Friday, November 30, 2012

"Cheers to the Freakin' Weekend"

Dear Friday, thank goodness you are here! Getting closer and closer to my birthday! Woop!

Dear Branded & KSBJ, thank you KSBJ for playing this awesome Christmas song by have no idea how it just made my day to hear it on the radio yesterday morning...true life for us Houstonians, take a listen:

Dear Christmas shopping, I'm DONE with you! That's right, it's not even December and I'm done!!! All that's left is to wrap and ship...not to gloat but I'm super proud of myself.

Dear Husband, We'll have been married 6 months, that's half a year, crazy is that?? ps: let's  go get our Christmas tree this weekend.

Dear November, You've come to an end my friend. During you I may have posted more than ever before, with the exception of this week since I skipped Monday and Wednesday. November highlights:
My first two attempts at infographics: here and here

Dear Christmas lovers, if you're looking for some fun, easy, and inexpensive Christmas crafts check out Coffee Darling's blog, she's posting a new Christmas DIY every day and you definitely don't want to miss out. Oh and stay tuned here too because I've got some Christmas crafts planned for the weekend that I'm hoping turn out at least decently good haha

Dear high school besties, don't know if any of you actually read this but if you do...I flipped through old photos and videos last night from the good 'ole days and literally couldn't keep from laughing out loud....not sure I'd be a married lady today if my husband knew me back then haha...I also wouldn't have made it through high school without your pretty faces. For all the ups and downs of a teenage girls, I'm glad we faced them together and came out stronger friends because of it. Love yall.

Dear little blog, I updated you a bit and cleaned you up even more. You're background gives you a crisper look and I'm liking it. You've also got some more pages available for our blogger friends, like more about us under the Hope and Joy page, a sneak peak about what 2013 will bring under the Life and Love page, and more coming under other new pages!

Dear Puppy Fever, I've had you for a LONG time but the husband has finally caught you. We've both got you bad so hopefully that means puppyness in our home in New Years...that'd be a perfect New  Years gift to people get New Years gifts? We'll just pretend they do....puppy P here we come! (we have a name but it won't be revealed until we have one...yes we are that ridiculous...and yes we have kids names picked out too...and no they won't be coming for a while...a long.long.long. while)
Come on now, that's just precious!

Dear bloggers, a few of you are curious about our super-stunning-camera-timer-skills, well the truth is we're just awesome...haha just kidding! I'd say about 90% of the time we use Kevin's camera for our timer's older and a little chunky so it stands on it's own pretty good but we've been known to prop it on purses for some pretty amazingly lucky shots (see below)...yesterday's pictures all were taken on his android smart phone and we used this handy dandy tool, which is essentially a phone tripod (it has other uses too). So there you go, that's our secret, nothing real fancy.

Dear Lord, thank you for encouraging my heart, giving me the talent and abilities to push through at work, and blessing me with people in my life who are constantly amazing me. You are good. All the time.

Dear Ashley, thanks for making this link-up! It's grown so much even since I've hopped on and it's still one of my favorites.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Adventure Sunday

Thanksgiving was sweet: I made a dinner, we relaxed,watched a movie, the next day I did a little black friday shopping (it was a breeze, not joking), I crafted...I was the best time for me to just catch up and relax and enjoy time at home. Although, I did learn that 3 days at home alone is about as much as I ever wish.

Sundays are the best. They're always the best. They are the one day of the weekend I have with my husband. No matter what we do, it's the best day for that one reason. Some Sundays we relax, others we work on little projects, and yes some are dedicated to football...but sometimes we take little adventures.

This past Sunday was GREAT! We like walking and running around the neighborhoods surrounding our little apartment complex. Every time we try a different route, we find something new. Most recently, I went jogging and discovered this great little park, that as it turns out Kevin had found one day too on his own jog. There are a few parks around us but this one is just perfect. It's nestled at the back of one neighborhood, is long and skinny and pretty well fenced in too. It has a playground, complete with swings (a must for me) and it even has a little basketball court. Even though we'd been on different times, we'd both agreed it'd be a great place to bring our dog, and by our dog I mean the one in our heads that we're always talking about but don't actually have.

Another awesome part about this park is it backs up to a wooded area...well I'd noticed a little pathway going into this wooded area when I went and so on Sunday we jogged to the park to take a little adventure on this path. It was beautiful! I felt that we'd stepped into another world. It was definitely a trail, there were footprints from people, puppy prints and tracks from I was wishing we had one, it was a four-wheelers dream back there!

