Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Video

Well we didn't hire a videographer exactly, but we did get video of our wedding ceremony. It was one of the primary reasons we chose to have our wedding in our church, we knew we could get a video of our ceremony because our church already had cameras in place. As a special bonus, our church updated their cameras to HD...we'll just forget the fact that it happened within days/hours of our wedding taking place and the facilities guy called me a day or so before telling me I may not get a video of my wedding which caused me to cry thousands of tears which was basically my only real wedding break down... so our video is so crystal clear! This is something my techy man is extremely happy about.

Special thanks to our friend Kenny for doing the grunt work and putting our whole video together for us. We love how you even captured the family pictures session on there. We enjoyed laughing our way through that and seeing the little things we couldn't see being in the moment.

My hubby is pretty talented in the tech world too and wanted to create something special for you guys. So he spent some time and created a wedding highlights video. Here it is just for you:

Friends, if you can't afford a videographer, just hire someone random, or maybe a family friend willing to volunteer, to get a video of at least your ceremony. You'll want that. I know we'll cherish ours forever and show it to our children(which are far in the future). Some kids, of a family I used to babysit for, used to watch their mom and dad's wedding ceremony video. They would just gush over how pretty their mommy was and what a special moment it was. I want for our kids to have that same blessing, and I'm glad they will thanks to a very kind friend.

Did you get your wedding ceremony captured on video?


  1. Very nice video and great quality! We did not have the budget for a professional videographer but we had a family friend video it and like you said I'm so happy to have those memories on camera to share wtih our children one day.

  2. hi from the link up!! I absolutely love the pride and prejudice song!!! did someone actually play that on your big day or was it added later?
    I was blessed to have the video done for free as a gift from a friend of my brother's. They flew down from another state even

  3. Love this! So cute!


    1. Such a nice blog and with this I remember the blog I read about videographer in Montreal GC.

  4. What a sweet video! I love the way you all danced out the church at the end :)


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