Friday, October 26, 2012

Farmers Dating+Pinterest Bible+Funnies

Have you read Jon Acuff's Stuff Christians Like blog? Well you've been seriously missing out. Last week, he posted this post entitled, The Pinterest Bible. It is hilarious. Not that, that's out of the ordinary, practically every post he writes usually leaves me rolling on the floor laughing like a wild hyena.

Well anyway, I couldn't let that go, just had to share. Onto Friday's Letters!

Dear Jon Acuff, Someone on pinterest posted the above....and underneath said, Bible. Hhmm....

Dear Taylor Swift, kudos on your new CD! My friends and I have already discussed each song in full detail, I actually purchased the CD,instead of off itunes, for the first time from Target and insisted my husband listen to every single one. Stay, Stay, Stay is my favorite.

Dear Friends, I know what you did last summer (cue creepy music, don't get that reference? Look it up) so whatcha going to do this summer? I've got an idea coming for you soon! Stay tuned.

Dear Pinterest, my Holiday Flair board on you is filling up with more Christmas items...and it's not even Halloween yet! Please take a chill pill on all the Christmasy stuff  so I can enjoy the moment. You're as bad a Hobby Lobby. Besides, I need to focus on my Thanksgiving dinner for my husband first.
We made these little guys last Thanksgiving together
Dear Blogger Swappers, Several of you emailed me back about wanting to swap. I'm sooo excited! I've got the traditional sizes under wraps so I'll be able to get them up soon!

Dear Along the way with Rae, I attempted your better bun this week. First go around wasn't exactly perfect but I think I'm going to like your better bun idea from your friend. Thanks for the tutorial video!

Dear Cold Weather, wow you're here! It's incredible! For a while Id been complaining that I can't wear my cute fall clothes...and now you're here and I miss the warmness of the sun...what can I say, hard to please....guess I'll pull my coats out now.

Dear God, mmm how good you are! Thanks for overwhelming my heart this week with your all commanding love and power. Watching students worship on Tuesdays is one of the best parts of my week. Thanks for giving me a place to serve. Help me to seek after you daily, to trust you more and more and to be bold for you Name.

Dear CoWorkers, yall are the best! I love working with you! I think our brains have morphed together into one because our matching outfits is kind of out of does this happen? Ps: Caroline, you're an awesome intern! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Dear University of Oklahoma, I'll preface this by saying, I LOVE OUT FOOTBALL, like seriously I do, but all the talk this weekend plus crazyness occurring on campus is a bit much wouldn't ya say? ESPN brought semis onto the South Oval! What the what?! Then again, what the heck BOOMER SOONER! BRING IT ON ND!
Dear Blog, you and I had a much more interesting post than Friday's Letters for today but I forgot to write it down and so we're linking up again. Sorry about that little blog, I know you like it when I think on my own accord a little more and come up with something creative. I've got some good ones stored up for next week! And don't worry, this time I wrote them down.

Dear Air Travel, Why are you so stinkin' expensive? I need to find a decent price to be able to travel to Florida and see my family...must you make this so difficult? Really, $800 for like 3-4 days? Geesh!

Dear Bloggy Friends, thanks for reading, I'm astonished you do! I don't think my words are all that great, mostly I laugh at myself through these...maybe you do too. ps: check this out, someone in my neighborhood made this out of a pallet! PIN THAT!

Dear Rustic Love, your post this week with all the pictures of the animals running/jumping/leaping was great! I laughed and my husband enjoyed it too.

Dear White Labrador puppy, where you be little thing? I am trying to convince the husband you are needed now. However, it's not a very convincing argument when most your type cost a lot (see Air Travel letter). Please make yourself free and available sometime you know in the next few months, k?

Dear Farmers, do you really use this site? Have you seen the commercial? I died...seriously though this didn't look real. Dear Bloggers, feedback please! Anyone seen this commercial?? and sorry if you're a farmer...perhaps you'll want to check the site out, they do offer "1,000s of down to earth country folk" (ps: Dear Sar, you should write up something about this online dating!)
City folks just don't get it!
Dear October, umm where did you go? I mean I thought I just turned my calendar to you the other day...I'm so confused and lost. I guess I can't complain because with the ending of you comes my co-worker's new baby, celebrating 5 months of marriage with my hubby, and see next letter

Dear Birthday, you are less than 2 months away! 41 days to be exact...want further specifics? check out the widget...(yes I did just do that. Perhaps I'm overly excited?...nope not possible, birthdays are the best!)

Dear Journey Church, thank you for giving Kevin and I such a fabulous community of believers. We are excited about the grand plans you have. I'm especially excited to see how Loveworks changes over the next year. I've loved getting to watch our church grow.

Dear Husband, you're amazing for loving me. Thanks for serving us this week, for serving our church this week and for being a cheerful man everyday. Long days at work are made better getting to come home to your hugs and kisses. Love you forever and always! You'll always be my best friend.


  1. Hey girl! Stopping by from Friday Letters! I adore your blog - I'll have to admit your blog name totally caught my eye and I had to check it out :-)

    Happy Friday from your newest follower!

    The Darling Redhead

  2. Love Taylor Swift! I bought her version from Target too :)

  3. Thanks for that link to the Pinterest Bible! I love Jon Acuff and of course I laughed hilariously. I haven't heard any songs from the new Taylor Swift album, but I want to

  4. I am definitely going to Target tomorrow to get the new Taylor Swift cd. And the Jon Acuff thign? Hilarious!

  5. I love those Thanksgiving Turkeys! Thanks for linking up for Mommy Moments!

  6. So cute! Love the turkeys!

  7. Such a sweet list:) Especially the last one!
    Popping over from Adventures of Newlyweds. Loving your blog!

    <3 Leney

  8. Those turkeys are the cutest! I saw Giada make them the other day and thought they would be so fun to create next year with Mia. Yours look great!


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