We walked in and out and all around, through curves, and finally made our way to the Candian was awesome! We had such fun trying to decide which turn to take when the trail split and took all kinds of pictures. It was seriously one of the best Sundays we'd had in a while. We finally made it home after walking around 5 miles altogether, and each drank about a gallon of water real quick.

Next time, we're taking water bottles.

 I've mentioned before how much we adore our timer shots, right?

we also had some fun with a GIF creator this weekend too:

What are some fun things you do on the weekend?


Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Everyone loves FREE things right? Recently, I was contacted by a company, Firmoo, to review some of their glasses that they offer for FREE. I jumped on board immediately!

Firmoo offers everyone one free pair of their glasses, all you pay is shipping. They carry prescription glasses, designer glasses,safety glasses, specialty glasses, prescription sunglasses, and regular sunglasses (for those of us with lucky enough vision).

As they say on their site, "We provide free glasses for new customers to try our products & service, as well as to help some poor people or people with low income correct their vision problems. Our free offer is open to almost all countries in the world, such as U.S., Canada, Australia, etc. Therefore, this is quite a good news especially for people who'd love to buy frames online."

I've been wearing mine for about a week now and LOVE them. I've always been in love with giant sunglasses and have been teased endlessly for it. These glasses are as big as they might come but I still adore them. They are super clear, haven't smudged up and block the perfect amount of sunlight. You can check out the pair I chose here, I'm thinking they would look pretty sweet in turquoise.

They even sent me a nice clear storage container and a pink wipe to clear any smudges...apparently they somehow figured out my favorite color, it's not like it's obvious or anything. Basically, I'm an instant fan!

So far the only down side I'm having is I may not have measured quite right because they can slide off my face. BUT I've discovered if I just don't open them up as wide they'll stay on just fine. So really my only downside if in fact not that big of a deal at all.

Another really cool part of this company is they offer a virtual try-on system so you can actually see how the glasses might look on you! You simply upload a photo of yourself and use their program to try out different pairs. I'm loving this program because it's hard to buy things online for the obvious reason that you can't really try things on. This program made it feel easier to buy online and made me more confident that I'd like the glasses once they arrived!

My husband, if you remember, recently had to get prescription glasses so I'm thinking we'll be turning to Firmoo from now on for his glasses. He claims he'll never tire of his current glasses but I"m sure soon he'll want another style at some point. Thankfully, Firmoo has a ton of different styles!

As we all know Christmas is upon us now, and I bet there's some special people in your life who would love some new parents...if they're anything like mine then they lose those readers all the time and there's no such thing as too many pairs of them!

Don't turn down this awesome offer! 

"The old opinion that glasses are only necessities for people with vision problems has already gone. Glasses are increasingly becoming a fad and must-have accessories for  celebs and fashionistas. Everyday we can spot millions of non prescription glasses wearers and we are constantly fascinated by many noted film stars’ signature non prescription glasses.They instantly upgrade your look of modern,sexy, vintage or geek by wearing different styles of frames.
Any hot glasses/sunglasses /goggles frames you want can be found on Firmoo, and all are available for both prescription lenses and non-prescription lenses. Are you desperate to have a new look? Now here is the chance, Firmoo has launched a First Pair Free Program to people  worldwide. You will absolutely fall in love with the excellent quality, affordable prices, fashionable designs, fast delivery and the good service after trying them with paying shipping only! You even can get a refund/exchange if you are not satisfied with them. It's totally Risk free, so why not have a try? 
Click here ( to get your free glasses now!"

Sunday, November 25, 2012


In case some of you missed out on the guest blog post I did for Tiffany yesterday:

Hello, Figuring Out the Plot readers, I'm Veronica and I blog over at Passion,Pink, and Pearls, where I blog about life, marriage, design and THE OKLAHOMA SOONERS! That's right, Tiffany and I are blogger friends but BIG college rivals...and if you keep up with either team at all, you know that TODAY is the BIGGEST day for both teams...why? It's BEDLAM game time! So maybe you're already a SOONERS fan or maybe you're a cough, cough, please no, a cowboys fan...well today you're in luck because I'm here to give you an overlook on the two teams and convince you to cross over to the land of Crimson and Cream.

