relax, others we work on little projects, and yes some are dedicated to football...but sometimes we take little adventures.

This past Sunday was GREAT! We like walking and running around the neighborhoods surrounding our little apartment complex. Every time we try a different route, we find something new. Most recently, I went jogging and discovered this great little park, that as it turns out Kevin had found one day too on his own jog. There are a few parks around us but this one is just perfect. It's nestled at the back of one neighborhood, is long and skinny and pretty well fenced in too. It has a playground, complete with swings (a must for me) and it even has a little basketball court. Even though we'd been on different times, we'd both agreed it'd be a great place to bring our dog, and by our dog I mean the one in our heads that we're always talking about but don't actually have.

Another awesome part about this park is it backs up to a wooded area...well I'd noticed a little pathway going into this wooded area when I went and so on Sunday we jogged to the park to take a little adventure on this path. It was beautiful! I felt that we'd stepped into another world. It was definitely a trail, there were footprints from people, puppy prints and tracks from I was wishing we had one, it was a four-wheelers dream back there!

We walked in and out and all around, through curves, and finally made our way to the Candian was awesome! We had such fun trying to decide which turn to take when the trail split and took all kinds of pictures. It was seriously one of the best Sundays we'd had in a while. We finally made it home after walking around 5 miles altogether, and each drank about a gallon of water real quick.

Next time, we're taking water bottles.

 I've mentioned before how much we adore our timer shots, right?

we also had some fun with a GIF creator this weekend too:

What are some fun things you do on the weekend?



  1. You look like the perfect little housewife by your thanksgiving day spread! It's great that you always get Sundays together. Weekends are kind of non-existent for Angel and I right now because of clashing schedules...oh well, it's just a season!

  2. 1. You are so adorable in your apron by your nicely set table! :) Love it!
    2. I love your adventure. :)
    3. We're big homebodies, so most weekends you will find us at my in-laws having dinner and playing games with the family.

  3. Your photos are adorable! I love your apron! Found you through a GFC Blog hop and excited to be a new follower! I hope you will stop by my site if you get a chance!


  4. those are really nice pictures of you and your man! I like the one of you sitting on the sideways tree.

  5. I absolutely love the adventure Sunday idea. How fun!!


  6. You all are the cutest things ever!!!

  7. Aww, this looks fun! So wish we could go with you this weekend, it stinks still being in school! Cute pictures!

  8. Great post! I love your blog and I am now following you!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  9. You captured some really amazing pictures! :) Do you guys have a tripod??

  10. Thanks for linking up with the Not Quite There Yet link up. I have loved meeting and connecting with other great ladies. Hope you can make it back next Thursday!

  11. love your photos! I enjoyed my visit to your sweet blog and look forward to many more.thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. xo P.S. love your blog button!

  12. Hi :) I've been following your blog for a while and just recently followed via GFC. I nominated you for the Liebster award and wanted you to know. All the details are on my blog, :)

  13. looks like you are having super fun. love that kissy picture. how cute!


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