Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Good morning friends, well I promised my other Fall DIY today but I simply did not get around to finishing that post. My sincere apologies. Today, I leave you with Thursday Thoughts and invite you to link up with Sar (ps: Dear Sar, your nickname is awesome and I like using it because it helped me differentiate between the sarahs I know)! She's one of my favorite bloggers and is always making me laugh with her online dating stories, be sure and check her out!

This weekend one of my besties is taking a break from med school and another one is coming up from Dallas! It's time for a best friend reunion!! The last time we all four hung out was back in August for Girl's Weekend, it's been much too long.

This song has been a favorite for a while. I love singing it at church. I loved singing it over this summer at StudentLife camp (PS: applications are up! If you're interested in serving your Jesus this summer, having a blast and getting paid well for it all, go check it out!). It's on the Passion CD. It gets my heart just overjoyed and overwhelmed with God's love. This morning it came on the radio and just readied my heart for a busy day at work. Check it out:
I've just about finished all my Christmas shopping and I'm pretty stoked about it. Next on my list is snatching up some stockings for Kevin and I....#newlywedChritsmas

Tomorrow I'm only working a half day of work and husband and I are going to go to the bakery that baked our wedding cake, finally return their stand, grab a sweet treat and a tasty lunch down that way and just enjoy the afternoon together. I'm really looking forward to it! Losing Saturdays with him has not been super fun, though I've enjoyed the girl crafting time I've been able to participate in, I miss having two days with him. Sooo anyway this will be a great part of our weekend.

What are your thoughts? Link up with us!

ps: I am simply blown away that 99 of you are following me now! I'm taken aback and astonished...seriously this is not something I expected. Thank you for reading, I do so enjoy reading your posts so thanks for letting me follow you back.
pss: I might have a fun surprise post for when I reach 100 followers...just maybe... ;)


  1. It shows 100 followers to me, so congratulations! Woohoo!

    Also, glad you like Sar (rhymes with "bear," I know it looks deceiving but it's the first syllable of my name). My friend Court started calling me Sar and it kind of stuck with the rest of my friends, plus I agree, there are so many other Sarahs, so it's nice to be the only Sar. ;)

    LOVE that you get to go to the bakery that made your wedding cake! Sounds like a delicious treat!

    Happy Thursday Veronica!

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog!

    i can't believe you are done with your Christmas shopping,nice!

    cute blog you have :)

  3. Hey Veronica!! I just found your cute blog and added myself to your followers! I'd also love to let you know about a fun Betsey Johnson Giveaway I’m having that ends soon! I’ll leave a link below:)

    Hope you stop by and say hello, and thanks so much lady!
    Xo, Emily

    Freckled Fox - Giveaway


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