Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Rival Event

Good Saturday morning is a BIG day in college football for this is OU's rival game with OSU. Much like OU/TX, this game entices all fans to unleash their inner fandom to unprecedented levels. Always thanksgiving weekend, this game is entertained by all fans everywhere and  today Tiffany and I are swapping blogs to entice you to select a side and participate in the fun! Read up on Tiffany's tie to OSU and then hop on over to her blog to see my infographic and learn who to really know cheer for. ;)


Hey y'all!  I'm Tiffany from Figuring Out The Plot and I'm an OSU girl who bleeds orange and LOVES her college football!  Most days, I'm blogger friends with Veronica who can be found wearing her Crimson and Cream.  But it's Bedlam (the OSU v. OU football game) folks!  So today, although we are sworn enemies, we have decided to do a blog swap to talk to you about why you should cheer for our team this afternoon!

I've got a few reasons for you to join the good guys---the boys in orange---this weekend.

First, we're from Stillwater.  It's the Happiest Place on Earth.  And home to The Copper Penny, the coolest bar on earth.  And we have the greatest Homecoming on earth. And home to Calf Fry, the best Red Dirt concert on earth.  Really, that should seal the deal right there.

Second, we're about to make this Bedlam thing two in a row.  That's right, last year my Pokes crushed Veronica's Sooners 44-10 to win the Big 12 Championship.  And we rushed the field.  And it was awesome.

Third, we win our BCS bowl games.  Fiesta Bowl Champs 2011.  Enough said.

Fourth, you'll be in good company.  Let's take a look at a few people who are on the Orange side of the cheering section, shall we?

That's right, y'all.  Garth Brooks is a Cowboy, and I'm going to assume that he's also got his wife, the lovely Trisha Yearwood, on board based on the orange blazer below.

We've got a running back, THE running back y'all (what movie??  anyone??), Mr. Barry Sanders, who brought the Heisman to OSU in 1988.

We're the home of Eskimo Joes, so we've got these guys, and KILLER cheese fries cheering for the Cowboys!

How about the legend himself, Coach Sutton.  He even sort of looks orange....

Even though I don't know for sure if he ever yelled, "Go Pokes" I'm pretty sure based on the quote below that Frank Sinatra would have been a Cowboy.

And finally, the most attractive reason to cheer for Oklahoma State?  Our head coach, Mike Gundy.  Seriously, H-O-T. 

Plus he dances. Yep.

And he's a man. Who stands up for his players. That only makes me love him more.

And the alternative?  Yea.  Picture's worth a thousand words as they say.

So thanks, Veronica for coming up with this awesome Bedlam Blog idea.  Now everyone put on your orange and cheer for the Cowboys!  Go Pokes!


Haha thanks Tiffany....I'm sure you guys all know the right team to vote for....despite Tiffany's sort-of-convincing reasons...that's enough orange on my blog for a good long time...oh and Bob Stoops, he's adorable and we love him here...



  1. I like the Remember the Titans reference. Great movie. :) And I'm with Veronica, Bob Stoops is too cute. But I bleed crimson. Boomer Sooner!

  2. Bahahhahahah the teach me how to Gundy has me laughing out loud.

  3. Win or lose - I bleed orange.

    -Tiff's College Roomie


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