Friday, October 12, 2012

The BIG Weekend!

Prepare yourselves friends.
Prepare yourselves for a BIG weekend.
Prepare yourselves for the ultimate showdown throwdown.
Prepare yourselves for the RED RIVER RIVALRY GAME: Oklahoma vs saxeT.

Are you ready?

In honor of this special event the husband wrote y'all a game preview with a bit of history tossed in:

The #10 ranked Oklahoma Sooners (4-1) face the #15 ranked Texas Longhorns at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas for the 107th time (71st time in the Cotton Bowl). The Cotton Bowl, in the middle of the Texas State Fair, provides a venue like no other college football game enjoys with fair food, exhibits, and the midway surrounding. It also is nearly perfectly halfway between the two schools (218 miles from Norman, 221 miles from Austin). On the field, Texas leads the overall series 59-42 but Oklahoma was won 8 of the last 12 games, including the most recent two (55-17 OU last year!). The Red River Rivalry has long been a key matchup in the national championship race but, since 1996 when Texas joined the Big 12, it has also been a big game for deciding the conference championship. As both schools have lost one game already, the loser of the game tomorrow is essentially out of the Big 12 championship race with two losses. With the deep rivalry and high stakes, it's the game every Sooner circles on the calendar. Check it out: OU-Texas, tomorrow, 11am (Central), ABC. My prediction: OU wins a close one 24-20. 
-Boomer Sooner from the Hubs

Me again! :) 

For those of you who are history buffs or you just want to check out some cool football shots, click here, for OU-Texas Classic Moments.

For the rest of you who just want to see cute pictures of me celebrating this BIG weekend in my college years, check out the below:

Freshmen Year: 2008

My instant/first best friend in college.
Side Note: Kevin and I  were not dating in this picture...sneaky man
Sophomore Year: 2009
Me and my roommate and her study abroad friend
Junior Year: 2010: The first year I actually went to the game!

This is Boomer, Kayla and I decided it was Boomer because Boomer has blue eyes and Sooner has brown eyes, at least from our observation.
Super happy after a great  big win!
Senior Year: 2011. The year we saved our $$ to buy our wedding bands and stayed in Oklahoma for the game for the first time in college

It's too bad we couldn't capture that sad texas girl's face, it was truly a priceless moment.

We'll finish this out by yelling the classic call and response:

Let's GO SOONERS!!!!

and for laughs,
-and that is what texas will be saying after their
big fall, "what happened?!"


  1. These pictures made me smile. We look so young in the ones from Freshman year. Can't wait to watch the game with you tomorrow. :)

  2. Sadly I don't get into sports...unless someone goes against my alma mater...that's when I get a little intense :-)

  3. Hello! I found your blog on the blog hop! I'm your newest follower and hoping you'll follow back :)

  4. You are now one of my favorite bloggers!! I am a HUGE Sooner husband is a Texas fan! I loved the game today...him, not so much!! New follower from the blog hop!

    Leslie @ Sincerely, Leslie


  5. ahh makes me miss college! i only made it to one of our homecoming games :( New follower from the blog hop, can't wait to catch up on your posts :)


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