And what better way to give you some facts, and make that cross over even easier, than a cool INFO-GRAPHIC? Many thanks to my husband for helping with the facts and design. Scroll on down for the facts...or if you're missing your cowboys fan Tiffany, you can click on over to my blog and get her info on the big game.

So are you convinced? Join in with me, BOOMER SOONER YALL!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Public Announcement!

and that's a WIN folks! Sorry Tiffany for your loss...


*This is actually from a game in 2010
If you missed out on the earlier excitement click here, and then here.

A Rival Event

Good Saturday morning is a BIG day in college football for this is OU's rival game with OSU. Much like OU/TX, this game entices all fans to unleash their inner fandom to unprecedented levels. Always thanksgiving weekend, this game is entertained by all fans everywhere and  today Tiffany and I are swapping blogs to entice you to select a side and participate in the fun! Read up on Tiffany's tie to OSU and then hop on over to her blog to see my infographic and learn who to really know cheer for. ;)


Hey y'all!  I'm Tiffany from Figuring Out The Plot and I'm an OSU girl who bleeds orange and LOVES her college football!  Most days, I'm blogger friends with Veronica who can be found wearing her Crimson and Cream.  But it's Bedlam (the OSU v. OU football game) folks!  So today, although we are sworn enemies, we have decided to do a blog swap to talk to you about why you should cheer for our team this afternoon!

I've got a few reasons for you to join the good guys---the boys in orange---this weekend.

First, we're from Stillwater.  It's the Happiest Place on Earth.  And home to The Copper Penny, the coolest bar on earth.  And we have the greatest Homecoming on earth. And home to Calf Fry, the best Red Dirt concert on earth.  Really, that should seal the deal right there.

Second, we're about to make this Bedlam thing two in a row.  That's right, last year my Pokes crushed Veronica's Sooners 44-10 to win the Big 12 Championship.  And we rushed the field.  And it was awesome.

Third, we win our BCS bowl games.  Fiesta Bowl Champs 2011.  Enough said.

Fourth, you'll be in good company.  Let's take a look at a few people who are on the Orange side of the cheering section, shall we?

That's right, y'all.  Garth Brooks is a Cowboy, and I'm going to assume that he's also got his wife, the lovely Trisha Yearwood, on board based on the orange blazer below.

We've got a running back, THE running back y'all (what movie??  anyone??), Mr. Barry Sanders, who brought the Heisman to OSU in 1988.

We're the home of Eskimo Joes, so we've got these guys, and KILLER cheese fries cheering for the Cowboys!

How about the legend himself, Coach Sutton.  He even sort of looks orange....

Even though I don't know for sure if he ever yelled, "Go Pokes" I'm pretty sure based on the quote below that Frank Sinatra would have been a Cowboy.

And finally, the most attractive reason to cheer for Oklahoma State?  Our head coach, Mike Gundy.  Seriously, H-O-T. 

Plus he dances. Yep.

And he's a man. Who stands up for his players. That only makes me love him more.

And the alternative?  Yea.  Picture's worth a thousand words as they say.

So thanks, Veronica for coming up with this awesome Bedlam Blog idea.  Now everyone put on your orange and cheer for the Cowboys!  Go Pokes!


Haha thanks Tiffany....I'm sure you guys all know the right team to vote for....despite Tiffany's sort-of-convincing reasons...that's enough orange on my blog for a good long time...oh and Bob Stoops, he's adorable and we love him here...


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Vows

Your vows are a special and intimate part of your wedding ceremony. How do you choose? How do you incorporate the traditional with your own special twist? How do you do that without having to memorize or read off a notecard? With so many variations of vows out there today, and so many idea of how to write your own, it's hard to determine what vows are right for you.

Our vows were important to us. We wanted them to be personal to us but also to seed in the traditional vow lines. We scoured the internet, read wedding magazines and finally coupled together our vows. They're not our copyright words, they're a combination of various vows already written, and put together into what became our vows. And today, I'm sharing them with you.

Our Vows:
I, Kevin/Veronica, take you, Veronica/Kevin, to be my lawfully wedded wife/husband, my constant friend, my faithful partner, and the love of my life from this day forward. In the presence of God, our family, and friends, by God’s grace, I promise to continue to trust and treasure Christ above all, finding my supreme joy and satisfaction in Him.  I offer you my solemn vow to be your one true love in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to love you unconditionally, to support you in your goals, to trust and respect you, to laugh with you and cry with you, to comfort you and encourage you, and to cherish you for as long as we both shall live. I give you my hand, my heart, and my love forever and always.

