Friday, October 19, 2012

Yay for Friday!

I am thrilled it's Friday! Yay for a weekend, a 3 day weekend at that for me and my husband! That's right. 3 whole days. In a row. 3 days people?! This is so exciting! Typically we get one day. Yep one day together for a weekend. So 3 days? 3 days is literally amazing!

Dear Friday, thank you for arriving. The week before you has been pretty good but I'm glad you're here, ready to bring me my 3 days with my husband!

Dear Weekend, not only do you bring me 3 days with my husband but you bring me family as well. Kevin and I are excited to head down to the great state of Texas to celebrate grandma's 80th birthday. We're looking forward to family time and hoping to catch some time with friends while we are there too.

Dear MegaBus, Emily told me you were alright but cold. I'm bringing a big blanket. Please treat husband and I nicely. We're excited about your super awesome price point and hope that your experience is a good one. Anyone else tried this?

Yes this happened. No it wasn't planned.
Dear Work, this week you've been fairly busy but not too bad. Please play nice these next couple of months as my co-worker is out on maternity leave. Since my other co-worker is part time (taking care of her sweet baby I posted way too many pictures of on Monday), that leaves me, ME, as the only full time Interior Design staff...did I mention I just graduated in May? But it's cool, I'll be good, just don't bring any crazy unknowns and throw them at me, k work? 

Dear CoWorkers, I love you all! Thank you to Tara and Amber for helping me feel accepted and part of the team, for teaching me the real life knowledge about interior design, for giving me all kinds of experience and for trusting me. I'm confident because of your investment in me. And Caroline, our intern, not too long ago I was in your's weird how fast it's all changed! I'm glad that we've become friends and work together. Thanks for sticking around, dealing with my crazed moments and being willing to learn/do anything. You're awesome! ps: I know we tend to all show up in fairly matching clothes every now and then but Caroline, you and I took the matching to an all time high yesterday! How does this happen?

Dear Husband, thanks for always helping me, always caring for me, always loving me, always encouraging me, and always being there. As I've already mentioned a lot I'm stoked to have three days off with you!

Dear Lost Earring, I'm pretty bummed about losing  your Tuesday night. I hardly ever wore your set and the one night I'm feeling bold enough to and decide I like your set again, one of you ups and leaves. That's not cool. How about finding your way back home? k?

Dear Home, You come together more and more with every weekend. Thanks to the husband for finally helping me get this picture project done in you. That is a metal wedding print, a glass engagement print and a wood honeymoon print all together! Thank you Groupon for putting out deals for all three prints! The wood pieces are seriously wood flooring samples I just had and painted of the interior designer. I promise to show you off sometime soon...I'm thinking around Thanksgiving will be good because I have time off then. Please be patient until then...and while you're at it, tidy yourself up!

Dear Bloggers, your support has been awesome! I'm loving emailing with some of you, making plans for posts, and tagging along on your blog hops and linkups. Thanks for helping me feel part of the great community of bloggers. ps: I'm starting to swap buttons. If you want to swap with me shoot me and email!

Dear Rustic Weddingers, My coworker who had the awesome selling some of her hand made items. She did an AMAZING job and so you should check them out. Maybe you just want some to decorate your home with! Find it all here.

Dear Oklahoma, yesterday I planned a post on fall things and I was hoping to put up a fall outfit but all this week you've been pretty warm out and so on Thursday I decided I wasn't going to get to do that fall outfit...then you go and be nice and cool and fall-like outside....really? I don't know how to keep up with you. 4 years and you've still got me all confused.

Dear God, thank you for your saving grace and your sovereignty every day. Thank you for the small group you've placed Kevin and I in. Reading through the crazy/strange/weird stories of the Bible where you really pulled people from their sin into love with you is pretty awesome. Thank you for a church home. Thank you for the mini lesson on Thursday, I'm going to be working on that more: 1 Timothy 4:4 " for everything God created is good..." think on that people. Everything you create, all people, are good because you created them. I want to see people like that more and more Father. Use me for your glory. Today is yours.

Dear Blog, pretty soon you're going to get a little update, a mini face lift if you will. I'm excited about it and hope it all comes together alright. I'm new to this blog design deal. Interior designer does not equal blog designer.

Dear Texas State Fair, BREAKING NEWS!!!! Guys BIG Tex has caught fire and is no more! SO SAD!

Link up with Ashley for Friday Letters! This link-up was one of my first ever to participate in and it's still one of my favorites!


  1. I am in love with your picture project! It looks awesome!

    Happy Friday!

  2. How fun is your job?? Seriously though...interior design sounds like an amazing career!! Came over from the linkup and I'm your newest follower!

  3. Pretty amazing things. Minus the missing earring. Hope you find it soon. :)

    Love the arrangement of pictures.. :)

    Have a great weekend.

    Visiting from Laura's blog (Between The Lines).

  4. Hey lady...just passing through quick to grab your button so I can put it on my blog. Do you have the HTML code for it? Finally getting around to adding them. You rock! Thanks!

  5. We took the Megabus from Austin to San Antonio and back and it was dirt cheap and really nice. Sorta cold but I have thick blood and enjoyed the break from the Texas heat. But it was like, $12 round trip for BOTH of us. That's like, $3 one way per person. Amazing!!! It has free wifi and every seat has plugs to charge everything on.

    And the best part? It was NEVER crowded. Oh, the time table was really great. We arrived almost exactly on time. Maybe a minute or two on each side. I would definitely do it again!

    Great letters! Happy weekend!!! Glad I found you via the Letter's Link up!


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