Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monkeys, Pecans, and Kids

My what a weekend we just had! If you caught Friday's post, we hopped on the Mega Bus on Saturday to celebrate a great birthday in the great state of Texas. Kevin's grandma turned 80 this weekend. What a precious family time we all had on Saturday. I truly did adore being surrounded by so many God loving family who obviously adored each other. What a blessing!

To recover from the busy weekend (see some highlight pictures below), I took Monday off of work. Husband and I got some much needed rest and one-on-one time together. We worked on my blog, took a walk(in the rain, good one meteorologist husband), cuddled and made some delicious last minute white chili (recipe to come Thursday, I think).

Us and the birthday girl (and her hubby)// we got to see some precious friends too for lunch on Sunday after visiting The Village Church pastored by Matt Chandler// Candied pecans I made for the party (they were a hit! So easy to make!)// The husband and I did some country dancing with a couple friends Friday night in OKC// Water! Living in Oklahoma "where the wind comes sweeping down the plains"you don't see water much so this was a nice sight// This little 5 year old girl made my day at the party (After talking about bunk beds ,Addie leans over and whispers, "I know that now, you and Kevin share a bed because you're married now" -Yes that happened)// We used google+ hangout to catch up with Kevin's sister and dad who couldn't make it//  A beautiful Texas sunrise! // My monkey husband// One of my sweet bestie! // The last two illustrate my inability as a designer to simply enjoy the merchandise in a store...I see everything else: light fixtures, wall treatment, ceiling treatment, check out stand...

Speaking of updating this little blog, have you noticed the mini face lift? None of it would be possible without my awesome husband. So blessed by his tech savvy mind.

 Some of the new things you can find on Passion,Pink&Pearls now are:
  • Top Right: Grab this button! Want a different one? I've got a few more under the Swap tab (I still have a few spots for swapping, let me know if you're interested, free)
  • Read about the husband, myself and our little blog under the Her&Him tab
  • Want to catch up on all our weddingness? Click on the Forever and Always tab for engagement, wedding and honeymoon goodness.
  • On the Create tab you can find links to some of our favorite blogger recipes, recipes I've posted about, and DIYs that you too can do.
  • Interested in learning a little more about Interior Design? Or maybe you're interested in asking some help for you own interior needs? Check out the Design Services tab.
  • Click on the Connect tab to find all the ways you can connect with Passion,Pink&Pearls
  • ....and the other changes are relatively minor: fonts, about me, organization  etc Got any hints and tricks for me? I'm always looking to learn a little more.

Now for a new working week. Glad it's a short one!


  1. yea, your new blog looks awesome! love it
    and yay for megabus! i've taken many trips from atlanta to nashville and i love it. i first rode it back in may and was blown away that it had free wifi AND outlets. pretty much made my life, haha

  2. yay for new blog updates!! I will grab your button soon--and I love your header!!

    I just redid my blog too, so feel free to grab mine!

    so glad you had a great weekend. Hope your Tuesday goes well..

  3. Looks fantastic! So lucky to have a tech-y husband! I need to grab your button for a swap, but I need to work on my blog a little first! :)

  4. Newest follower here! I found you through the Tuesday blog hop! Cute blog, I can’t wait to read more!

  5. Hi there!! I found you somewhere in the blogosphere and LOVE your blog!!! I'm Hanna and I am your newest follower!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! You can find me anytime at www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com

    xoxoxo Hanna


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