What were your vows?

This picture makes me laugh...oh my.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Easy Thanksgiving Break DIY

Okay everyone, we're all about to embark on our Thanksgiving break, well most of you are. A good chunk of us have off Thursday and Friday of this week. Time for lots of food, lots of family, thankfulness, and for some of you, even some black Friday shopping. For the rest of you who plan on staying indoors this Friday (or Saturday, or Sunday), I have the perfect, easy DIY for you to tackle this weekend.

Who loves scarfs? All of us, right? Even better, who loves personalized scarfs? You do now. One of my friends discovered this hand scripted scarf DIY at Glitter&Tonic blog and we both decided we just had to try it ourselves.

So me and three of my girlfriends decided to try our hand at it, putting our own unique twist to it. Four of us, walked the mall in search for a solid scarf with the right material for writing on. We found a great selection of colors, great price, with the perfect material and great length at JC Penney. We each chose a different color scarf, bought your regular fabric markers from JoAnn (glitter&tonic used a different kind we couldn't find) and headed home to get started.

This DIY is so easy! The hardest part is deciding what you'll write on your scarf:  lyrics to your favorite 
song, wedding vows, school chant, a verse, a poem...the possibilities are nearly endless. I chose our wedding vows, Kristina chose the school chant, Kayla chose the school chant with the Oklahoma song, and Emily chose to do the chorus of Wicked songs on her green scarf.

Each of them were completely unique and special to each of us. The best part is wearing them out and about and getting to tell people you made it yourself!

Good luck making your own! Please share with me if you do :)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


- This DIY takes a good chunk of an afternoon to finish, be willing to take your time.
- Don't push hard with the fabric markers, lightly write and then go over it again.
- We bought the package of 5 markers so we could each use a different color. If you choose to do this on  your own, I'd still recommend the pack. The individual markers are more like paint markers and produce a rough paint surface. Also, you'll probably go through two markers. So make it a group deal to make it really reasonable...and never forget your JoAnn coupons!
- Have a blast!

*sorry for the lame camera has begun to see better days...

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Table for Two

Thanksgivings have never been highly traditional in my family, by any means. With only one uncle (and  his immediate family) in Houston, we never had those huge family thanksgiving meals. We did spend a few thanksgiving meals at my uncles home, eating turkey and the likes, but I seem to recall at least one thanksgiving eating Mexican food instead. We've had picnic and played crochet in a park with the sun shining down on us. We also spent a number in Telluride, Colorado (one of my favorite places EVER), skiing, when the lift tickets were less expensive and my uncle graciously offered us his place there. On those trips, thanksgiving dinner was delivered to us.

Through all my memories of Thanksgiving, I literally can't recall one where my mother slaved in the kitchen over a huge meal yet it never seemed to bother me much.We were together on thanksgiving, and that was all that mattered. Except for one year, my sisters and I took it upon ourselves for our family to have a traditional home cooked thanksgiving meal but with a 15 year old and a 10 year old and a 5 year old making a meal, you can imagine it wasn't something spectacular. We watched the parade most years, I suppose that's our only family tradition for thanksgiving.

Once college years hit, the sense of a traditional thanksgiving was even further lost. Driving 7 hours, I spent the first one  in Houston, staying with a friend, but eating thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant with my dad, while my mom and sisters ate gourmet seafood at our uncles house (a different uncle) in Florida. Sophomore year rolled around, my first thanksgiving dating Kevin, and I went home with my best friend from college to her hometown (Kevin took a flight home to see his family, who at the time were living in Iowa). Junior year, Kevin and I had been dating over a year, so I went home with him to his family's house, who at this point lived only a couple hours from us in Oklahoma, where I fell more in love with him and his family. Finally senior year came, since I'd miss the big Christmas day tradition in the Burns family, we all drove down to Dallas for a beautiful meal spent with his extended family (we made these super cute turkeys together to bring).

