Monday, October 29, 2012

What Are You Doing Next Summer?

Welcome to the final week of October friends! Can you believe it's already ending? I'm just in shock. I mean where did it go? In this month, Kevin and I celebrated four months of marriage, an 80th birthday with his grandma, my bestie's 23rd birthday, OU/TX weekend, 100 of you deciding to read this (I'm still amazed!) and my little blog makeover. I've shared about Fall DIYs (here and here) and even a recipe perfect for cooler weather. But the beginning of a new month always brings joyous times. November will bring a new baby, 5 months of marriage, OCC (more coming soon), Thanksgiving, a wedding, and who knows what else. I've got some creative posts planned too.

As months continue to speed ahead, you know what else will be here before you know it? SUMMER 2013! Okay don't check out just yet, I know I'm freaking some of yall out, but I have such an awesome opportunity waiting for you. Keep reading, pretty please?

Not too long ago, I shared with you all a company that seriously has a piece of my husband's and I's heart. That is StudentLife. I shared on my own blog, my little synopsis of StudentLife here and you can find out even more about the company and it's story here. Throughout July I shared bits and pieces of our experience as Kevin and I were offered to work for a special 2 week set of camps. There's basically a little recap under all of July's posts so if you're up for it, go search for it ( I know, I know, those of you who've followed a while know that I never did post much about the second week of camp, let's just settle with the photo bomb at the end of this post as that).

Working for this company is a tremendous, beautiful, life changing opportunity. It might seem hard to give up a whole summer but what you'll gain through it is loads better than whatever else you might end up doing. For those of you still in college, or maybe you're a teacher and you have summer off, working for StudentLife could be your Summer 2013. If you've never felt your heart overwhelmed by seeing God's glory overtake a room of students, then you're life is lacking this miraculous moment!

From my post:
     As a college student, I can't think of many other better ways to spend your summer. I mean you get to work for God, that's stinkin awesome, you get to meet a group of other college students/young adults who share your beliefs- you can never have too much Godly fellowship, you get to touch students lives for Christ- nothing in the world is better than that, you get to see students lives transformed-walking from death to life with Christ-truly nothing NOTHING better, you get to meet world known Godly and talented speakers and bands,  you get to travel the US a little, you aren't stuck out in the wilderness without access to your phone/computer and you actually get paid  pretty good for it too! 

Soo by now you're thinking, okay okay I get it, it's awesome, you loved it, but what would I actually do? Well that's another great thing. There's all types of positions for those of you who are outgoing and want to run around all day to those who are organized and would rather be the behind the scenes guy/gal. Find yourself a position on the tech team, the office team, the rec team, the missions team and even the drama team. See all the possible positions here, and you can read about each of them. Have a question about one? I bet if I can't answer it, I can find someone who's held that position and can!

I haven't convinced you yet? Read this post from my past director and read my post from this summer.
Ready to give it a shot? Check out the application here.***
Want to know where teams are traveling this year? Check out all the awesome locations here.
Want to know about the different types of camp? StudentLife has a missions, regular, beach, and serve camp, read about how each of them work here.
Maybe you don't have a summer to give but you have a whole year to give? Sometimes they're looking for full time (year round) positions, so check out their site and see what's open.

If you're interested about changing lives for Christ.
 This is the place for you.
If you want to get to know Godly men and women and experience a little of heaven on earth. 
This is the place for you. 
If you have a heart to serve the Lord with every ounce of your energy, soul, mind.
This is the place for you.
If you want to serve but don't know how or feel you're not equipped.
This is still the place for you.
Go for it!
Be a part of the legacy that is StudentLife

StudentLife@Daytona is beach camp. It's different from regular camp because you only get to interact with students when they're at morning celebration and worship. It's less interaction with students than regular camp but it's amazing nonetheless.

StudentLife@Atlanta, GA is an UrbanServe camp which was a new experience for StudentLife this past year. It's sort of closer to regular camp but instead of rec and morning celebration, students head out to mission sites and serve the city. It's amazing. As staff, we get to go and join them on sites which literally almost made me cry on the second day at a summer daycare.

Some of the friendships you make in this experience last a lifetime. One of Kevin's friends was one of his groomsmen. And one of the sweet ladies we met this summer got to hang out with us when we were in Dallas a week ago. Just get ready for overall life change, from the way you encounter God, to the friendships you will gain and the students lives you'll forever change!

*Applications are due by January 31, 2013. You can fill them out online or send in via mail.
**Want a recommendation letter from a past StudentLife worker? Let's talk and I'll see if I can help you out with that.


  1. It is good when you can be so dedicated and connected to such a program. I really enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to your next post.
    I would love for you to follow back.

  2. cute cute blog! love learning more about this program. newest follower! XO emi

  3. Sounds like a fun camp! It's crazy we're talking summer already! Haha


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