Which brings us to this year, 2012. Over 5 months into marriage (and over 3 years of togetherness), in Norman, Oklahoma. My family still in Florida, my dad in Houston, and Kevin's family now in the northern tundra, otherwise known as Wisconsin. To say the least, family is far. To throw another curve ball in, Kevin is working this Thanksgiving. At first this was hard to swallow, especially when we weren't sure if he'd have Christmas off either. As Thanksgiving has drawn closer though, the Lord has given me a greater peace about it, and we're happy.

This year, I'm making this my try-at-making-an-entire-thanksgiving-traditonalish-meal-on-my-own. With only Kevin to impress and a whole day for cooking, I figure why not? So onto the fun, FOOD.

Since we don't have much traditional Thanksgiving past in my family, there's no family dish we have every year. So I created a new set of courses to try. Many thanks to pinterest for being around so I could keep all the great online thanksgiving recipes together in one spot.

Without further ado, our Thanksgiving day in meals:

Kevin is headed off to work early in the day (he has to be at work by 7am), and I want to have a thanksgiving style breakfast ready to go for him. Planned to be on the breakfast table: Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins, home-made scrambled eggs and grapes (though they'll probably be red grapes since they're preferred by the Mr.).

As close to a traditional meal I can get us to:

  • The turkey, I've used a Jenni O turkey before so I sent husband to the store for it but quickly found out that it would be much too much turkey for just the two of us. So I ended up just buying a turkey breast.
  •  Macaroni and Cheese, I realize this may not be exactly a traditional dish but I love mac-n-cheese and I love it home-made even better, so I'll be giving Martha Stewart's John Lengend's mac-n-cheese a try.
  • Mashed Potatoes, thanksgiving simply isn't thanksgiving without some potato dish. This year, for my first time ever, I'll be making them from scratch using The Pioneer Woman's creamy recipe.
  • Corn on the cob, we love corn on the cob! We ate a ton of it during the summer. Our favorite way to cook corn? Put in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes in the husk. Comes out perfectly.
  • Green Beans, I'll be trying a new way to cook these classics as well, using Gina's skinny recipe's Roasted Parmesan Green Beans.
  • Stuffing, most people really can't live without stuffing at thanksgiving...I'll be making it from scratch, McCormick classic herb stuffing.
  • Gravy, the gravy isn't pictured here...mostly because I don't eat it and totally forgot about it. Husband adores it sooo since I'm trying so many other things, I'll probably be going an easy route on that one...time to search out the grocery store! Anyone have any recommendations?
  • Apples, we love apples at our house so that's our fruit of choice for the meal. We'll probably end up with a few others fruits there but this one is a staple for sure!
  • Rolls, I thought about trying to make some from scratch or some yummy bread but we just LOVE Sister Schuberts's dinner rolls, so why try and to re-create what is already perfect?

My family was never much a pie family. My mom never made a pie at home, I've tried pecan pie and apple pie but never tried making it myself. Husband isn't really too fond of pies either so this year, as my family has done in the past, I'll be making a homemade cheesecake, crust and all. It's a family recipe so I really can't share it but it's delicious! Husband, always watched the Cowboys game on Thanksgiving so his favorite tradition of Thanksgiving will continue here too.

And that wraps up our thanksgiving feast. I'll be trying my hand at Leah's, from Everyday Love, pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies for husband to take into work that day  to share with others who will be at work instead of at home.

What do your Thanksgiving plans look like?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Extra! Extra! Read All About it!

Do you know the history behind that phrase and newspapers? I recently read here, that it grew out of papers adding extra additions to their already-printed paper of the day for breaking news events and such. Interesting, right?

Anyway, it's Friday! Hip, hip, hooray!!! Celebrate people! Celebrate! This Friday, I have a few things I wanted to share with yall, so read up, click links, and then chill out for the weekend.

Passion, Pink and Pearls news of the week:

One of my irl besties shared her story, her testimony, this week and it just blessed my soul to read her words and learn even a bit more about one of my best friends. Read up and remember the goodness of Christ working in lives all around you! (not too long ago, I did a mini series about our stories, you can read mine here).

Living in Yellow did a sequel to one of my favorite blog posts ever in blogworld... and it just totally cracked me up. Erin, you always make me laugh but when you're sweet puppy does the talking I just die!

One of the girls from my graduated ID class is entering to be a part of HGTV DesignStar! She is such fun and absolutely a talented lady. Please help her get there by checking out her entry video here. Seriously, yall want her on the show!

I entered to run in the COLOR RUN! I'm so pumped about this! I've been begging my husband to let us go since before we got married, we missed the first date last year. After completing my first 5K, he was totally on board to go! If you want to join our team, email me and I'll send you the info! And a coupon code :)

Lately, I've been reading Jacqueline Kennedy, Historic Conversations on life with John F. Kennedy (in between reading the Hobbit, which I finished a few weeks ago). I've always sort of had an interest in strong women who have helped shape history in some way or another. Last year, this book came up time and time again so I decided I just had to read it. It's been incredibly interesting and I've enjoyed learning about history through the eyes of one of the first ladies. As I was reading this week, I held onto one part that just sort of made me laugh inside and yet was so very true about all job positions,
" he always said, 'Someone has to do this job...and it's always been done with humans.'" 
(147 in the book)

Monday will be the last day to turn in your Operation Christmas Child boxes!!! So get those in! If you need info, check this post all about it.

I graduated with all kinds of ambitious talented women in Interior Design. Not too long ago, I shared with you a post about a new boutique one of them opened carrying home-made goods and creations. (I just got in my little sisters Cmas gift from her shop, and it's precious!) And very recently, another couple of girls from my class opened their own boutique, The Purple Tree. I'll be doing a full post on them soon but click on over and get a first sneak peak into their world of knitted creations, photography and art.

I'll be sharing our Thanksgiving meal plan on Monday! I've got to gather all my recipes up but husband and I will be having our very own Thanksgiving, just the two of us. I'm taking the opportunity to test our my ability to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner on my own. So tune back in next week to see what I'll be making, hopefully.

Interior design rocks! Well, I figured I just had to say that after talking so much about it in this post. On a serious note though, I love this field. It's exactly where I ought to be. While clients can be pains sometimes (I literally had someone ask me where she should get ice from this week since there's not an ice machine in the building...gee I don't suppose you thought of ice trays in the refrigerator I just had delivered to your break room?!) I love it. I can't imagine myself doing anything else. So read up on who we ID peeps are and what we do. We have a ton of fun:

Finally, I wanted to share with you two more things. The first is a wonderful new women's ministry organization, Mended, that I've benefited in when I was still in school. The two women who began and lead this ministry and absolutely beautiful, young, vibrant, women of the Lord with such passion to see women's lives transformed. Please take some time to learn what they are all about here. And secondly, I read this post this week at The Handmade Home blog, about learning to not compare ourselves: what we have, what we don't have, etc- to those around us, and learning to be thankful about who and where we are in our individual lives. I think her post spoke so much truth and I benefited from the read so I wanted to pass it on. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

ps: if you send your husband to the store for cream cheeses, make sure he understands that unlike butter, cream cheese is one block (not four sticks) so if you asked for three, make sure he knows that's three boxes of cream cheese...not that I'm speaking from experience or anything ;)

*These pictures were taken by our capstone professor for our senior class photos. We had a ton of fun playing up on the colored skinnies season...and I'd not share any on the blog before so I decided to today! :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Glamour Wedding

If you can't tell, I'm quite pumped about it! I've been waiting and waiting for the date announcement and it finally came. Husband and I made a team and would love for anyone to join in with us. So if you're interested, it'll be in Dallas on April 6th, 2013. Shoot me an email and I'll send you the team info. AND a coupon code to save some extra buckaroos :)

Okay on to the rest of today's post:

As mentioned on Tuesday, last weekend I attended a beautiful lady's long anticipated wedding. She blew me away...we gawked at how she dressed up her quaint church to be the most stunning glamorous wedding.

What really got us though was the highly personalized ceremony. It was just lovely and precious and totally a tear-jerker. For each processional (grandmothers, mothers, etc), they had chosen a unique song, specific to those walking the one? The groom played the guitar and sang, Train's Marry Me as the bridesmaids descended the aisle, changing the words from hello in this cafe to I love you on this day. He stopped just as Richelle, his bride, began to walk the aisle with her father. From their sweet vows, to the poem they read together, and their parents circling them in prayer, the ceremony was completely beautiful.

Course, leave it to me to not get a single picture of the ceremony...but the reception in the church fellowship hall was gorgeous too, and she did it all herself! She said they'd been in the church all week putting it together. Props to you Richelle!

// The ceiling was draped with fabric and sparkling lights, the tables were glamorourized with candles, red rose arrangements and a black lacey runner, the grooms cake were his two favorite teams (which just so happen to be two of mine as well), and the red rose chandelier...the bride and her mom created it out of two hoola-hoops and chicken wire...there were even lights sparkling in inside.

My photo didn't turn out all that great but the bride and the groom looked so fabulous as they walked into their reception:

Phi Lamb ladies and the stunning bride.

The wedding was SO fun too! We had such a great group of people to talk to, the food was super delicious, the cake was quite yummy too. We danced and also we photo bombed each other like crazy at the table...I clearly lost the battle:

There was even a video taken of me re-enacting a dance a friend of mine used to do but I'm having reservations about sharing that...

I forgot to mention they had a coffee bar with hot coffee, fraps and even smoothies...which were all so tasty! As we left, their favors were little glass milk jugs, and a wrapping of oreo cookies...perfect.

For the wedding I attempted a twisted updo from none other than Kate @ the Small Things blog. Mine didn't turn out quite the same as hers but I was pretty proud of myself:

And as always, my sweet husband was a wonderful date:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to, Say Yes to the Dress!

So early on in this little blog's life I re-capped on my shopping experience for the dress. You can read all about the experience here. However, I thought it'd be fun to share the good, and ugly of dresses that I put on and share my quick tips on how to find the one. I think it's kind of fun to look back on all the different styles I put on. The one I went home with and wore on our big day is still MY FAVORITE. I want to put it on everyday...

Tip #1: Bring photos of dresses you like, and figure out what about each dress you like.


1 I loved the lace detail on this first one and the skirt but wasn't keen on a short dress for my wedding.
2 Really couldn't stand this one....


3. This one was fun but man it was heavy and sort of looked like it belonged in a winter wedding.
4. Not my style, fitted,but I was surprised by how good I looked in it, or at least how good I felt in it

Tip #2: Only bring a couple people with you, cut down to the most important.
Loved having my sisters there.
I waited about 4 months to go shopping for my dress after getting engaged so I could go shopping with my mommy and little sisters....I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Tip #3: Decide how you'll want to wear your dress...through the whole wedding? Will you bustle it? and don't be afraid to ask for some alterations in the store, they can pin it the way you think you want it. I had my heart set on a sweetheart and in the stores they helped me pin some dresses that way

5. I loved this one, which was strange because this style is so not what I was picturing but that belt was stunning and I loved the simple detail. Didn't love that it hugged my butt...
6. Just looked too much like a dress I had for Barbie when I was little, haha


7. Couldn't stand this one, didn't like the border at the top, didn't like the pick-ups, and I really didn't like that there was tulle showing like that...bad.
8. This one looked like I wrapped a sheet of lace on my body...David's Bridal consultant really didn't get what I was going for...


9. Everything about this one was wrong, the off shoulder (it was driving me crazy) and the detail was too much for me...not what I was looking for.
10. I actually liked this one quite a bit till I realized it was the exact same style as my prom dress and then my mom said the detail at the waist was kind of like feathers...and I was absolutely done with this dress. But once again, I found I liked the belt on it...

Tip #4: Don't settle and don't feel pressured to buy right away.

 11 12

11. This one almost had me, I almost bought this one. They were going to edit it to have a sweetheart and put some extra skirting underneath to give me some more poof (yes I'm that girl) but something was holding me was perhaps a little more sparkle and lacey-like than I had planned on.
12. My mom and sisters loved this one but I wasn't feeling it...I needed my POOF!

Tip #4: Much like when you say yes to his proposal, When you know, you know! Don't question and don't be be concerned that you're deciding too early.

We had another appointment after this one but decided it was over after I slipped this gown on the second time. I knew it was the one. It was perfect! It gave me that sparkly belt that I was loving, and yall it had pearls on it too, it gave me the sweetheart neckline, it wrapped at the top (which I hadn't tried on yet but loved in pictures) and it gave me all the poof I ever wanted. We came back the very next week with my dad and grandma in tow, and even put my sisters in their bridesmaid dresses for a few pictures.
which brings me to my final tip:

Tip #5: Bring a camera! Take pictures of every dress, even the ones you hate because you'll review them and remember why...and please didn't you laugh at some of these on me? Oh and putting it on a camera is an easier way to hide from your almost husband...phones are too dangerous.

Even Peabody joined in on the fun.

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